What do Donkeys eat in Minecraft ? Everything You Need to Know About Donkey in Minecraft

What do donkeys eat in minecraft ? Donkey is one of the variants of the Horse mob in Minecraft that was added in the 1.16.1 version of the game.

Besides having features that a horse has, you can also equip a donkey with a chest to further expand your inventory while traveling with it.

In this article, we will go through what Donkeys eat in Minecraft so you can find proper food to feed and tame them!

So What Do Donkeys Eat in Minecraft?

Donkeys eat a lot of things compared to any other passive mobs in Minecraft. To be specific, you can feed a donkey with Sugar, Wheat, Apple, Golden Carrot, Golden Apple, and Hay Bale. donkeys eat in minecraft

Donkeys can be healed by using the food above. Sugar heal for half a heart, wheat heals 1 heart, apple heal 1.5 heart, golden carrot heals 2 hearts, golden apple heal 5 hearts, and a hay bale heals up to 10 hearts

You can also increase the Temper attribute of the Donkey by feeding them.

A sugar, wheat, and apple increase the temper by 3, while a golden carrot increases it by 5 and a golden apple is 10. The more you feed a donkey, the easier you can tame it.

If you feed tamed donkeys either a golden carrot or golden apple, they will enter love mode and start producing baby donkeys. The baby donkey’s growth speed can be sped up by feeding them any food listed above.

what do donkeys eat in minecraft

What should you feed the horses and donkeys in Minecraft?

These animals, which in real life have certain similarities and differences, do not lose them in Minecraft, although they share some of their food. The most useful foods for these animals are apples and bales of hay, the first of which help their domestication, making them more docile.

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On the other hand, hay is an excellent food when you go on a trip with these animals, revitalizing them and making them much more resistant.

You may find other foods such as golden apples or golden carrots that can help these animals reproduce . It is also possible to feed the horses and donkeys in Minecraft with sugar, wheat and bread, any food you provide increases the life of the animal by a percentage.

The only food that can completely recover the animal is the bale of hay, which has a great capacity for restoration and reduces the growth time of the animal.

How to feed horses and donkeys in Minecraft?

Feeding these animals has many advantages, from facilitating domestication, to speeding up the reproduction process, achieving more. To feed them it is necessary to have the food in your inventory at hand , Minecraft always provides you an indicator with which you can target.

Use it to point to the horse or donkey and click, in this way you give them food, you can do it with a horse that is already tamed or with a wild one. Feeding them helps you increase their living standards , making them improve their stamina when walking or taking them on a trip or fight.

The only food that cannot be given in this way is hay, because it works like a block, which you must place so that the horse can eat directly from it.

What are the benefits of feeding horses and donkeys in Minecraft?

The main benefit is that this facilitates the domestication of these animals, which can sometimes cost us up to twenty mounted on the animal.

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On the other hand, it makes them much healthier, making them more resistant when we face an attack from zombies or other enemies. In the case of horses, keeping them fed helps them to have more resistance, additionally, mounts and armor can be placed on them.

For donkeys, these work as means of load, when we need to carry chests or some other material, these animals can carry them easily. Among the foods that give the greatest benefit, we find the golden apple and carrot , two foods that can facilitate the reproduction of these animals.

When you have two horses or donkeys already tamed, they can mate and give us a new horse or donkey, in this way, we mix their characteristics.

These animals only need to be owned by us. That is, they are tamed by us and give each one a golden apple or carrot.

These animals are quite useful, even by killing them, you can obtain other elements from them, such as leather or meat, ideal to survive in this world.

There are many people who consider a donkey or horse as an ideal member of their exploration team , it reduces the cost of life and can be used to carry things. Now that you know, how and what to feed them, it’s time for you to get your new animals in Minecraft , you will have a ranch with many horses or a battle steed.

Donkey Overview

Donkey is a passive mob that can be tamed and ridden by the players. Donkeys usually spawn in herds in the Plains, Savanna, or Meadow biome. They usually roam around, eat, and make noises. Sometimes you can find a Donkey with its baby in the Plains. Donkeys are similar to Horses, but there are some differences.

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Donkeys can carry a Chest. You can use Donkeys to travel without worrying about low inventory.

Donkeys cannot use Armor, unlike Horses, which can use Leather, Iron, Golden, and Diamond Horse Armor.

Not every Donkey you found has the same health.

what do donkeys eat in minecraft

Setup a Donkey in Minecraft

Taming a Donkey

To tame a Donkey, you need to mount it. To mount a Donkey, do not hold any item in your hand, then right-click. If you play on mobile, go near the Donkey, your hand also must be empty. The “Mount” button will show up, then click it.

Just like taming Horses, Donkeys also can buck you off several times before being tamed by you. If you are getting bucked off several times, keep doing it until the Donkey got tamed.

There are two things to know whether a Donkey is already tamed or not:

  •  The Donkey will not buck you off out of his back anymore.
  •  You can open its equipment menu.

Give a Saddle and Chest to Donkey

Before you can use your tamed Donkey, you need to equip it with a Saddle to be able to control it. And also, use Chest to the Donkey to maximize its usage.

Press E to show up its equipment menu. Place the Saddle into the Saddle Slot to equip the Saddle. To equip Chest, Right-click while holding a Chest to the Donkey. If you play on mobile and want to equip the Chest, go near the tamed Donkey and click the “Attach Chest” button.

Use Lead to The Donkey

You can use Lead to a Donkey and tie it to a Fence so the Donkey won’t wander away.

To use Lead, right-click the tamed Donkey. If you play on mobile, go near the Donkey, wait until the “Leash” button shows up, then click it.

Above is information what do donkeys eat in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what do donkeys eat in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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