What do Sniffers eat in Minecraft ? Minecraft Sniffer: Everything You Need to Know

What do sniffers eat in minecraft ? The 1.20 update has dropped a new mob called Sniffers, and players are now wondering what Sniffers eat in Minecraft. True to its name, this large-nosed beast can sniff out unique seeds. These seeds are needed to grow both the new Pitcher Plant and Torchflower plants. Obviously, you will need to breed and feed them to farm the plants. Now, let’s answer the question of what do the Sniffers eat in this Minecraft guide.

Minecraft: What Do Sniffers Eat? Answered

Sniffers are the new docile, herbivore mob added in Minecraft 1.20 update. With that in mind, obviously, you would need something considered a plant in order to feed them. Interestingly, Sniffers will only eat the ancient Torchflower seeds, the Minecraft seed that they themselves dig from the ground. They won’t touch any common seeds that were previously available in the game such as Wheat, Melon, Pumpkin, and Beetroot. That means you can not use any existing items to breed these animals.

You can know when Sniffers are trying to look for their meal and eat when they start burying their nose in the ground and digging. Then, occasionally, one Torchflower seed or Pitcher Pod will appear near the digging spot. However, Sniffers can only find the Torchflower seeds in these blocks:

  • Grass Block.
  • Dirt.
  • Coarse Dirt.
  • Rooted Dirt.
  • Moss Block.
  • Mud.
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots.
  • Podzol.

To farm Sniffers and Torchflower seed for them to eat, you will need to breed these yellow-nosed herbivores. You can get the Sniffer Eggs by excavating Suspicious Sand in Warm Ocean Ruins using the Brush tool. Put it on any Block and it should hatch within 20 minutes. A newborn Sniffer has a bigger head and is called a Snifflet. It will grow into an adult Sniffer in just 40 minutes of playtime.

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Afterward, to get more Sniffer Eggs in Minecraft, feed two Sniffers the Torchflower seed. They will enter the “love mode,” indicated by floating red hearts around them, and mate, eventually producing a new Sniffer Egg. You can read more details about breeding Sniffer Eggs in our How To Hatch a Sniffer Egg guide. And that is the answer to the “What do Sniffers eat in Minecraft?” question. For more Minecraft guides as well as tips and tricks, don’t forget to check out The Nerd Stash’s homepage.

what do sniffers eat in minecraft

What Is a Sniffer in Minecraft

The winner of Minecraft Mob Vote 2022 is Sniffer, a passive functional mob that’s being added to the game with the 1.20 update. It is the first ancient mob to enter the game’s world and possesses some unique powers. The Sniffer roams around the overworld, moving its nose dramatically and sniffing ancient seeds. It pulls ancient seeds out of the ground which you can collect to grow exclusive plants.

Where to Find Sniffer in Minecraft

Sniffer is one of the few Minecraft mobs that can’t spawn naturally in the game’s world. Instead, you have to make it come out of an ancient egg in the form of a Snifflet. This Snifflet or baby Sniffer will then grow into the giant dinosaur mob that we know and love. This egg can be excavated from the suspicious sand blocks in the warm ocean ruins. Follow the guide linked here to learn how to find the Sniffer egg in Minecraft, and also, how to hatch it.

Health & Regeneration

Even though Sniffer is one of the largest mobs in the game, its size doesn’t reflect in its strength. Its health is worth 14 points, which is equivalent to seven player hearts. Sniffers regenerate one heart after they’re fed a torchflower seed.

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When it comes to health reduction, Sniffer doesn’t seem to have any special abilities or defenses. Its health fatally reduces due to fire, lava, and fall damage in Minecraft. Moreover, even though Sniffer’s eggs spawn inside the ocean, the mob itself is not immune to drowning and suffocation. So, except for its special sniffing ability, our new mob is just like every other passive mob.

Attacking & Drops

Sniffer is a passive mob in Minecraft, so it’s completely tolerant and doesn’t attack you even if you hit it first. Furthermore, when it comes to mob interaction, both Warden and Wither attack the Sniffer without any discrimination. The former can slay the Sniffer with a single hit. Meanwhile, it takes around 14 simple hits for the players to put the Sniffer to rest.

When it comes to loot, the Sniffer only drops 1-3 experience points (around 10% of the time). However, we suggest that you don’t take drastic steps for this loot as breeding provides more experience.

What Does Sniffer Do in Minecraft

Focusing on mob behavior, the Sniffer mob roams around the world of Minecraft aimlessly. It consciously avoids any obstacles, including water, fire, lava, and non-climbable blocks. While roaming, the Sniffer smells its surroundings (possibly for seeds) and dramatically moves its nose around.

Then, after every little while, the Sniffer sits on all fours and puts its head underground. After that, slowly but surely, it pulls out ancient seeds from the ground. You can pick up the seeds as an item and throw them on the farmland to get unique plants.

Ancient Seeds in Minecraft

As the name implies, the ancient seeds are rare seeds that are buried underground in the overworld and only the Sniffer can find them in Minecraft. Each seed grows into a beautiful plant that you can use for decorative purposes. However, unlike regular plants, you can’t get more seeds from the plant. For these seeds, you have to rely entirely on the Sniffer.

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There are two ancient seeds in Minecraft that the Sniffer can find:

Torchflower Seeds – has three stages of growth

Pitcher Pods – has five stages of growth

You can plant these seeds on the farmland blocks and wait for them to reach full size. Then, you can break them and get a decorative plant you can place anywhere in your world.

How to Make Sniffer Sniff in Minecraft

When a Snifflet grows up into an adult Sniffer, give them a little bit of time and they’ll start sniffing. Immediately after they are done, the eight-minute cooldown starts and they will not look for any seeds in that time period. Besides the cooldown timer, Sniffers remember the last 20 blocks they’ve dug in and will not choose those blocks. After they dig in more than 20 blocks, they will have forgotten the first blocks they chose and will consider them suitable digging spots.Dirt

  • Podzol
  • Coarse Dirt
  • Rooted Dirt
  • Grass Block
  • Moss Block
  • Mud
  • Muddy Mangrove Roots

Once you have set up the compatible area for the Sniffer, it all comes down to waiting for the Sniffer to do its job. Though, having more than one Sniffer will surely help.

what do sniffers eat in minecraft

How to Breed Sniffer in Minecraft

Breeding the Sniffer is easy in Minecraft. You just need to get two Sniffers together and wait for them to dig out Torchflower seeds. Once they find them, you have to feed the seeds to the Sniffer to get them into “love mode”. After that, the sniffer egg will be dropped. Check out the link in the How to find the Sniffer in Minecraft section on how to hatch the Snifflet.

It takes around 20 minutes for the Snifflet to grow into an adult Sniffer. Further, the parents need a 5-10 minute break (cooldown) before being ready for another round of breeding. With such simple breeding mechanics, you can get a small army of these new mobs in no time. And if you face any trouble while doing so, feel free to use our dedicated guide to learn how to breed Sniffer in Minecraft.

Above is information what do sniffers eat in minecraft.  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what do sniffers eat in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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