What do Pandas eat in Minecraft ? Food Pandas Eat in Minecraft: The Second Will Surprise You

What do pandas eat in minecraft ? In the world of Minecraft, chances are you’ve come across adorable pandas in the jungle biomes. These lovable mobs, with their distinctive behaviors and personalities, stand out. Players may wonder what pandas eat in Minecraft or how they can feed and breed them. Some may even wonder if they have different personalities.

In this article, we will answer these questions and more as we explore everything you need to know about pandas in Minecraft!

Everything to know about pandas in Minecraft


Bamboo is the primary food source for pandas and can be obtained by breaking the bamboo plant. It is a fast-growing plant found in jungle biomes and bamboo jungles. In addition to feeding pandas, bamboo has versatile uses, such as crafting scaffolding, sticks, or fuel for furnaces. It can also be grown into tall stalks and used for decoration purposes. In Minecraft 1.20, bamboo can be used to get a new bamboo wood set.

Bamboo in Minecraft 1.20 is not only a plant but also a new type of wood that can be used to craft various blocks and items. Bamboo blocks are made by combining nine pieces of bamboo on a crafting table. They have a light yellowish color and a striped texture.

Bamboo blocks can be turned into planks, stairs, slabs, fences, doors, trapdoors, and even a special mosaic block that has horizontal and vertical bamboo patterns. Bamboo blocks can also be stripped with an axe to create a different look.

One of the most unique features of the bamboo wood is the raft. It is a boat made of bamboo that has no side railings and can carry chests or other entities on the back. Bamboo wood is a versatile and fresh addition to the game that offers many possibilities for building and decorating.

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Breeding pandas requires feeding two pandas near each other with bamboo. This action triggers the pandas to enter love mode, resulting in the creation of a baby panda. The offspring inherits one of its parents’ personalities or has a normal personality.

what do pandas eat in minecraft


While bamboo is the preferred food for pandas, they also enjoy cake. Pandas do not pick up placed cake. Instead, you can drop cake as an item near them, and they will eat it. It’s important to note that pandas do not consume any other foods. They will not accept or eat items like seeds, fish, fruits, crops, or flowers planted in the jungle.

Panda Personalities

Pandas exhibit different personalities, each with unique behaviors and appearances. There are six types of pandas: normal, lazy, playful, worried, weak, and brown. Each type possesses distinct traits and animations. For instance, lazy pandas lie on their backs and roll over.

Playful pandas jump around and roll over more frequently. Worried pandas cover their eyes during thunderstorms and sneeze less often. Weak pandas have lower health and sneeze more often. Brown pandas are exceptionally rare, with brown fur.

Pandas add a delightful touch to the jungles. They have distinct preferences when it comes to food, primarily bamboo and cake. Understanding their feeding habits, breeding mechanisms, and different personalities can enhance the gameplay experience while interacting with these adorable mobs.

What do pandas in Minecraft consume?

Minecraft’s pandas eat bamboo and, in some cases, a cake item placed on the ground. The first comes as no surprise, as real-life pandas are depicted chewing a bamboo stick, and their diet for 99% of the time includes vegetarian food. Whenever you obtain bamboo and hold it in your hand by highlighting the bamboo stick in the hotbar, or place a bamboo block, all or almost all pandas within the 16 block radius will turn to you, and start following you. They only stop following when the distance between you is 16 blocks or greater.

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As for cakes, some pandas choose to approach them, pick them up, and eat them, while others don’t. The success of this approach is hard to determine, hence we suggest investing time in the first.

what do pandas eat in minecraft

Can I feed all pandas in the game?

No, not all pandas are created equal in Minecraft, hence only some eat bamboo. Other pandas will simply ignore you. The violent ones among the species may go out of their norm to attack you more than once, making them somewhat dangerous. This is unlike many other friendly mobs you can find in the wilderness or nurture at home as pets. This discrepancy in feeding behavior stems from the genealogy feature, which lets each panda spawn with one of the predetermined personalities at random. The variations of panda spawning in Minecraft, as well as how personalities affect them, are as follows:

Normal/regular — Following the player when conditions are met. Has a frowning face.

Lazy — Depends on the version. In Java Edition, lazy panda refuses to follow while lying on its back, even if the player dangles the bamboo from up close. However, on Bedrock Edition, lazy panda immediately gets up and starts pursuing the player. These pandas are smiling.

Playful — This panda personality acts as a normal panda with regard to food. You’ll recognize it because its tongue is sticking out.
Weak — Acts as the regular panda. Has a snotty nose and its eyes are tearing up.

Aggressive — Same as the normal panda, except it goes into a fit of rage when attacked instead of attacking once and backing away. Sports angry eyebrows and a tighter frown than usual.

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Worried — This type of panda will try to avoid you at all cost, and you’ll recognize it by puppy eyes akin to that of a tamed wolf. It won’t chase you while holding bamboo or placing cake on the ground. Instead, you must approach and feed it manually.

Brown — A rare form of normal panda, only with a brown colored fur. Acts the same otherwise.

Role of food for Minecraft pandas

Unlike horses, whose health was restored as a consequence of feeding, and allowed players to tame them, pandas utilize food for one primary purpose — breeding. Though we will cover that topic separately, as it includes several tips and tricks, we want to mention two quick bamboo-related things.

First, you shouldn’t plant more than 7 bamboo stick blocks near two pandas. That’s because 8 or more leads them to enter love mode and start to mate. You know you’re doing it right if you feed a panda, and it sits to eat but doesn’t sport hearts above its head. This is crucial. Giving food to two close-by pandas makes them start bleating and enter a fit of rage out of jealousy. They will attack you simultaneously. This becomes a huge problem with aggressive pandas In particular. These are not only powerful but have the health bar of a player.

Above is information what do pandas eat in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what do pandas eat in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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