What do Dream Shards do Pokemon Sleep ? What Are Dream Shards (& How To Get Them)

What do dream shards do pokemon sleep ? Pokemon Sleep may seem like a simple game at first, but there are many layers to it. It requires players to be smart with their resources, especially when they are so limited. The game has three main currencies: Sleep Points, Diamonds, and Dream Shards. Sleep Points can be obtained without having to pay for them.

However, there is a limit to how many Sleep Points can be earned every day. Players can earn a total of 100 Sleep Points, provided they get sufficient quality sleep. However, they can earn an extra 100 Sleep Points if they purchase the Premium Pass.

Diamonds, on the other hand, are the premium currency, which requires Pokemon Sleep players to spend money. There are free ways to acquire Diamonds, but Niantic is not generous with the number. The third and arguably most important currency is Dream Shards.

what do dream shards do pokemon sleep

What Are Dream Shards?

Dream Shards can be obtained in a variety of ways. They are absolutely necessary to progress through the game. Dream Shards are used to raise the level of any Helper Pokemon and to increase the pot size, which is why it is necessary for players to get their hands on as many as possible. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to obtain them.

  • Rewarded after Snorlax reaches a new tier (feed Snorlax berries and dishes)
  • Sleep research reward (study different kinds of sleep styles)
  • From Achievements (complete tasks)
  • Weekly Missions (finish missions within a week)
  • Using Dream Clusters (can be bought from the shop)
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Almost all of these methods are free and don’t require players to invest any kind of money. If players want to accelerate their progress, they can buy Dream Clusters from the shop.

Why Players Should Save Dream Clusters

Dream Clusters are of two types: S and M. The second one can be bought from the Premium Exchange for 700 Sleep Points, which is quite expensive. However, it is highly recommended not to use them, as the number of Dream Shards that they provide increases with the player’s rank.

For example, if a Dream Cluster S gives 300 Dream Shards at Rank 10, at Rank 12, it will give 373 Dream Shards. This also applies to Dream Cluster M, so both items should only be used if it is absolutely necessary.

Players should hold off on spending Dream Shards as Pot upgrades are quite pricey. Also, it is advised to spend Dream Shards to upgrade Pokemon with the best skill set, not random Pokemon.

How To Get Dream Shards In Pokémon Sleep

There are several ways for players to earn Dream Shards:

  • Record sleep sessions using Pokémon Sleep and complete sleep research.
  • Complete weekly missions.
  • Build and level up Snorlax Strength Rating.
  • Sell ingredients and items from the Bag.
  • Purchase bundles in the in-game stores.
  • Purchase the Pokémon Sleep Premium Pass.

The easiest (and cheapest) way to earn Dream Shards is to regularly record sleep sessions and complete Pokémon sleep research afterward. Players can actually track sleep with the Pokémon GO Plus+ peripheral, but it’s worth noting that sleep sessions have to be at least 90 minutes long to count. There’s also a limit of two sleep sessions a day, so the occasional 20-minute power nap won’t help players make any progress.

Players also receive Dream Shards for raising Snorlax’s Strength Rating. To do this, players need to feed Snorlax Berries obtained by interacting with friendly Pokémon and use the Cooking Pot to cook the giant Pokémon’s favorite meals.

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Completing missions and selling items from the Bag will also reward players with Dream Shards, so players should use the app regularly and consider selling items they won’t use.

Players can also spend Diamonds to buy bundles that can contain Dream Shards in Pokémon Sleep’s General Store, or exchange Sleep Points for Dream Clusters in the Exchange.

How To Use Dream Shards In Pokémon Sleep

Dream Shards can be combined with Candy to level up and evolve Pokémon in Pokémon Sleep. Leveling up a friendly Pokémon makes it better and faster at finding more berries and ingredients, and also allows each pocket monster to gain new skills such as an increased carry limit.

Luckily, since Pokémon Sleep is all about getting a good night’s sleep, earning Dream Shards doesn’t actually take much effort. All players need to do is remember to feed Snorlax, get some rest and check the app in the morning.

Pokemon Sleep Guide on getting Dream Shards faster

1) Catch more Pokemon 

As you embark on your nocturnal adventures, numerous creatures will spawn in your virtual sleep environment. Don’t hesitate to catch every encounter, for each successful capture rewards you with valuable Dream Shards. The more you catch, the greater your Dream Shard earnings will be.

2) Complete Sleep Researching

An engaging and rewarding aspect of this app, Sleep Researching presents a variety of tasks to complete while you snooze. Achieving specific milestones, such as staying asleep for a designated period or reaching certain sleep stages, awards you with Dream Shards upon successful completion.

what do dream shards do pokemon sleep

3) Accomplish Missions

Throughout the course of this sleep adventure, a multitude of missions await you. By undertaking these challenges, which encompass activities like catching new species, fulfilling Sleep Researching tasks, or attaining particular game levels, you’ll be rewarded with plentiful Dream Shards.

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4) Sell Gathered Ingredients

Throughout your journey, you’ll stumble upon various ingredients that can be collected through diverse methods. Selling these gathered ingredients offers another avenue to secure additional Dream Shards.

5) Acquire Dream Clusters

Within the in-game store, you’ll find Dream Clusters. They are prized items that substantially boost your Dream Shard earnings after each sleeping session. Acquiring and utilizing these valuable items can significantly speed up your Dream Shard accumulation process.

6) Use Luck Incense

To amplify your Dream Shard collecting from catching creatures, consider utilizing the useful Luck Incense item, which enhances your rewards during your nocturnal encounters.

7) Dream Shard Skills

Each Helper has a specific Main Skill inherent to their species, along with multiple subskills. You can further enhance these skills by using Skill Seeds, which increase their effectiveness.

The Main Skills can be activated whenever you need them, but they have a cooldown period before you can use them again. On the other hand, the Sub Skills are more passive in nature, and they automatically apply to the creature as long as they are on your team.

One such Main Skill is Dream Shard Magnet S. It allows you to obtain additional Dream Shards. Moreover, there’s a helpful Sub Skill called Dream Shard Bonus, which boosts the number of Dream Shards you earn from sleep research by 6%.

8) Consider the Premium Pass

For dedicated trainers seeking consistent Dream Shard rewards, the ‘Premium Pass’ offers a lucrative opportunity, providing Dream Clusters every three months to aid your journey.

Incorporating Dream Shards into this unique experience in Pokemon Sleep adds an exhilarating and rewarding dimension. This encourages players to cultivate healthier sleep habits while igniting their passion for collecting these delightful pocket monsters.

Whether you’re a seasoned trainer well-versed in the ways of the universe or just embarking on this captivating journey, mastering the art of collecting and strategically employing Dream Shards will undoubtedly elevate your gameplay and enrich your Pokemon Sleep adventure.

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