What do Piglins trade ? Everything you need to know

What do piglins trade ? Minecraft’s Nether Update has given players a treasure chest full of new features, blocks, and mobs. This free update is available to players across every platform. Along with a few minor bug fixes, the update focuses on improving the Nether and making it into a place where players will more often take the risk of exploring.

One new mob that can either be a help or a hindrance to players is the Piglin. Piglins are akin to Villagers in the sense that they are the primary sentient mob in the Nether. They can build communities among themselves and can even become zombified. Luckily, they can also be traded with.

Interacting With Piglins in Minecraft

Piglins are only found in Minecraft’s Nether at this time. They are rare in most biomes outside of the Crimson Forest. These uncomfortably cute creatures are considered to be Neutral in aggression. Players should be careful when interacting with them nevertheless. Piglins have a deep love for gold and can be aggressive toward players who aren’t wearing Gold Armor.

Trading with a Piglin has a chance to result in an item of varying value. This is a bit of a risk, but it can be worth it depending on how many Gold Ingots the player has. Ingots are the only thing that can be traded with a Piglin.

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To obtain a Gold Ingot, mine either Gold Ore from the surface world or Nether Gold in the Nether. Smelting Ore in a furnace will result in Gold Ingots. Alternatively, 9 Gold Nuggets can be combined into a single Gold Ingot.

In order to initiate trading with a Piglin, players must simply throw a Gold Ingot on the ground in the vicinity of a Piglin. The Piglin will pick up the Gold Ingot and examine it for a moment before throwing down an item of their own. There is no way to choose what items are gained from Minecraft’s Piglins and items vary in rarity and span a variety of values.

what do piglins trade

How To Trade With Piglin

Before interacting with the Piglin in Minecraft, make sure to equip a piece of Gold Armor. It can be either the helmet, legs, chest, or boots. Just make sure to have at least one on before approaching them.

The Piglin will begin to access the Gold Ingot and offer the player an item in return. The traded item offered is random, and the player cannot do anything to alter the odds. Luckily, most of the time, these items will be well worth the price of a single Gold Ingot, and each of these items Piglins trade have their own drop rate.

Piglins Trade Items Drop List

Players will need a lot of gold ingots if they want to get every item Piglings trade The easiest way to earn more Gold Ingots is by mining Gold Ore in Minecraft, as it’s relatively common when exploring the deeper parts of caverns. Placing Gold Ore inside a Furnace will smelt it into Gold Ingots.

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Everything to know about piglin trades in Minecraft

Best way to barter with piglins

The best way to barter with these neutral entities is by wearing a gold armor part and simply approaching them and giving them gold ingots to get various items in return.

Though Minecrafters can barter with piglins even without wearing gold armor, dealing with them and picking up items that they drop can be challenging. This is because piglins will become passive for a while when gold ingots are in their hands but will instantly start attacking players after the bartering process is done.

Details about the bartering mechanism

1) Piglins examine the gold ingot

When players give gold ingots to piglins, they examine the ingot for around six seconds in Java Edition and eight seconds in Bedrock Edition before tossing a random item to the player.

2) Baby piglins do not drop anything

If gold ingots are given to baby piglins, they do not drop any item in return. Rather, they hold the gold ingot in their hands and run around. They also drop that gold ingot when they are killed.

3) Piglins confiscate a gold ingot when attacked

If a piglin is attacked while it is in the middle of inspecting the gold ingot, it will confiscate the ingot and start attacking the player without providing any item in return. That particular piglin then be bartered with until it picks up another item.


Piglins are human-looking pig creatures in the Minecraft Nether. They stand upright and have a fairly human looking physique, but still have a pig pink skin color and a pig head.

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They actually live only in the Nether and are hostile creatures. Piglins usually attack a player with a crossbow or sword.

Piglins can also have baby Piglins, which are not aggressive and also have no weapons.

Characteristics of Piglins

First of all, Piglins are not resistant to fire and lava like all other Nether creatures. Piglins are quite aggressive and actively fight their “arch-enemies”, the Witherskeletons and adult Hoglins. If Piglins complete a hunt successfully, you can sometimes see them dancing with joy.

Probably the most important characteristic of the Piglins is their love for gold. They love everything that is made of gold or that is related to gold. Piglins will drop everything for gold, even trading higher value Netherite or Diamond armor for gold armor.

what do piglins trade

Piglins and the gold

If you’re a player with gold and you encounter a Piglin, you have a number of options. First of all, if you have gold armor, even just part of it (helmet, shoes, etc.), that automatically tunes all Piglins to be peace-neutral.

Attention: Baby Piglins can steal gold bars from you, so urgently watch out for the little ones!

However, Piglins become aggressive if you open chests, barrels, crates in front of them or dare to mine Nethergold ore or blackstone with gold content. So, if you want to take and/or mine anything containing gold: Make sure that no Piglins will catch you!

By the way, you can distract Piglins with gold. If you are attacked by one or more Piglins (by the way, Piglins have a horde-like behavior), you can simply drop some gold bars. The Piglins will pounce on them, and since they prioritize gold over everything, they forget about their enemies for a brief moment. The perfect time for you to run away!

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