What do Ocelots eat in Minecraft ? How to Tame an Ocelot in Minecraft

What do ocelots eat in minecraft ? Ocelots will only eat raw salmon or cod. You should collect at least 20 raw fish to hold their attention. To gather fish, you first need to craft a fishing rod and go fishing in a lake, pond, or river.

Where to Find Ocelots

Ocelots are only in jungle biomes. Search for them in open spaces since they won’t approach you in close quarters. If you’re playing Creative mode, you can use an Ocelot Spawn Egg to summon as many ocelots as you want.

What You Can Do With Ocelots

Like real cats, tamed ocelots will not stand by your side at all times unless you bribe them with food. Otherwise, they will wander around quite a bit. To keep them by your side, hold raw fish in your hand. Some mobs will run away from ocelots, so having one by your side can help you navigate areas with many Creepers.

What are ocelots and what to they eat in Minecraft?

Ocelots in Minecraft

As mentioned prior, ocelots are passive mobs who spawn in jungles. They are somewhat rare and can be elusive when spotted. Ocelots will attack chickens and turtles and can be seen sneaking and stalking their prey before chasing after them.

Creepers will stay six blocks away from ocelots, and phantoms will stay 16 blocks away from the ocelots, with neither coming any closer. Ocelots also do not take fall damage, although they do actively avoid falls when possible. Lastly, ocelots are one of the few mobs that can actively sprint. As mentioned prior, they do chase after prey, but upon seeing players, they will usually sprint away.

what do ocelots eat in minecraft

What do Ocelots eat?

Ocelots require very specific food items in order to tame them. Lots of players might assume that chicken will work on ocelots, but chicken has no effect. Although the ocelots will eat it, nothing will happen. Players have to feed ocelots raw cod or raw salmon in order to elicit a response, which at times can happen very quickly, but often takes a very long time.

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Ocelots are skittish in nature, so in order to get ocelots to approach players, they will need to hold the raw cod or raw salmon in their hand and stay absolutely still. If players move their head too quickly, moves at all, or gets rid of the raw food when the ocelot is within six blocks of the player, the ocelot will run away.

When ocelots are tamed through raw cod or raw salmon, they turn into cats.

How Minecraft 1.19 players can get an ocelot to be their pet

Taming an ocelot is a lot like taming a cat. In fact, it’s almost exactly the same. Raw salmon and raw cod are the two items that can be fed to either cats or ocelots to potentially tame them.

For a Minecraft ocelot, each raw fish that is fed to them has a 33.3% chance of making them trust the player who fed it to them. This might mean that the ocelot eats one fish and hearts show up, and it might also mean that the ocelot eats six fish and nothing happens.

Cats are pretty difficult to tame because of how fast and timid they are. Cats will run away from players no matter what, which makes feeding them the requisite amount of fish a little difficult.

The same is true for ocelots but on a much more difficult scale. Ocelots can sprint, which makes them one of the fastest mobs in the game. They will use this sprint speed if a Minecraft gamer feeding them moves ever so slightly or too fast.

They also spawn in the jungle, which is usually dense. All of this combined makes ocelots one of the most difficult mobs to tame. Their behavior afterward might also make players hesitant to try and tame them.

Once an ocelot is tamed, it becomes “trusting.” This ocelot will be friendly to the player and won’t sprint away from them. The ocelot can then be bred by feeding it the same food items and then doing the same with a second trusting ocelot.

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The biggest difference between ocelots and cats is that cats will obey the crafter who tamed them. They will follow them around and sit and stand as instructed. This is not true for ocelots. They will continue to mostly do their own thing. They don’t really follow gamers around, and they cannot be told to sit down, either.

The only way for Minecraft gamers to get them to stay somewhere would be to trap them or put them on a lead. Conversely, this is also the only way to get ocelots to follow players around.

How to Gain an Ocelot’s Trust

Prior to the 1.14 update, you could feed Ocelots fish to turn them into Cats, which also tames them at the same time. However, Ocelots and Cats are now separated into different mobs, so that mechanic is no longer in the game. With that said, they still act similarly, though you can no longer truly tame an Ocelot. You can make an Ocelot trust you instead, and, to do so, all you need is some fish.

In the same manner that you would tame a Stray Cat, feed either Raw Salmon or Raw Cod to an Ocelot. You may need to feed them multiple fish, as there is only a 33% chance for a Raw Salmon or Raw Cod to earn an Ocelot’s trust. However, when trust is earned, red hearts will appear above the Ocelot’s head.

Tips for Getting Close to Ocelots

Ocelots are very shy and will always run away from you if you approach them normally. If you want to get close enough to feed an Ocelot, you’ll have to get them to come to you. This is pretty simple if you stay still. Firstly, crouch (sneak) and slowly walk toward an Ocelot with a Raw Salmon or Raw Cod in your hand. When you get within about 10 blocks of the Ocelot, they will notice you and your fish.

At this point, stop moving entirely—don’t even move your head or switch items. Just stand there and hold the fish in your hand. This will allow the Ocelot to slowly approach you until it is within feeding distance. If you have a stack of multiple Raw Salmon or Raw Cod, you should be able to spam-feed the Ocelot a few fish until it trusts you.

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How to Get Raw Salmon and Raw Cod

You can easily get these types of aquatic goods by using a Fishing Rod on the water of any lake, river, or ocean. In addition to being able to catch Raw Salmon and Raw Fish, you can potentially snag Pufferfish, junk, or even some rare treasure.

what do ocelots eat in minecraft

Where to Find Ocelots

If you want to find an Ocelot, you’re going to have to first locate a Jungle biome. In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, you can find wild Ocelots in any type of Jungle biome. This includes regular Jungles, Sparse Jungles, and Bamboo Jungles. However, in the Java Edition of Minecraft, Ocelots are only found in regular Jungle and Sparse Jungle biomes. Furthermore, Ocelots are rare spawns, so it will always take a bit of luck to spot one.

Though, knowing their spawning criteria will help you search the right places for better odds. Ocelots will always spawn above sea level, which is layer 63. This can be checked by looking at the nearest body of water, as all water that naturally spawns generates at layer 63.

When Ocelots do spawn, they can do so by themselves, as pairs, or in groups of 3. Most of these spawns will be adult Ocelots, however, there is a chance for one of these base spawns to be a kitten Ocelot.

About Ocelot Kittens

There is about a 14% chance for up to 2 kitten Ocelots to spawn alongside an adult. You don’t need to feed the kittens fish to earn their trust if you want them around, as they will follow their parent until they grow up. To get some wild Ocelot kittens to hang out with you, you’ll need to earn their parent’s trust. Though, you will need to earn the trust of the wild kittens when they grow into adults.

However, kittens that come from breeding 2 adult Ocelots that trust you will trust you automatically. Furthermore, like with other baby animal mobs, you can get Ocelot kittens to grow faster by feeding them their favorite food. In this case, that means Raw Salmon and Raw Cod. Each time you feed an Ocelot kitten a fish, they will grow 10% closer to adulthood.

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