What do Horses eat in Minecraft ? It turns out that this is the food!

What do horses eat in minecraft ? Want to know what Horses eat in Minecraft? Traveling around the world of Minecraft, you will meet many animals that live in different biomes, and only a few of them you can tame.

Although many seek to tame a large pack of dogs to fight mobs, most prefer Horses. Horses are one of the few mounts that can be tamed and allow you to mount them to travel the world faster. But this is not the only feature of these mobs, as Horses have perhaps the most extensive food ration in the game. In our guide, you will learn what Horses eat in Minecraft and what kind of food should be used for different purposes.

What Do Horses Eat in Minecraft?

Although most animals in Minecraft can eat 1-2 types of food, Horses are happy to eat six types of food. Horses eat the following types of food in Minecraft: Sugar, Wheat, Apples, Golden Carrots, Golden Apples, and Hay Bale Blocks. Almost all of these types of food can be fed to Horses by hand. The exception is Hay Bale Blocks, which you must place next to the horses so they can eat them on their own. It’s worth noting that Hay Bale Blocks eternal, so this is a good food option if you’re leaving Horses in the paddock for a long time.

As we mentioned earlier, different types of food have different effects when fed to Horses. Some are more effective at taming Horses, others are more effective at restoring HP, and some food is more effective at making Baby Horses. Below we have prepared a list of eating for Horses and the effects that this food has

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what do horses eat in minecraft

What Each Type of Horse Food Does

The 3 things that most food items do when used on a Horse are healing, increased growth speed, and increased temper. Healing works as you would expect in that giving food to a Horse will allow them to recover some Hearts. Food will also increase how fast baby Horses grow, with better food speeding things up more.

A Horse’s temper is how likely they are to let you tame them. The higher the temper, the more likely they are to get tamed when you ride them. The base value of a wild Horse’s temper is between 0 and 100, with each failed attempt raising the next one by 5. Feeding a wild Horse will significantly help with taming.

Additionally, the golden food items will make a Horse enter Love Mode when fed. This will let you breed Horses with one another or with Donkeys. Another unique feeding aspect that is worth noting is that Hay Bales can’t be used on wild Horses. Furthermore, Zombie Horses and Skeleton Horses can’t be fed.

What Do Horses Eat in Minecraft

Horses are great creatures in Minecraft! Besides farming, breeding, and being a good source of leather, you can also ride horses in Minecraft for better transportation! With the right technique (and luck), you can get a horse with a double speed faster than a Minecraft player’s walking speed, sometimes even triple!

So, what do Horses eat in Minecraft?

To tame or breed horses in Minecraft, you should know the food they love. Horses in Minecraft eat sugar, wheat, apple, golden carrot, golden apple, and hay bale. And most food here can be farmed automatically.

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You can use any of the food above to lure the horses, making them follow you anywhere. Or you can feed them to any 2 tamed horses and they will start breeding to create a foal. Please note that you can’t breed horses using Hay Bale.

what do horses eat in minecraft

What Do Horses Eat in Minecraft?

In all, horses can eat six different foods at Minecraft. Five of these items can be fed to the horse by hand. The other items come in blocks, and the horse can eat as many of them as he likes.

Horses can eat sugar, wheat, apples, golden carrots, golden apples and hay bales in the game. Depending on the items and what the player wants to do for their horse, some foods are preferable to others.

Some items are better for healing when the horse takes damage, while others put the horse into Love Mode for breeding purposes.

In the explanation below, we will go into detail about what horses eat in minecraft and what each food item can do for a specific horse.

Sugar – Heals a point of health. Speeds up growth for 30 seconds. Increases anger by three.

Wheat – Heals two health points. Speeds up growth for 20 seconds. Increases anger by three.

Apple – Heals three health points. Speed up one minute growth. Increases anger by three.

Golden Carrot – Heal four points of health. Speed up one minute growth. Increases anger by five. Activates Love Mode on tamed horses.

Golden Apples/Enchanted Golden Apples – Heals ten points of health. Four minute growth spurt. Increases anger by ten. Activates Love Mode on tamed horses.

Hay Bales – Heals 20 health points. Speed up the growth of three minutes. Cannot be given to adult horses that have not been tamed.
In order to feed the horse, players must put the necessary food in their hand and get close to the mob. You can right click or press the ‘Use Item’ button to feed the horse.

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An exception to this approach are bales of hay, which must be placed on the ground near the horse. Mobs will then approach the blocks and eat them to their heart’s content.

One final exception is zombies and horse skeletons. Although these mobs function almost identically to horses, they cannot be fed under any circumstances.

This probably had something to do with the fact that they were an undead mob and gained nothing from eating normal food.

This made healing the undead horse difficult. In this case, players with zombies or skeleton horses will want to keep their mounts out of harm’s way as much as possible.

To feed the horse, hold a valid food item and press use it on the horse. Feeding unauthorized food causes the player to mount his horse.

Horses can be fed only if the feeding will have an effect. For example, if a horse is completely healthy, it cannot be fed anything but breeding food while a baby horse can always be fed food that helps it grow.

Horses prefer different foods depending on the situation. If you want them to reproduce, the food given is Golden Apples and Golden Carrots.

If you want to heal them, Hay Bales is the best choice. If you want baby horses to grow up faster, their favorite is the Golden Apples.

What horses eat in minecraft is surprisingly easy to find in the game. So you can get it in several locations.

Above is information what do horses eat in minecraft  Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what do horses eat in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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