What do Pottery Shards do in Minecraft ? Minecraft: Pottery Shards & Decorated Pots Guide

What do pottery shards do in minecraft ? Giving rise to a whole new wave of creativity and expression, Minecraft is bringing the much-awaited archaeology features to the game with the 1.20 Trails and Tales update. And pottery shards (sherds) are the ones leading this new archaeological revolution. Whether you want to use them as building bricks or just decorative items, they help you express yourself in a variety of ways. But that’s for later. Right now, let’s learn how to get pottery shards in Minecraft 1.20 and make the most out of them.

What Is a Pottery Shard in Minecraft

Pottery shards are new archaeological items that have made their way into the game with the Minecraft 1.20 update. They spawn as hidden objects inside the new suspicious sand and suspicious gravel blocks. Instead of mining or breaking them, you have to craft and use a brush to unveil these pottery shards to collect them.

Types of Pottery Shards in Minecraft

There is a total of 20 types of pottery shards (or pottery sherds, as they are now called) in Minecraft:

  • Angler Pottery Sherd (Fishing rod)
  • Archer Pottery Sherd (Bow and arrow)
  • Arms Up Pottery Sherd (Person with hands in the air)
  • Blade Pottery Sherd (Sword)
  • Brewer Pottery Sherd (Potion)
  • Burn Pottery Sherd (Fire)
  • Danger Pottery Sherd (Creeper)
  • Explorer Pottery Sherd (Map)
  • Friend Pottery Sherd (Villager)
  • Heart Pottery Sherd (Heart)
  • Heartbreak Pottery Sherd (Broken heart)
  • Howl Pottery Sherd (Wolf)
  • Miner Pottery Sherd (Pickaxe)
  • Mourner Pottery Sherd (Warden)
  • Plenty Pottery Sherd (Treasure chest)
  • Prize Pottery Sherd (Diamond)
  • Sheaf Pottery Sherd (Wheat)
  • Shelter Pottery Sherd (Tree)
  • Skull Pottery Sherd (Skeleton skull)
  • Snort Pottery Sherd (Sniffer)
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Each of these pottery shards has a unique symbol on them that relates to their name. Furthermore, the same symbol shows up when you turn the pottery shards into a pot.

what do pottery shards do in minecraft

How to Find Pottery Shards in Minecraft

Now that you know the basics of pottery shards, let’s venture into the overworld and collect some of them. Suspicious sand and suspicious gravel blocks can generate in these structures

  • Desert Well
  • Desert Pyramid/Temple
  • Trail Ruins
  • Warm Ocean Ruins
  • Cold Ocean Ruins

Follow these steps to find pottery shards in Minecraft:

1. First, go to one of the structures listed above, for instance, a desert well.

2. Then, you need to look for suspicious sand blocks. They always spawn at the bottom of the desert well. Use our dedicated guide linked here to learn more about these new sand blocks.

3. Finally, you need to use the brush on these suspicious sand blocks. If you’re lucky, it will slowly reveal a pottery shard. Learn how to make a brush in Minecraft in order to obtain pottery shards via this dedicated guide.

How to Use Pottery Shards in Minecraft 1.20

As the name suggests, pottery shards are used to make unique decorative pots in Minecraft. Once you find four pottery shards, you simply need to combine them on a crafting table using the crafting recipe shown below. Since each pottery shard only reflects one face of the pot, you can use any type of pottery shard while making a pot.

Whether you want to decorate your Minecraft house or create an archaeological custom map, the pottery shards are here to help. But before you collect them, we suggest you meet the Sniffer mob in Minecraft, which can sniff out ancient seeds such as torchflower seeds and pitcher pods that grow into beautiful decorative plants in Minecraft.

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Minecraft pottery shards explained

It’s pretty straightforward to use pottery shards in Minecraft. Once you’ve collected the four shards you’d like to use, simply take them over to a crafting table. Combine your four shards in whatever order you’d like, with one top centre, one centre right, one bottom centre, and one centre left on the crafting squares. We’ve illustrated this below.

Doing so will then create a unique pot that displays your four chosen designs on it. With twenty shards available, there are plenty of designs and combinations for you to try out.

You’ll also be able to create blank pots using the same crafting configuration with bricks instead of pottery shards.

What do pottery shards do?

Pottery shards are a new decorative item in Minecraft. You’ll be able to use pottery shards to create a variety of special designs for decorative pots. These pots can be stacked on top of each other like regular building blocks, and their orientation changes depending on which way you’re facing when you place them.

While these pots might not serve much functionality in 1.20, they’ll be a great way to decorate bases and builds, as well as showcase your explorations and adventures throughout your Minecraft world. It’s a decorative feature which should pair nicely with your new armour once you make use of the Minecraft armor trim system also coming this update.

How to find pottery shards in Minecraft

You’ll be able to find pottery shards in Minecraft by using the new Minecraft brush tool on suspicious sand or suspicious gravel blocks. These two new block variations have a rougher texture than their regular counterparts. You’ll be able to find them in and around a variety of structures. Each of these structures hold different and unique pottery shards.

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Desert Temples / Desert Pyramids

Alongside all their usual treasures, the largest desert-exclusive structures will now also be able to grant:

  • Archer Pottery Shard
  • Miner Pottery Shard
  • Prize Pottery Shard, sometimes called the Diamond pottery shard
  • Skull Pottery Shard
  • Desert Wells

What do pottery shards do in Minecraft?

Pottery shards are a new decorative item. With twenty patterns in total, players can combine any four pottery shards in a crafting table to create uniquely designed decorative pots.

what do pottery shards do in minecraft

How to use pottery sherds in Minecraft’s 1.20 update

Currently, Minecraft’s upcoming pottery sherds are primarily used to create decorated pot blocks. These new blocks operate in a particularly unique way, and they have etched designs on the side of them depending on which sherds are used to craft them.

Technically, you don’t need pottery sherds at all to create a decorated pot since you can substitute any missing sherds with bricks instead. However, each side of the pot that is substituted with a brick will be blank when the decorated pot is created, and only the sides of the pot crafted with pottery sherds will display the corresponding pattern.

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