What cars did GTA remove? Which GTA Online cars were removed in June 2023 update

What cars did gta remove? Rockstar released the GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries update on June 13, 2023, and added tons of new missions, cars, weapons, and much more.

While the DLC brought major gameplay changes and improvements, it also shockingly removed over 180 different cars and vehicles from the in-game websites. From off-roaders to luxury sedans, a lot of fan-favorite rides are no longer purchasable in the game.

However, one could wonder why Rockstar made such a move which disappointed a lot of fans around the globe. That being said, this article will share the list of cars removed from GTA Online San Andreas Mercenaries and how the developers justified it.

List of GTA Online cars that cannot be purchased anymore from in-game websites (June 2023 update)

Motorsport in the latest San Andreas Mercenaries June update 2023:



Rapid GTDewbauchee

Rapid GT CabrioCoil

VolticGrotti Carbonizzare

Vapid BulletPegassi


CometObey 9FObey 9F







Entity XFGrotti

CheetahDewbauchee JB 700

Grotti StingerGrotti Stinger

GTTruffade Z-TypeAlbany

AlphaDinka JesterDewbauchee

MassacroLampadati Furore

GTBenefactor Stirling

GTInvetero Coquette



VerliererPfister 811

Dewbauchee Seven-70

Annis RE-7BVapid








ToreroOcelot XA-21

Dewbauchee Rapid GT






GT500Karin 190z

Vapid HustlerPfister

Comet SROcelot




CliqueAnnis S80RREnus

Paragon RVysser




ImorgonLampadati Tigon

Enus Super



Schafter LWBGallivanter

Baller LEEnus


Cognoscenti 55Albany






RevolterEnus Stafford

what cars did gta remove

Rockstar removed 189 cars from GTA Online

In a June 8 pre-update news post on the company’s official website, Rockstar technically did tell players it would be removing some cars.

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However, that warning was vague and didn’t specify how many cars would be removed, or which specific ones.

Many assumed it might be a dozen or so really old clunkers that nobody cares about in 2023. That wasn’t the case.

After the update went live on June 13, players began cataloging all the cars that had been removed from in-game stores and websites.

After crunching the numbers, the list sits at 189 vehicles, some of which don’t seem like “lesser-used” vehicles based on player reactions to the long list of cut cars.

Rockstar explained on Tuesday that it removed these “lesser-used” vehicles from in-game shops to “streamline the shopping experience.” It also promised that these vehicles will “occasionally be made available in other ways” citing the prize wheel at the in-game casino as one option.

Rockstar’s placing certainly previously free cars behind new GTA+ paywall

Making matters worse is that Rockstar’s recently announced “Vinewood Car Club,” a new perk for paying GTA+ subscribers, features some of these now-removed cars.

Specifically, the RE-7B and Stirling GT can now only be bought by GTA+ subscribers. This essentially means these vehicles that were once free to earn have been placed behind a $6-a-month paywall.

In addition, GTA+ is currently only available for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players and not PC or legacy console GTA Online players.

Kotaku has contacted Rockstar about the removed cars.

Even if only a few cut cars get stashed behind a GTA+ subscription fee, it’s still extremely frustrating to see so many vehicles effectively get deleted from GTA Online.

Yes, if you own one of these cars you can still drive it around and enjoy it. But for new players or folks who didn’t own everything—that is to say, most players—this mass removal sucks.

These cut cars, once easily purchasable via in-game websites using free-to-earn currency, are now only returning “occasionally” at Rockstar’s discretion.

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This likely means that, sadly, many players will never get a chance to own and operate most of these 180+ automobiles, especially players who aren’t GTA+ subscribers.

For players looking to buy some of these cars, your best bet now is to use the Los Santos Car Meet and try to buy them from other players who are selling them.

But that’s not nearly as easy as it once was, and likely won’t be good enough for players upset with Rockstar’s big change.

what cars did gta remove


Is the ocelot xa 21 removed?

Yes, the Ocelot XA-21 was removed from GTA Online on August 16, 2023. It was a limited-time vehicle that was available for purchase from Legendary Motorsport for a week. However, it was removed from the store after that time.

There is no official word on whether or not the Ocelot XA-21 will be available again in the future. However, it is possible that it could be added back to the store as a special event vehicle.

If you are interested in owning the Ocelot XA-21, you can still do so by using a glitch. There is a glitch that allows players to purchase removed vehicles from Legendary Motorsport. However, this glitch is risky and can get you banned from GTA Online.

Was the comet removed from GTA?

Yes, the Pfister Comet was removed from GTA Online in the San Andreas Mercenaries update on June 16, 2023. It was a popular car among players and was known for its handling and speed.

However, it was removed along with 188 other vehicles as part of Rockstar’s plans to “refresh” the game’s content.

There is no official word on whether or not the Pfister Comet will be available again in the future. However, it is possible that it could be added back to the game as a special event vehicle.

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If you are interested in owning the Pfister Comet, you can still do so by using a glitch. There is a glitch that allows players to spawn removed vehicles in the game world. However, this glitch is risky and can get you banned from GTA Online.

It is worth noting that the Pfister Comet is still available in the single-player campaign of GTA 5. So, if you are just looking to drive the car, you can still do so in that mode.

What happened to all my cars in GTA?

There are a few possible reasons why all your cars might have disappeared in GTA.

They were impounded. If you abandoned your car somewhere, or if it was destroyed in a mission, the police might have impounded it.

You can retrieve your impounded car by paying a fine at the Impound Garage.

They were destroyed. If your car was destroyed in a mission or by another player, it will be gone for good. You will need to buy a new one.

They were glitched out. There are a few glitches in GTA that can cause cars to disappear. If you think this might be the case, you can try restarting the game or reloading a save file.

They were removed from the game. Rockstar has removed some vehicles from GTA Online in the past. If your car was one of these vehicles, there is no way to get it back.

If you are not sure what happened to your cars, you can try contacting Rockstar Support for help.

Here are some tips to prevent your cars from disappearing in GTA:

Add a tracker and insurance to your cars. This will allow you to track your cars and retrieve them if they are impounded or destroyed

Be careful where you park your cars.

Avoid parking your cars in dangerous areas, such as near the police station or in gang territory.

Save your game regularly. This will help you to restore your cars if they disappear due to a glitch.

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