What does a Cartography table do in Minecraft ? How to make a Minecraft map

Wdoes a cartography table do in minecraft ? In Minecraft, it’s easy to frequently get lost. You’ll be happily cutting wood, hunting chickens, or following a bee back to its colony when you notice nothing seems familiar. If only a map had been with you. And after you have a map, you will also need a cartography table to go to.

The Village and Pillage update, which was launched in April 2019, added cartography tables to Minecraft along with a number of other practical blocks, including the composter, blast furnace, lectern, and loom. In this blog, we will discuss how to make and use a cartography table in Minecraft. So let’s get started!

What is a cartography Table in Minecraft

A cartography table is a tool used in Minecraft to create and modify the map size and the map name of your huge Minecraft world!

The crafting of a cartography table and map item

You can use any type of wood plank, and there are two types of maps in Minecraft!

Normal maps and locator maps, the normal maps are crafted like the image above and it used just to create a map you have to locate your location manual by looking at it and seeing where you standing, it is impossible to do this if you are working with a great level map like 3 or 4, the locator maps are used like the normal maps while you can find yourself on the map, where you’re going, and exactly where you are on the map.

This is how we can create locator maps; we need a compass to create the maps.

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And this is how to create a compass too; you need 4 iron ingots and a red stone, which is found deep under the ground, especially beside lava lakes.

It is always better to make the locator map larger because it is more useful while playing the game.

And the papers are crafted using three sugar canes.

Now that you have created the locator map or the empty map, it is time to know how to use the cartography table.

You need a locator map or regular map and papers to complete the work on the cartography table.

Now that you have all of these items, press on the cartography table and insert the map and one piece of paper into the next slot, where you will see the exact map and a zooming-out sign, which will make the map larger.

So if your map is at a normal level (0) and you make these steps on the cartography table, your map level will turn from level 0 to level 1, and if it’s level 1, you have to do the same steps to turn from level 1 to level 2, and so on.

This is how the cartography table looks when you press on it. The first slot is for the map you own, and the second slot is for the paper that will make your map level up and zoom out more, giving you the ability to see the world bigger on your map and go to any place on it just by locating yourself and taking the right direction using the map.

You can even change the name of your map; by default, the map name will be map0/4 if the level of the map is 0 or map3/4 if the level of your map is 3. You have the ability to rename it using the cartography table.

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Here is an image showing the name of the map; you can simply delete the text and enter your own name for the new modified map:

Now let us talk about the places where you can simply find the cartography table without even collecting the items to craft it.

The village is the only location where the cartography table responds naturally; if you search for a village and this village is supposed to have a cartography table, you have a 65% chance of finding a cartography table in the village, and this is true if the village is large and has more than 10 houses.

The small villages have a 40% chance of finding the cartography table and a cartography villager. So yes, you can trade with the cartography villager or just use cartography in order to create or modify your maps.

what does a cartography table do in minecraft

How to make a Cartography Table in Minecraft: Step by Step Guide

An old saying goes: If you do not know where you are, you do not know who you are and the same applies in video games. The Cartography Table in Minecraft allows you to discover yourself as you discover your world.

Be it editing maps or employing villagers, the Cartography Table is a must-have item for any long term world. This guide will tell you exactly how to craft it and what you can do with it, so keep reading

How to use a Cartography Table in Minecraft?

Cartography Tables in Minecraft have two main uses: employing Villagers as Cartographers and crafting or improving Maps. First, we will cover the uses of a Cartographer, then we will focus on using the table on your own Maps.

Cartographer Villagers can be useful for Emerald trading, given that you have a productive Sugar Cane farm. They will exchange Emeralds for Paper, which can then be used with other employed Villagers — like Toolsmiths or Fletchers — for other useful materials. Cartographers can also trade with you for Banners, certain specialty Maps and specially designed Banners.

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A Cartographer Villager in Minecraft.

For your own purposes, Cartography Tables can be used to easily create Maps or modify existing ones. Among the many different uses of a Cartography Table, you can add a Player icon to it, so you always know where you are. You can lock a Map, so that a specific route is saved (say a route to a valuable biome or mine).

what does a cartography table do in minecraft

How to make a Minecraft map: maps, cartography tables, and explorer maps explained 

Interested in learning more about Maps in Minecraft? Every adventurer in Minecraft should always keep a map on them, because they’re just so darn useful. Whether it’s exploring the new caves in the 1.18 update, or leaving your home castle behind, maps will always help you find your way around. They were pretty limited in scope for a while, but the addition of the Cartography Table has made them a far more valuable resource.

Below we’ve detailed exactly how to make a map in Minecraft, as well as how to get your hands on and use a cartography table. We’ll also explain the two different types of maps present in the game, and discuss third-party mapping tools that are available, if that floats your boat.

How to make a Minecraft map

The recipe to make a map in Minecraft is different between Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. In Java, you can make a Minecraft map by surrounding a Compass with 8 Paper in a Crafting Table. In Bedrock, you need 9 Paper, one in every tile in the Crafting Table window.

To begin with the map will be blank. To turn it into an “active” map that can be explored and filled in, simply right-click with the blank map in your hand. This will set your current position as the centre of the map.

Above is information what does a cartography table do in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what does a cartography table do in minecraft  .Thank you for reading our post.

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