What do Camels eat in Minecraft ? Where to Find Camels in Minecraft

What do camels eat in minecraft ? Minecraft’s massively anticipated 1.20 update is finally here, changing many aspects of the game’s core offered experience. Like many updates for the sandbox title, 1.20 has introduced new structures, game mechanics, and mobs.

A large portion of Minecraft’s 1.20 update focuses on desert biomes, with the purpose of making them feel more saturated and lived in. With this in mind, it is clear to see why Mojang introduced camels as a Minecraft mob with the 1.20 update, as they give a crucial sense of life to desert areas. Players will of course want to become familiar with these new camels and how they work, so it is deeply important that they know exactly what to feed camels.

Minecraft 1.20: Desert Improvements and Camels

Minecraft’s 1.20 update is officially called the Tales and Trails update, with a lot of its changes improving exploration and the scope of Minecraft’s experiences. For example, a fully-fledged archeology mechanic has been introduced with 1.20, which is pretty heavily tied to desert biomes.

Many desert structures such as temples and wells are now bolstered by being archeological sites, with these desert structures also potentially containing armor trims that the player can use. Of course, the introduction of camel mobs is perhaps the most overt change to come to desert biomes. Being introduced alongside the Sniffer mob, the camel is a mob with a lot of uses.

Camels can be ridden by up to two players simultaneously, being the only mob where this is a possibility. As well as this, the great height of camels means that players can ride through many dangerous melee-based mobs without being damaged. Camels of course need to be equipped with a saddle to be ridden, although they do not need to be tamed, unlike the horses of Minecraft.

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what do camels eat in minecraft

Minecraft 1.20: Feeding and Breeding Camels

Once a player is in possession of a passive mob as useful as Minecraft’s camels, it becomes paramount that they are taken care of properly. As key mobs to exploration, camels are likely to take damage, and their health can be quickly replenished if they are fed. Most feed-able Minecraft mobs only eat food relating to their common biomes, and camels are no different.

Camels are fed with cacti in Minecraft, with this being the key to keeping them healthy and even breeding them. Cacti can be found in abundance in the same desert biomes that camels are found in, meaning players should be in no short supply of camel fuel. Camels regenerate two hearts of health each time they are fed a cactus, showcasing the importance of having some on hand when exploring with camels. Like other mobs, camels will follow the player if they are holding a cactus, with this being a simple way to move a camel where it needs to be without a saddle.

How to feed a camel in Minecraft 1.20 and its betas

Considering the relative lack of vegetation in Minecraft’s deserts, the ability to feed cactus blocks to camels makes plenty of sense.

Camels are also happy to snack on cacti in the real world because the plants are full of water, which they need to survive the hot and arid climates they inhabit. However, in the world’s most beloved sandbox game, there’s a bit of a problem for camels who want to chow down on a tasty cactus.

Specifically, camels take damage from touching cactus blocks like most other in-game mobs. Since this is the case, you will have to feed them the cactus by hand to place them in Love Mode.

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If you feed two camels in close proximity to each other, they’ll both enter Love Mode and breed, producing a baby camel. After breeding, the adult camels will be placed on a five-minute cooldown before they can breed again.

In addition to breeding, cacti can be used to lure camels. The mob will follow a player carrying the block in their hands, much like cows following wheat.

However, camels who are lying down won’t follow the player. If the player moves outside a 10/16 (Java/Bedrock) block range of the creature, the mob will give up its pursuit.

Cactus can also be used to speed up the growth rate of a baby camel in case players are in a rush to breed and raise a large herd. If a camel gets damaged from combat or hazards, players can even feed their camel cactus blocks to heal them by two health points (one heart) each time they’re fed a single block.

What Can You Feed Camels With In Minecraft?

Camels love to eat cactus. Yeah, you heard that right, cactus. This is actually accurate with real-life camels, even though it kinda impressed me at first. Guess we learn something new every day. Anyways, as soon as you feed some cacti to a camel, it will start to follow you and restore some health. They still hurt themselves if they touch a cactus, though.

They will follow you as long as they can and will only stop to sit down for some moments. Eventually, they’ll resume following you if you don’t go far enough from them.

Cactus can be naturally found in desert biomes as well as camels themselves, which makes it pretty easy to tame them. If you brought an extra saddle with you, you can even start riding them at the spot.

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Those spiky plants are also important in their reproduction and growth. Feeding two adult camels will make them breed and, eventually, spawn a baby camel too. Babies will grow faster if you feed them with more cactus. Unfortunately, we cannot make some yummy juice with it. 0/10 update.

what do camels eat in minecraft

What do Camels eat in Minecraft?

Camels are a rideable mount, allowing you to equip them with a saddle in order to traverse desert distances in style. What makes them different from normal rideable mounts like horses, is the fact that they are taller than your average horse. They spawn naturally in desert villages and can walk over 1.5 block tall obstacles. What’s more, any mobs that are 2 blocks tall or lower cannot harm you while you are riding a camel (except spiders). Just make sure you get them moving before they decide to sit down. Otherwise, you’re gonna have a tough time getting these guys up off the ground. To answer our original question of what do camels eat in Minecraft, you’ll need to feed them cacti. Doing so will allow you to ride and place and saddle on them.

Conversely, if you hold cacti in your hand next to a camel that’s not sitting down, they will follow you. Once they are following you, and you have at least two camels next to each other, feed them the cacti. This will make them feel all lovey dovey, and they will breed, producing a baby camel. It is always good to remember that even though you aren’t able to tame them, have them as your companions as you brave the desert biome isn’t such a bad trade off. And if you are able to get them into a pen with tall enough walls, you can have your very own camel stables. Very handy if you’re wanting to set your base up in the desert biome.

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