what do fish eat in minecraft ? All You Need to Know

What do fish eat in minecraft ? Different Fish in Minecraft live in their specific habitats and eat particular foods. If you are new to breeding Fish, you might have questions regarding feeding them in Minecraft. At this point, I experienced that more than one food is needed for all types of Fish.

Novices also suffer when they enter the Iron Age in Minecraft. Crafting tools from iron becomes an ultimate necessity. If you are also a beginner, here is our guide on making Iron Nuggets in Minecraft. It will benefit you.

Crafting Fish Food In Minecraft

Any edibles that ensure Fish’s growth and survival in Minecraft are called fish food. Once you have captured some fish, you must arrange food to keep and breed them alive. Here is how you can craft fish food in Minecraft using the crafting table and a few other items.

Interestingly, the Crafting table is again the leading equipment here. More interestingly, Fish usually eat feedings made of other Fish and other ingredients. Additionally, Fish will eat anything dropped in their aquarium, e.g., pieces of bread, meat, fruits, or vegetables.

During my experience, Tropical Fish especially have cravings for beetroots. However, the usual feeding for these Fish can be crafted from the following ingredients:

  • A bucket full of any Fish
  • Bonemeal

I used the crafting table to make fish food pellets by combining the bucket of raw material fish and about eight bonemeals. It will create sixteen pellets of fish food in Minecraft. You can do the same, feed these pellets to their Fish, and refill their buckets by repeating the crafting process.

what do fish eat in minecraft

My Verdict

Creating fish food was a trouble in the start. But once you have a crafting table, you can also craft the fish food to feed and breed in your playthrough of Minecraft. I recommend crafting fish food on daily basis to ensure their survival and efficient breeding process.

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What is Fish Food on Minecraft?

Fish Food is a consumable that players use to feed fish for breeding and recovering their health. Skeleton fish and killer fish cannot be used to make Fish Food.

To create Fish Food, you’ll need cod, tropical fish or salmon, along with 8 bonemeal. These are used to continuously generate them until 16 food pellets are dropped.

After that, it will be empty. Another bucket of cod, salmon, or other tropical fish will be needed to replenish it.

What Do Minecraft Fish Need to Survive?

A fish in Minecraft require water to survive. They cannot survive outside of water for more than a few minutes before they suffocate and die.

A fish must be in well-oxygenated water  in order to survive or else, they would die.

Why Are Your Fish White on Minecraft?

There are several reasons why your fish on Minecraft can appear white, including the following:

The tropical fish you spawned in is incompatible with the game version you are playing, which is the most likely cause. In this instance, updating to a more recent version of Minecraft will solve the issue.

Another possibility is that you are not properly spawning the fish. When spawning tropical fish, be careful to use the proper command syntax and to spawn them in water blocks that are at least two blocks deep.

Finally, it’s also likely that your fish became white because of a glitch or problem. If so, you might want to restart your game or world or even try uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft.

Types of Fish in Minecraft

In the virtual waters of Minecraft, you’ll come across a delightful array of marine species, each with its own unique charm. They add a splash of life to the game’s aquatic environments, making underwater exploration a captivating adventure. Some of the prominent species you’ll encounter include:

Salmon: Easily recognizable by their vibrant red and green scales, salmon are migratory species that spawn in freshwater rivers but are also found in oceans. They’re strong swimmers, often leaping out of the water in their quest to navigate upstream

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Cod: Cod is the quintessential type, with their silvery bodies and distinctive appearance. They inhabit both saltwater and freshwater bodies in Minecraft and are a common catch for aspiring anglers

Pufferfish: Don’t let their adorable, pudgy appearance fool you! Pufferfish pack a potent punch. These creatures are notorious for their toxic spines, which can inflict damage on careless players who get too close

Tropical Fish: True to their name, tropical fingerlings sport a dazzling array of colors and patterns. These small, non-hostile buddies come in numerous varieties, making them a visual treat for those who enjoy underwater beauty

Clownfish: Smaller than most other types, clownfish are instantly recognizable by their vibrant orange and white stripes. They often inhabit warm ocean reefs and are popular for their striking appearance.

Out of these categories, salmon, cod, tropical fish, and clownfish are passive species generally harmless to players and other creatures. They won’t actively engage in combat, making them safe companions for underwater exploration. Cod, salmon, and tropical fish are also edible, capable of restoring from 0.5 to 3 hunger points.

Pufferfish, on the other hand, is hostile and non-edible. In fact, it’s even poisonous. Though they may not initiate conflict directly, they possess defensive mechanisms (toxic spines) that can pose a threat to unsuspecting players.

What Are Fish Used for in Minecraft?

Apart from making the virtual bodies of Minecraft look realistic and attractive, fish have several important uses in the game, such as:

Food: As we’ve already mentioned, most types are edible. They can be cooked and eaten to replenish your hunger bar. Cooked fish (such as cooked salmon or cooked cod) provides more hunger points than raw aquatics. They are a convenient and efficient food source, especially when you’re exploring the land or mining deep underground

Breeding: Finglerlins can be used to breed certain animals in the game. For example, you can use them to breed cats, ocelots, and turtles;
Potions: Certain types like pufferfish are essential ingredients for brewing potions. It can be used to create water-breathing potions and potions of poison

Trading: You can trade fish with villagers to get valuable items, thus, making it a useful commodity for obtaining other resources

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Decoration: Eye-catching bright-colored species like tropical fish and clownfish are great for adding a decorative touch to aquariums.

Fishing in Minecraft is a kind of fun activity and entertainment as well as one of the ways to replenish the energy of your character. To catch those smaller marine inhabitants, you’ll need to craft a fishing rod using three sticks and two strings and find a body of water, be it a lake, river, or ocean.

Notably, you can also catch salmon and cod swimming in mobs by using a bucket near the water’s surface.

what do fish eat in minecraft

What Do Fish Eat in Minecraft?

It’s important to note that fish in Minecraft aren’t super demanding when it comes to their diet. They pretty much survive on the resources readily available in their aquatic abode.

They will eagerly munch on aquatic plants and algae or nibble on other fellow simmers and underwater insects. Likewise, they will eat anything that gets into the water, be it meat, veggies, bread, or apples.

If you catch fish and keep it for decorative purposes or for breeding other animals, you should feed it. The easiest way is to craft the so-called fish food using a bucket of any edible species and 8 bonemeal. Mind, though, that killer and skeleton fish are not fit for that purpose.

Tropical fish in Minecraft are omnivorous. They can feed on any other type of fingerling and eat pretty much any fruit and veg, with beetroot and chorus fruit being their favorite dainties.

Just like in the real world, well-fed fish are healthier and grow faster. Regular feeding ensures that your fingerlings reach adulthood and can continue the breeding cycle.

By understanding the food preferences of different species, you can also design efficient fish farms that promote both breeding and growth. This strategic approach enhances the efficiency of fish farming, ensuring a steady supply of aquatics for various purposes.

To Recap

Understanding fish behavior is not just a fascinating aspect of Minecraft, it’s a crucial element that empowers players to create thriving underwater ecosystems. By strategically placing fish, providing the right food, and nurturing breeding, you actively contribute to the balanced beauty of Minecraft’s aquatic environments. Just keep exploring to make more interesting discoveries and share your own tips with friends.

Above is information what do fish eat in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what do fish eat in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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