What do Foxes eat in Minecraft ? Minecraft Guide to Foxes: Taming, breeding and more

What do foxes eat in minecraft ? Minecraft has many living entities called mobs that players can interact with. Some can even be bred or tamed, like wolves. Foxes are swift passive mobs that are nocturnal and are found in the taiga, giant tree taiga, and snowy biomes.

Players can find unique types of foxes in snowy biomes, which are white. Foxes in Minecraft have a 20% chance of spawning with an item such as emerald, egg, and wheat. These animals prefer food items over anything, so if players drop a sweet berry close to them, the fox might drop the other item from their mouth.

Players can also tame foxes but in a slightly different manner than most tameable mobs like wolves. To tame a fox, gamers need to breed two adult foxes by feeding them sweet berries so that they can give birth to a baby fox.

This baby fox will be friendly towards players and trust them and will not run away. Here’s what foxes eat in Minecraft and what players should collect.

what do foxes eat in minecraft

Items that players can feed to foxes in Minecraft

Foxes in Minecraft don’t eat a wide variety of items, though they prey on chickens, rabbits, cod, salmon, and tropical fish. They also eat only two types of berries: sweet berries and glow berries.

1) Sweet berries

Players can collect sweet berries from sweet berry bushes found in all taiga and snow taiga biomes. Sweet berry bushes can be mined using any tool or hand, yielding sweet berries depending on how much the bush had grown.

A mature sweet berry bush will drop 2–3 sweet berries on being mined, and on its third growth stage, it will drop 1-2 sweet berries. Gamers can also use a fortune enchantment equipped tool, which will increase the number of drops by 1.

If a fox does not trust players, it will flee from them, so to breed a fox in Minecraft, they need to sneak up on the fox and feed them sweet berries.

2) Glow berries

Glow berries have been announced by Mojang to be introduced in the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update. Players can collect glow berries from cave mines and grow on them in the new lush cave biome.

Like sweet berries, players can feed glow berries to foxes and breed them. They can also provide these berries to baby foxes, reducing the time until they grow by 10%.

What do the foxes eat?
If you’re trying to befriend the foxes you find on your journey throughout the game, you’ll want to have some of its favorite food on hand. While foxes in Minecraft will eat a lot of different foods, it prefers sweet berries.

These berries are found on sweet berry bushes, which can be dangerous to the player. They are prickly bushes that can cause damage if you don’t harvest the berries from them in the proper manner. Foxes are the only mob that does not take damage from these bushes.

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Can you tame a fox in ‘Minecraft’?

Taming a fox in Minecraft is, again, a bit different than taming other mobs in the game. Most passive mobs in Minecraft can be tamed if given enough of their favorite food, but giving a fox multiple sweet berries won’t get it to follow you around and protect you while you play. Instead, the only way to tame a fox is to raise it from when it’s a pup — meaning you’ll have to successfully snag a newborn fox away from its parents.

You’ll first want to get two foxes to mate. To do this, give two foxes who are near each other sweet berries at the same time. If done correctly, hearts will form above their heads and they will mate with each other, producing a baby fox.

When this happens, make sure you have a lead on you. You’ll want to tie the lead to the baby fox and lead it away from its parents. While this is not the kindest way to treat the digital animal, it is the only way to get it to follow you.

Once you’ve placed significant distance between you and the adult foxes, the baby fox should agree to follow you around. It will then be your companion and attack aggressive mobs when prompted. If you give the fox a weapon, it will deal additional damage to enemies — making it a worthy companion to have on your journey.

Minecraft Guide to Foxes: Taming, breeding and more

Foxes are amongst the latest mobs to leap their way into Minecraft and have already captured the attention of many players with their furry tails and adorable day-time naps. Having been present on the Java Edition of Minecraft for a while, foxes have officially made the jump to the Bedrock Edition with the latest beta, meaning it’s time to go over what foxes do, and how you can become best friends with them.

What are foxes in Minecraft?

Joining the prestigious ranks of tamable mobs with wolves, ocelots, and cats, foxes seek to take the crown for most adorable Minecraft animal. And they may very well succeed. Foxes are a passive mob with some unique behaviors that make them an exciting addition to the game’s bewilderingly expansive collection of wildlife.

Depending on your luck, foxes may be a tad challenging to track down in-game. They can only be found in taiga biomes (cold forests populated by spruce trees), and they won’t be as common as mobs like pigs or cows. However, foxes do typically spawn in groups of 3-4, which offsets their rarity.

There are two different kinds of foxes that can be found in the game. In taiga biomes devoid of snow and ice, the foxes that spawn there will be red and white. However, foxes that spawn in taiga biomes that do have an abundance of snow will generate with white and grey fur, much like arctic foxes. This, of course, makes them the best thing in Minecraft.

