What do Allays do in Minecraft ? How to Find and Use Allay in Minecraft Java and Bedrock

What do allays do in minecraft ? Following the 2021 Minecraft mob vote, the newest addition to the game was decided to be the Allay. Allays look very much like little fairies and are not based on any real animals. They fly in the air and share a striking resemblance to the hostile vex mobs summoned by Evokers in Woodland Mansions.

Allays are not all just for looks, even though they are adorable and reminiscent of Navi from Legend of Zelda. They actually do have quite a bit of utility to them, which can help players greatly on their Minecraft journey. Here’s what to know about the Allays, and how they can be found, tamed, and made use of.

Allays: An Overview

Allays are unique in that they are a rather small flying mob that is passive. Where they really stand out, aside from their fantasy fairy-like appearance, is their ability to deliver and move items around for players that give it one. They also have a fondness for Note Blocks and jukeboxes, which will be elaborated on later.

In a sense, Allays are a sort of floating assistant when it comes to items. Their neon, light blue texture allows them to stand out in the dark, though this is not strong enough to light up their surroundings.

what do allays do in minecraft

Where To Find Allays

Allays are mobs that are often imprisoned by Illagers. As such, to find them and rescue them, players will need to either head over to a Pillager Outpost or to a Woodland Mansion.

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At a Pillager Outpost, look for a cage outside the main tower. There can be multiple Allays here that can be interacted with. There may be one to three in each cage at any given time, and they spawn at a 50 percent chance.

How To Tame Allays

Allays cannot technically be tamed like dogs or cats, but there are ways to ensure that an Allay will always return and follow the player in question.

After players have found an Allay, they should hold any item they wish to receive and give it to the Allay by interacting with it.

The Allay will then look around and gather the exact same item and deliver it to the player.

These items need to be dropped, making them great for large farms that rely on transporting dropped items.

Players can also have Allays search for any missing items they may have misplaced in their world.

An Allay will follow the player that last offered it an item, which essentially is how these Minecraft creatures are tamed.

If the item is removed from the Allay by interacting with it again with an empty hand, the Allay will no longer follow them.

More On Allays And What They’re Used For

Only the sky is the limit when it comes to the utility Allays bring to players. As mentioned, they can be great at finding misplaced dropped items on the ground. They have quite a large radius of 64 blocks when it comes to honing in on a player and can seek items from a distance reaching up to 32 blocks away.

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While there are some limitations (it needs to be a dropped item, and they are unable to go underwater), this can be a good advantage to a player.

Exclusive to the Bedrock Edition, Allays can teleport through a Nether portal. It can teleport through the End portal too, but only if players give it an item beforehand, and must be close to the player while teleporting.

Find and Use Allay in Minecraft (Updated June 2022)

Our methods work in the same way on both Bedrock and Java editions. So, as long as you are in the right location, you can easily find Allay in-game. There are multiple mechanics based around the Allay and we will cover some common uses of this mob in this article. You can use the table below to explore each of them at your convenience.

Where Does Allay Spawn in Minecraft
In Minecraft, the only way to find an Allay is by looking in cages of pillager outposts and the woodland mansions. Both are hostile structures that generate in the overworld, but the latter is rarer and usually has a higher number of Allays. So, if you want to get an Allay quickly, looking for pillager outposts is the easiest option.

Pillager Outposts

Pillager outposts are common Illager structures in the game that mostly spawn on and around mountains. You can also find them in the desert biome from time to time. They are the home of hostile mob Pillagers that, as per the game’s lore, are enemies of Minecraft villagers.

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But these tower-like outposts don’t spawn by themselves. Instead, they are almost always surrounded by a few wooden cages. There’s a 50% chance of you either finding an Allay or an Iron Golem within these cages. You can find up to three Allay in a single cage. At times, the cages can be empty as well. Unlike other cages, the difference in an Allay cage is that it’s covered from the top. Once you find it, you can easily break it to free the Allay.

In comparison to a woodland mansion, it’s easier to get an Allay from the Pillager outpost as there are fewer and weaker hostile mobs here. Moreover, the cage usually spawns on the outer edge of the hostile area. So, you can even steal an Allay without alerting the Pillagers.

what do allays do in minecraft

Woodland Mansion

As the name reveals, woodland mansions are mansion-like structures with multiple floors and a lot of rooms. Within these rooms is a cage room that has multiple Allays trapped inside. You can find almost a dozen Allays that spawn in a cage room, and there can be up to two such rooms in one mansion.

But, as you might expect, the mansions are much more dangerous than the outposts. There are powerful mobs on each of its floors, so you have to deal with them while freeing Allays. However, the additional loot in mansions is worth the extra effort.

Where Can You Find an Allay in Minecraft?

Allays never spawn in the open in the Minecraft world. You can only find them inside the above-described cage rooms. So, you should focus on the biomes that spawn with these structures.

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