What do rabbits eat in Minecraft ? How do I Tame and Breed Animals?

What do rabbits eat in minecraft ? Have you ever been walking around the Overworld with food in your hand and notice that a nearby animal mob is following and staring at you? That little guy would like a snack, but using that food will allow you to tame and breed various animals. Here is a breakdown on how taming and breeding animals work in Minecraft.


Taming is the process of domesticating a wild animal to befriend a player. Only certain animals can be tamed. Here are the ways you can tame these animals and how they interact after being tamed:


Wolves can be tamed by giving them Bones you have gathered. Keep in mind, you may need to have multiple on hand, as just one does not guarantee the Wolf to respect you. When hearts and a collar appear from the Wolf, it has been tamed.

Once you notice a red collar appear on its neck, that Wolf will follow you around dutifully, attacking most (but not all!) hostile mobs and other players that deal damage to you or you attack. You can also tell them to sit in a spot where they will remain until you give them the okay to follow you again.

what do rabbits eat in minecraft


Cats love Raw Salmon or Raw Cod, so if you see a group of kittens walking around a Village or Witch’s Hut, be sure to pull out your Fishing Rod at the nearest body of water. Don’t run after the cat you want to tame, or it will be spooked and flee. Approach slowly by crouch walking to it and give them the fish until the hearts and a red collar appears around their neck.

Once tamed, Cats will follow you similar to a Wolf, but they don’t attack anyone who hurts you. However, when they are nearby, those pesky Creepers and Phantoms will stop attacking you. There is also a chance that your feline friend will give you an item gift after a night of sleeping in a Bed.

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In contrast to Wolves and Cats, Horses, Donkeys, and Mules don’t need an item to tame them. Instead, get close enough to them and interact to get on their back. The first couple of times they will buck you off, but if you keep getting on, they will eventually relax and let you stay on them. Hearts will appear denoting they trust you.

After a Horse, Donkey, or Mule has been tamed, you can ride it as much as you want. However, to control where it moves, you will need to put a Saddle on it. If you don’t have one, use a Lead to take it home and keep it from wandering off on its own. Horses are faster and can be given Horse Armor to protect them. Donkeys and Mules are slower but can be equipped with a Chest to carry more items for you.

In an additional special case, if you come across a Skeleton Horse, you can tame it by killing its original rider. In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, it does not need a Saddle to control it.


Llamas are tamed similarly to Horses, Donkeys, and Mules by trying to ride them repeatedly. However, where they differ is you can not give them a Saddle to control where they walk. Instead, you should use a Lead to get them to go where you want, while giving them a Chest to carry more items. After you leash a Llama, other Llamas in the area will follow them in a caravan.


To tame a Parrot, you need to give it any kind of Seeds. Whatever you do, do not feed it a Cookie, as that is poisonous and will kill your wanted companion.

After your Parrot has gotten enough Seeds to make hearts appear from it, you can tell that bird to sit or follow you as you travel. If you walk into it or it flies to you, the Parrot can perch on one of your shoulders and you may hear it mimic the sound of other mobs.

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Players can initiate breeding with two mobs of the same species to produce offspring. To do this, two animals must be in the same vicinity and be in “love mode” in which animals will emit hearts.

Where to look for rabbits in Minecraft, what to feed them, and more

The good thing is that there are multiple places in the world where players will be able to locate rabbits.

Where can players find rabbits in Minecraft?

Rabbits are an uncommon passive mob that can spawn in a variety of biomes. When out in the world, they do not walk but will instead hop in a random direction in search of food. The color of rabbits is directly influenced by the biome that they reside in. The most commonly found rabbit, however, is the creamy-colored rabbit. Players can find the following rabbit colors in the following biomes

What do rabbits like to eat in Minecraft?

Once a player locates the rabbit they wish to make their own, they will want to ensure that they are able to feed it the correct food. Luckily, rabbits are not the pickiest eaters in the game and are able to be fed a few different kinds of food.

Rabbits prefer to eat carrots, golden carrots, and dandelions. A player can simply hold one of those items in their hand and “use” it on a rabbit to feed it.

What is the benefit of feeding rabbits in Minecraft?

Sadly, rabbits cannot be tamed. This leaves one primary reason for players to want to feed them. However, they can be bred. Rabbits are able to enter love mode by having the player feed them their preferred food. Once two adult rabbits are in love mode within eight blocks of each other, they will come together and create a baby rabbit at their location.

Baby rabbits have a 47.5% chance of inheriting either parent’s type of fur. They have a 5% chance of spawning with a biome-specific fur color. Furthermore, by breeding lots of rabbits, players will be able to increase their chances of collecting all the rabbit colors.

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Rabbits are cute and small creatures, and it’s such a great thing that Minecraft allows you to interact with them.

What are the benefits of feeding Minecraft rabbits?

Giving food to Minecraft rabbits allows players to breed them and help them grow into adults. Bunnies in Minecraft cannot be tamed, and thus giving them food does not affect their health points. We plan to cover the breeding procedure separately, but giving food to two parents makes them enter “Love Mode”.

Consequently, giving dandelions, golden carrots, or carrots reduces the regular growth from baby to adulthood. Every time baby bunnies eat food, their built-in growth stage of 20 real-life minutes decreases by 10%, i.e., 2 minutes per meal. It’s also noteworthy that baby bunnies follow their parents in Education and Bedrock Edition, but not Java Edition, which may make feeding a bit more difficult.

what do rabbits eat in minecraft

How do I feed special Minecraft rabbits?

Some Minecraft players are aware of two (at the time of publication) special rabbits in the game. Neither of the two is found freely roaming the world, however. We will briefly explain how they appear and what makes them special.

The Killer Bunny eats these foods

The Killer Bunny, also known as RabbitType:99, is a type of bunny only spawnable via the /summon command that only consumes carrots. It is a hostile rabbit with red eyes and white fur that attacks any player within 16 blocks in all difficulties except peaceful. Despite that, it will stop attacking a player dangling a carrot, and can even be bred with it.

Feeding the Toast rabbit

This unique mob, made in honor of a lost bunny of a real-life Minecraft player, is any rabbit that players rename to “Toast” using a renamed spawn egg or a name tag. Other than the name and a distinct black-and-white appearance, it acts the same. That means you can feed a Toast rabbit dandelions, golden carrot, or a normal carrot. However, breeding a Toast rabbit doesn’t lead to more bunnies of the same type. The babies will still have fur consistent with the fur colors of the bunny before renaming and its partner.

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