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If you have a desire to maximize your chances of finding a fox in-game, they also enjoy hanging out around villages. Minecraft foxes are just as mischievous as their real-life counterparts, leading to some amusing fuzzy capers when nighttime comes around.

Overall, foxes are quite small (bigger than a cat but smaller than a wolf) and have large amounts of energy when they’re active. Large heads and big, fluffy tails complete their look. There are also baby foxes, although those are rarer in the wild.

How do foxes behave in Minecraft?

It seems now that every subsequent mob Mojang adds to Minecraft has to be more lively and personal than any other added before it. With all the many behaviors foxes exhibit, and the bees that will be added later on, Mojang is making cows, pigs and chickens dreadfully dull. That said, there’s a lot to cover, so let’s jump into it.

Foxes are nocturnal. The most noticeable fox-behavior will be their sleeping schedule. Foxes actively avoid being awake during the day, seeking out shady spots to curl up until night falls. If you disturb a sleeping fox, or if the lighting above it changes, the fox will search for another place to snatch some Z’s.

Foxes prefer to be in groups. Finding a solo fox isn’t impossible, but they tend to hang around other foxes, even sleeping next to each other at times.

Foxes are carnivores. Foxes love munching on chickens, rabbits, most of the fish in the game, and even baby turtles if they’re on land. Red foxes will primarily go after land critters, while arctic foxes prefer a quick swim with their meal.

Foxes target villages. Whenever night arrives, foxes become far more active. Foxes will target villages specifically to steal items from villagers and eat their chickens.

Foxes will carry items around. Interestingly, foxes will pick up and carry various items around in their mouths. They can pick up anything that the player can. If a fox is killed while it is holding an item, it will drop the item immediately for the player to pick up. Then again, why would you ever kill one?

Foxes can use their carried items. Even more interesting, foxes can use whatever items they pick up! Foxes prefer to carry food (and will eventually eat it), but foxes can also pick up weapons and use those weapons when attacking.

Foxes are incredibly good jumpers. Foxes in Minecraft don’t jump, they leap. And they leap far. A fox that’s about to jump will crouch down and ready themselves, then launch themselves through the air. They can easily clear fences and walls, and can jump 4 or 5 blocks high at points! It’s time to rebuild your chicken coops.Fun fact: if an arctic fox jumps and lands in a pile of high snow, they’ll become stuck momentarily. There’s a little animation and everything.

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Foxes can move very fast. The speed of a running fox is pretty similar to that of an ocelot, so these little guys are quite challenging to keep up with.

Foxes love sweet berry bushes. Sweet berry bushes are among the more annoying fauna you can accidentally bump into in Minecraft, but that doesn’t apply to foxes. Not only do they love eating them, but foxes also take no damage and take no hit in speed when moving through sweet berry pushes. Talk about a sweet perk.

Wolves and polar bears hate foxes. Whenever a wolf or polar bear is close to a fox, they’ll immediately attack. Polar bears are a little more sneaky, but wolves will just go for it.

Foxes distrust players. Foxes will generally avoid any players. There’s a way around this, however, since foxes will let you approach if you sneak while moving towards them.

what do foxes eat in minecraft

How to tame and breed foxes in Minecraft

Now that you know more about foxes, it’s more important than ever to learn how to become friends with them. As mentioned before, foxes are tamable as well as breedable, so you’re able to have your own pack of them. That way, they can sleep all day and ignore you. Of course, foxes just had to go and be different from other mobs, so you can’t just tame a couple then start breeding them. It actually happens in the reverse order.

Procure some sweet berries and a lead. The sweet berries can be harvested off of bushes found in the same biomes foxes are located in. The lead you can either create yourself or nab from a villager/trader.

Find a group of foxes. One fox won’t do, which is why it’s fortunate that they usually spawn in groups. You can also try searching at night for a higher chance of finding them if you’re willing to brave the scary mobs.

Approach the group quietly. You must sneak when approaching any wild fox, as it’ll immediately flee if you don’t.

Feed two of the foxes sweet berries. Take your pick and feed each fox one sweet berry. Much like other mobs, it’ll start spewing a load of hearts to indicate it’s ready to make some babies.

Once the foxes have made a baby, immediately attach a lead to it. The adult foxes are not tamable in the wild, but any babies that you help create will be born trusting you. However, baby foxes are still prone to following any nearby adult foxes, so attaching a lead is how you prevent that from happening.

Once the baby reaches adulthood, it’ll fully trust you. Do this one more time, and you have your own duo of trusted adult foxes to create your family. You can do this with both red and arctic foxes.

The end of a furry tale

That’s all you need to know about the new foxes in Minecraft! If you play on the Java Edition, you’ve probably had these guys for a few months now, but for everyone playing on the Bedrock Edition, there’s yet another new thing to go out and find. I, for one, fully intend to fill my entire house with nothing but foxes.

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