What do Frogs do in Minecraft ? Everything You Need To Know About Frogs

What do frogs do in minecraft ? Want to know how to find and breed Frogs in Minecraft 1.19? Frogs are one of the new mobs in Minecraft’s latest update, Minecraft 1.19. This new mob can appear in various biomes across the overworld, but there are multiple variants that have different effects. If you want to get every Frog variant in Minecraft 1.19, you’ll also need to know how to breed Frogs so that you can get Tadpoles that grow into the various types.

How to find Frogs in Minecraft 1.19

To find Frogs in Minecraft 1.19, you’ll need to venture to either a Swamp or Mangrove Swamp biome. There, you will find Temperate Frogs, which are orange. Temperate Frogs are the standard type, but they aren’t the only variant. The Wild Update has introduced three Frog variants: Temperate, Warm, and Cold. Warm and Cold Frogs won’t naturally spawn in the overworld, but you can get them by learning how to breed Frogs in Minecraft.

what do frogs do in minecraft

How to breed Frogs in Minecraft 1.19

If you want to get every Frog variant, you’ll need to learn how to breed Frogs in Minecraft. While Frogs were originally going to eat Fireflies, this was scrapped shortly before the launch of Minecraft 1.19. Instead, Frogs will now eat Small Slimes and Slime Balls. If you feed a Frog a Slime Ball, it will enter love mode and search out a Frog partner. However, this is where things get a little different to most mobs.

After two Frogs have entered love mode in Minecraft, one of the Frogs will become pregnant. The pregnant Frog will then hop over to the nearest water, where they will drop some Frogspawn. If it remains unbroken, Frogspawn will then hatch baby Tadpoles. Those Tadpoles will eventually grow into Frogs.

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To get different Frog variants, the Tadpoles must grow up in the related biomes. That means Tadpoles will grow into Temperate Frogs in Swamps, while they’ll turn into either Warm or Cold Frogs in Desert or Tundra biomes respectively. If you’re wondering what these different variants do, we’ll explain that below.

What do Frogs do in Minecraft?

Minecraft Frogs have a few key uses. While they mostly just hop around when left uninterrupted, you can use them to easily get Slime Balls and a new light source known as Froglights. These both drop when Frogs attack certain hostile mobs.

To get Slime Balls, you need to get your Frogs near Small Slimes. Your Frogs will then whip them with their tongue, killing the Small Slime and dropping a Slime Ball.

If a Frog instead chooses to attack a Small Magma Cube, they will create a Froglight. Froglights are a new block in Minecraft 1.19 that emits light of a certain colour. That colour depends on the Frog variant that created the Froglight: Temperate Frogs make yellow Froglights, Cold Frogs create green Froglights, and Warm Frogs drop purple Froglights. Froglights don’t have a particular purpose, but you can use them to add some ambiance around your Minecraft builds.

Types Of Froggy Friend

In the wild you’ll come across orange frogs and the occasional white one, but if you take the time to relocate tadpoles, you can determine the color.

In temperate biomes such as woodlands, plains, beaches and The Void (who knew The Void was considered temperate?) frogs will grow up orange, but in cold places you’ll get the stereotypical green frog. Biomes deemed cold obviously tend to have ice or snow, but also include the Deep Dark and the End – Green frogs are clearly pretty adventurous. Animals in warm places tend to be lighter colors to reflect heat, so the desert, jungle, and Nether will produce white frogs.

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Firefly Fiasco

You might have heard that frogs would be joining Minecraft alongside their food, fireflies. The community was over the moon at the thought of fireflies in jars as a new lighting fixture, with beautiful glowing clouds of them hovering over Swamps. That was until a few nature buffs pointed out that, though the concept is cute, fireflies are actually toxic to frogs in real life

And as we know, Minecraft is a true to life reflection of reality, other than the Wither, the Ender Dragon, Creepers, and being able to pick up lava in a bucket of course. So fireflies are no longer destined to join our games officially, but they’re still available in some easy to use mod packs to light up the night.

What Does The Frog Say?

The basic mechanics of frogs are pretty cool. Aside from their color adapting to their environment, they can jump a staggering eight blocks high and take damage less from falling. Their walking speed on land isn’t particularly quick, but they can get a move on in water.

Swamps are a great place to come across giant slimes which can spawn at night and will bounce around menacingly even into the daylight. Frogs will attack small slimes with their tongues, pulling them to their mouths and dropping the usual slime balls. However, large slimes are too much for a frog to handle, so this might not be such a simple way to farm slimes after all.

Life Of Frogs

Frogs need water to reproduce as that’s where a pregnant frog will lay their frogspawn. Using slimeballs you can put the frogs into love mode, causing them to breed and, similarly to turtles, one frog will waddle away to find an appropriate block to leave their eggs. Eventually the eggs will hatch into their own separate entity, tadpoles, which swim in their small groups through the body of water they were born into.

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If you pick them up with a bucket at this stage they can be put into water in any biome preferred, thus deciding the eventual color of the adult frog. Killing any variant of frog will only drop a small about of experience, and the breeding process is so long and complex they’re not worth farming for their drops. Other than this, frogs will inflate their vocal sacs and croak loudly, will wipe their eyes with their feet and generally look adorable.

what do frogs do in minecraft

Functional Frogs

Why does the color of the frog matter so much? Well, frogs interact with small magma cubes in much the same way they do small slimes, and will latch their tongue onto them, killing them and producing a drop. However, this isn’t the usual magma cream that Magmas tend to drop, they will instead leave behind a froglight. There are three froglight colors which correspond to the frog that killed the Magma.

Green frogs from cold climates drop green froglights, orange frogs from temperate biomes produce yellow froglights and the white frogs turn Magmas into a pearlescent pinky block. The texture of them is almost wood-like or fungal, similar to the warped wood of the Nether, and sounds sort of squishy, like mushroom blocks being broken. The froglight also produces a light level of 15, which is the brightest light source other than the sun.

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