What comes After Pokemon Indigo League ? Every Pokemon That Evolved In Pokemon – Indigo League

What comes after pokemon indigo league ? As with the games, evolution is a huge deal in the Pokemon anime. Pokemon don’t evolve that frequently in the animated adventures, making it a big thing when they finally do. There have been some memorable evolutions over the years, with some of them coming from the anime’s first season.

The Indigo League adventures saw a lot of things happen. With plenty of challenges and new allies met along the way, Ash’s early adventures in Kanto were full of notable events.

The season saw many Pokemon caught by its main cast, and a handful of them evolved fairly early on in the adventure. These are all of the key Pokemon who evolved in the Indigo League.

“Pokémon” may have started as a video game series, but the franchise has since grown far beyond any one medium. Gamers and non-gamers alike have come to love the diverse group of characters (both human and creature alike), and the “Pokémon” brand has expanded to include a popular trading card game.

Of course, arguably the jewel in the crown of the “Pokémon” empire is the anime series, which is what put the likes of Ash and his little yellow sidekick Pikachu on the map.

The anime series debuted in 1997 and is still going strong. It’s currently in its 25th season, and we’ve had numerous films and TV specials that expand on its story and universe. The show follows the journey of perpetual 10-year-old Ash Ketchum, who is on a quest to become the world’s greatest Pokémon master.

He’s been all over the world trying to catch ’em all, and each new land has brought with it a new batch of Pokémon, but many still see the original Pokémon — and the original series — as the best.

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Comprising the first saga of the “Pokémon” anime, the retroactively titled “Pokémon: Indigo League” remains a fan-favorite and contains many of the show’s best episodes. This list looks at the best and worst episodes of the English dub of “Pokémon: Indigo League.”

what comes after pokemon indigo league

8. Ash’s Caterpie to Metapod

Caterpie was the first Pokemon Ash caught outside of his starter Pikachu. The little Bug-type showed a lot of heart from the get-go and didn’t take all that long to evolve once it got caught.

Caterpie evolved into Metapod in the same episode that it was caught in. Facing off against Team Rocket at the time, Caterpie managed to overcome the villainous duo’s Pokemon and evolved into Metapod soon after the victory.

7. Ash’s Metapod to Butterfree

It didn’t take very long for Ash’s Metapod to evolve. While it spent a little more time as Metapod than it did as Caterpie, things moved fairly quickly for the Bug-type regardless.

Metapod would evolve into Butterfree the episode following its evolution from Caterpie, but wouldn’t stay with Ash for much longer. Though it stuck around for a while, Butterfree would leave Ash’s party a short time after it evolved.

6. James’ Magikap to Gyarados

Team Rocket always seems to have bad luck, even when things go their way. Most Pokemon fans know that Magikarp is more of a project than anything else. James was pretty disappointed to find that his newly acquired Magikarp wasn’t very useful in battle, but his attitude quickly changed when it evolved into Gyarados shortly after.

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Though technically his, Gyarados didn’t abide by James’ orders and wouldn’t stay alongside its trainer for very long. James acquired it, had it evolve and subsequently lost Gyarados all in the same episode.

5. Jessie’s Ekans to Arbok

Jessie’s Ekans was a staple of her party throughout most of the first season. It often served as her go-to option in battle, and while it doesn’t have an impressive win-loss record it always fought hard.

Ekans would eventually evolve into Arbok later on in the season, when Jessie pleaded with it to do so. Arbok proved to be a considerable upgrade and was around for the Kanto, Johto and some of the Hoenn adventures. But it was eventually released in Hoenn alongside James’ Weezing.

4. James’ Koffing to Weezing

Much like Jessie’s Arbok, James’ Weezing was a staple of his party in the early years of the anime. Koffing and Ekans made a pretty good team, though the two wouldn’t notch many wins during their time together.

Like Ekans, Koffing evolved due to its trainers pleas. Weezing accompanied James throughout Kanto and Johto but was released alongside Arbok in Hoenn. The two haven’t been seen or heard from since their release all those years ago.

3. Ash’s Charmander to Charmeleon

Ash’s Charmander underwent more character development than most Pokemon, and alongside Pikachu is one of his most well known party members. Charmander was always somewhat timid and jovial, but underwent a major personality change when it evolved into Charmeleon.

Charmeleon became much more distant compared to its pre-evolved form. It grew much more arrogant and defiant – something that would be on display even more when it evolved into Charizard. Charmeleon’s time in the anime was brief. It only lasted 3 episodes before evolving into Charizard soon after.

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what comes after pokemon indigo league

2. Ash’s Charmeleon to Charizard

Like Charmeleon, Charizard’s personality was very different compared to how it acted during its time as Charmander. It retained Charmeleon’s new negative traits, while getting more arrogant and dislaoyal to its trainer.

Charizard would eventually outgrow its rebellious nature and regained full loyalty to Ash after the trainer saved it from freezing. Charizard would leave Ash’s party for a time, but would always come help when he was needed. It currently resides in Oak’s lab alongside many of the Pokemon Ash caught over the years.

1. James’ Weepinbell to Victreebel

Weepinbell joined James’ party off screen and quickly became a staple of the Rocket Duo’s battle plans. It only stayed as Weepinbell for eight episodes but evolved into Victreebel after James left it at a breeding center. It became known for affectionately chomping on James, which would often force Jessie to make the first move in battle.

James reluctantly traded his Victreebel to the Magikarp Salesman for a Weepinbell with Sweet Scent. The Weepinbell also evolved into Victreebel and when the two Pokemon encountered one another they ran off into the Johto forest never to be heard of again.

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