What do the numbers on Funko Pops mean? How they work?

What do the numbers on Funko Pops mean? What does the number on a Funko Pop mean? Have you ever noticed those seemingly random numbers on the corner of every Funko POP box?

These toys are a staple in the collecting community, and seasoned veterans jump at the chance to get their hands on new editions. However, if you’re new to these collectibles, you might not understand some of their key elements.

Those numbers aren’t just there for show; these toys adhere to a number system that helps users identify important information. So, what do those numbers on Funko POP!s mean? Keep reading to learn more about your favorite collectibles.

What do the numbers on Funko Pops mean?

These numbers are crucial to collectors for many reasons. If you’re trying to collect an entire Funko POP! line, following the numerical system ensures that you have every important figure. Older editions with smaller numbers are often worth more than newer models as they age, so this system also helps collectors easily identify old or rare items.

Funko POP! organizes its figures by a numbering system. You can find these unique digits on the right-hand side of the package. These numbers inform collectors about when manufacturers made a specific collectible. For example, you can tell that a figure with the number 421 came before one with 428 on its box

How do the numbers on Funko Pops work?

Funko Pops are arguably the most sought-after collectibles, with around 20,000 different products put in a vast number of Pop Vinyl lines. The Pops are usually sold in a recognizable box, each having a number. Funko’s box changes colors from white to black and green to red; however, the box numbering system never fails.

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How does the funko pop number system work? Typically the older Funko Pops have an earlier number within the Pop Vinyl line. The numbers can help or impede a collector based on their understanding of the numbering system.

Here are three details you must look for when analyzing the Funko Pops number:

  • Check the top left corner of the box to determine the line to which the Pop Vinyl belongs too. If there is no line indicated under the “Pop!” name, use the franchise name as the Pop’s line.
  • Review the number on the top right corner of the box to see where Pop places within the Pop Vinyl line. (ex: 01, 02 … 31, 32.. 203, 204 etc.)
  • Review the funko pop boxes back to see which order your character is a part of and if they came first or last.

For example, Chuck Norris belongs to the Movies category and has the number 673. So, on its box, the top left corner reads Pop! Movies then, the logo is Chuck Norris, and the number on the top right-hand corner is 673.

What do the numbers on Funko Pops mean

List of the most common Pop Vinyl Lines

The Funko Pop numbers run like a series within each Pop Vinyl Line. Each pop belongs to a specific line and has a number in that line, usually the pop’s unique number.

Here’s a list of the most common Pop Vinyl Lines:

  • Games
  • Animation
  • Television
  • Heroes
  • Books
  • Retro Toys
  • MLB
  • Football
  • Sci-Fi
  • Movies
  • Holidays
  • Cereal

You will also realize that several number sets within each line help keep each set of figures together. However, there are instances where the sets might come in different runs hence affecting the numbering.

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What do the numbers on Funko Pops mean

What you should know numbers on Funko Pops

If you’ve been collecting Funko POP!s for a while, you’ve probably noticed some discrepancies in the numerical system. For example, some different Funko POP! figures might have the same digits on their packaging.

These apparent discrepancies demonstrate why knowing how the system works is so important – even if different figures have the same numbers, they won’t have the same collectible line description in the left-hand corner, making it easy to organize your collectibles.

You may have also noticed significant gaps between numbers in the same line. Funko POP manufacturers do this to leave room for one-off, special edition figures. Using this method for numbering collectibles ensures that you never miss a rare or exclusive character from any given line.

Can two Pops have same number?

Two different Pops can have the same number because they both belong to other Pop Vinyl lines.

For example, Funko Pop Vinyl Marvel Spider-Man Absolute Carnage on Headstone Deluxe is Pop Number 673, which is the same as Chuck Norris mentioned earlier in this guide. These two cannot confuse a collector because; Chuck Norris belongs to the Movies line while Marvel Spider-Man belongs to the Absolute Carnage line.

What do the numbers on Funko Pops mean

Examples of how the Funko Pop numbering system

When you look at the Lord of Rings pops, there are several numbering gaps. It starts with 122, then jumps to 443 to 449, then jumps again to 528 to 535, and so on. It could be a little confusing, especially if you are a beginner.

Several things could be happening between these different Lord of the Rings sets:

  • There could be different designs that came out after the first series but before the second one.
  • Also, Funko usually leaves these gaps to save space for exclusives and special editions. These gaps enable them to continue the extraordinary figures as part of the original series.
  • There could be a different Pop from another series between different runs of the Lord of the Rings movie.
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But, there are other Funko Pops that do not have a line on the box, including:

  • Harry Potter
  • Star Wars
  • South Park
  • Disney

There are also smaller categories inside each line. For example, there is Chuck Norris in the Movies category, which is on its own, and you can also find other sub-categories like Lord of the Rings and other smaller categories. Because these pops are under the same category, they will be in the same number sequence.

What do the numbers on Funko Pops mean

What the numbers mean to a collector?

As a collector, the Funko Pop numbers are very critical. It can tell you which pop is worth more and why that pop is worth so much. Also, you can get a better sense of why a character is more popular based on the number because you know it was produced before others.

While we can’t tell how many pops get produced with that number, we know how many pops have that number. Funko pops with the same number are a part of different pop vinyl lines, and the body’s design/mold is different

Here are the benefits of the numbers to collectors:

  • They will help you understand if your collection is complete.
  • The numbers also help collectors understand if there are variants of the same pop mold.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Pop Vinyl figure number helps a collector understand how old a Pop is. Older numbers mean older Pops.

If you have many Funko Pops, you know how hard it is to keep track of all the pops. While the funko numbering system helps you keep track, it’s not the ideal solution.

We recommend using a funko pop tracking app to help you gauge the worth of your collection and keep them all accounted for in one place.

Above is information about What do the numbers on Funko Pops mean? That we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of What does the number on a Funko Pop mean?

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