What do Spectral Arrows do ? Best Type of Arrows In Minecraft

What do spectral arrows do ? Spectral arrows in Minecraft will outline mobs and players with the glowing effect when struck by them. Ever wanted to easily track a target regardless of line of sight or how many creatures there may be in the area? Well, spectral arrows in Minecraft can be a perfect solution for that.

After one of these arrows has successfully hit another player or a mob, the target hit will be outlined and receive the glowing effect. Doing so will help players maintain vision of the target, regardless of the surroundings.

Luckily for Minecraft players, spectral arrows are actually rather simple to obtain. All it takes to craft some of these arrows are flints, sticks, feathers, and a bit of glowstone dust.

This article will be breaking down what spectral arrows are in Minecraft and explain how to craft them.

Uses for spectral arrows in Minecraft

Spectral arrows appear to have a golden tip in-game and will help players maintain tabs on targets that they are fighting. Once another player or hostile mob has been struck by a spectral arrow, they will receive the glowing effect.

This can be great for players who are fighting someone that is attempting to flee from them. Minecraft players, who were able to hit their target with a spectral arrow first, will be able to track them. The glowing effect will outline their target, and the player will be able to see where the target is running to, regardless of line of sight.

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Let’s say that a mob or another player were to run and hide behind some blocks, they can still be identified as to exactly where they are. This is due to the glowing effect that will directly show the hunter where his prey his lurking through the blocks.

what do spectral arrows do

How to craft spectral arrows

Spectral arrows can be made in Minecraft by combining an arrow with four pieces of glowstone at a crafting table, which will result in two spectral arrows. Glowstone dust can be gathered from Glowstone blocks all across the Nether.

Glowstone can usually be found on the underside of ceilings or overhangs in large clumps. When these blocks can be broken, they will drop two to four glowstone dust as a result.

Players can use a tool enchanted with fortune, inorder to try and maximize the amount of glowstone dust they gather. However, if a player uses a tool enchanted by silk touch, the block itself will drop as opposed to the dust needed to craft spectral arrows.

In addition to glowstone dust, players will need arrows inorder to craft spectral arrows. Arrows can be obtained by killing skeletons or strays, bought from novice-level fletcher villagers with emeralds, and even found in some naturally generated chests.

Players can also craft their own arrows by using a piece of flint, a stick, and feather; inorder to get four arrows. Chickens and map chests from shipwrecks can be a source of feathers. Sticks can be quickly converted from wood planks of any variety of wood. Flint has a 10% chance to be dropped instead of gravel when the block is mined.

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Once players have arrows and glowstone dust on their hands, they can quickly craft up some spectral arrows at a crafting table. Two spectral arrows will be made per four glowstone dust and single arrow used.

How to get and use spectral arrows in Minecraft

Spectral arrows are one of the many arrow variants in Minecraft, though they only appear in Java Edition. Regardless, they can be an interesting asset in a player’s arsenal.

When a target is hit with a spectral arrow, it is given the Glowing status effect for 10 seconds. This effect forms a bright outline around the target, which can be seen through solid blocks.

In team-based scenarios, the target affected by the Glowing status effect will also have an outline that corresponds to the color of their current team. This makes spectral arrows quite useful in PvP situations. However, it’s important to note that a bow enchanted with Infinity will still consume spectral arrows, as the enchantment only affects standard arrows.

So how does a Minecraft player acquire spectral arrows in Java Edition? Fortunately, there are a few different ways to do so.

How to Craft a Spectral Arrow in Minecraft?

Spectral arrows, just like other arrows, are necessary for players to use their bow/crossbow in Minecraft. It can be found inside the bastion’s loot chests. It is a craftable item and needs two main items to craft.

How to make a Spectral Arrow in Minecraft

Minecraft features a vast array of weapons and tools that all play an important role in surviving whatever the blocky world has to throw at you. One of these tools is the Spectral Arrow, an item that is currently only available to players using the Java version of Minecraft. Here is how to make Spectral Arrows in Minecraft.

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what do spectral arrows do

How to make the Spectral Arrow in Minecraft

A Spectral Arrow is simple to make in survival mode, but it is only available in the Java Edition of Minecraft as of this writing, not Bedrock. Of course, you will need at least one Arrow. These can be gathered from killing Skeletons or crafted using one Flint and one Stick. You will also need four Glowstone for every one Arrow you use to craft. Glowstone is found in the Nether by breaking down Glowstone blocks. Every time you go to craft a Spectral Arrow, two will be created, so if you go in with five normal Arrows and 20 Glowstone dust, you will create 10 Spectral Arrows.

The crafting recipe for the Spectral Arrow requires the Arrow to be placed in the center of the 3×3 table. The Glowstone will go in the boxes directly above, to the left, to the right, and below the Arrow. The only open boxes will be the top left, top right, bottom left, and bottom right boxes. When everything is in place, two golden arrows will appear in the box on the right. Move these to your inventory, and you can shoot them from your Bow, Crossbow, or Dispenser.

What does the Spectral Arrow do in Minecraft?

Spectral Arrows can be shot at other players or mobs and will make them visible to you behind walls by giving them a white outline. The effect lasts for ten seconds and deals the damage of a normal arrow shot from your bow. This is most useful in situations where you are fighting someone or something that is trying to flee you. Even if they go behind cover, you will see exactly where they are during the effect’s duration.

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