What can you do with Rotten flesh in Minecraft ? All Uses for Rotten Flesh in Minecraft Listed

What can you do with rotten flesh in minecraft ? Rotten Flesh has been in Minecraft since its official release. When playing Minecraft for the first time or in a new world, every player encounters a food shortage at some point. Waiting for wheat to grow can be a slow process and makes survival difficult. It may sound disgusting but rotten flesh, if used correctly, is a good food item in Minecraft.

After dying, many mobs drop rotten flesh in Minecraft. Players can farm rotten flesh from zombified mobs like zombies, zoglin, zombified piglin, etc. Rotten flesh can also be found inside loot chests in different structures and through fishing. Here are the most important uses of rotten flesh in the game that players should know about. There might be some other uses of the item as well that players can try.

Top 5 uses of rotten flesh in Minecraft

5 – Iron Belly Achievement

Many players love getting achievements in Minecraft. After beating the ender dragon, completing achievements or advancements is the next big task. Players can get the “Iron Belly Achievement” by eating rotten flesh while having zero hunger points.

4 – A Balanced Diet Advancement

Like the iron belly achievement, players also need rotten flesh to complete “A Balanced Diet Advancement.” To finish this advancement, players have to eat everything edible, even if it’s not good for them. Rotten Flesh is one of 40 different food items that players have to eat to complete this advancement.

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what can you do with rotten flesh in minecraft

3 – Breeding and healing Wolves

Rotten Flesh is not a complete waste in Minecraft. They are a good food source for loyal wolves in Minecraft. Players can feed rotten flesh to wolves and heal them. It can also be used to breed wolves. Players don’t need to worry about hunger as wolves are unaffected by hunger.

2 – Food Source

Rotten Flesh can serve as a decent food source in the early stages of the game. Eating one rotten flesh restores four hunger points. The only downside is that the hunger effect lasts for 30 seconds. Hunger does not lower hunger points unless the player jumps or moves. By staying still at a place, players can recover their health and hunger.

1 – Trading

Some players may not know that rotten flesh is tradable in Minecraft. Novice level Cleric Villagers buy 32 rotten flesh for one emerald. By trading, players can turn their huge pile of rotten flesh into emeralds. Players can make this trade up to 16 times before it gets locked.

Rotten Flesh in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

Obtaining Rotten Flesh

Rotten flesh is a drop that is restricted to the undead mobs in the game. These include Zombies, Husks, Drowned, zombie villagers, zombified piglins, zombie horses, and zoglins. Husks, Zombies, Drowned, zombie villagers, and zombie horses drop between 0 and 2 pieces of rotten flesh when killed. The undead mobs dwelling in the Nether, zombified piglins and zoglins, drop 1-3 and 0-1 rotten flesh respectively.

Uses of Rotten Flesh

Though it might not seem like it, rotten flesh does have a ton of uses. It is most commonly used as a food item to replenish health. Although it has an 80% chance of giving a player the “hunger” status effect, it is guaranteed to restore 4 hunger and 0.8 saturation. This makes it a somewhat viable food item to use in case of an emergency.

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Use for Wolves

Rotten flesh can be used to heal wolves when they take damage. Unlike players, they can eat rotten flesh with no negative status changes. It can also be used to breed them and can speed up the growth rate of baby wolves by 10%.


Rotten flesh can also be quite useful for trading. If they are traded with a novice-level cleric, players can receive emeralds. Emeralds serve as currency in Minecraft and are one of the most important components of villager trading for better gear, items, and resources.

Advancements and Achievements

In Minecraft: Java Edition, eating rotten flesh contributes to two advancements: “Husbandry” and “A Balanced Diet.”

In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition and on the PS4, eating rotten flesh contributes towards the “Iron Belly” achievement.

While many items in Minecraft may seem worthless at first glance, they can certainly end up being quite useful, especially for players in the early game, and rotten flesh is a prime example of one of those items.

What To Do With Rotten Flesh In Minecraft?

Survival is the name of the game when you are playing Minecraft. You will face several difficult situations when you are trying to survive in Minecraft. You might find yourself fighting Mobs. You might be running low on supplies, so you run around looking for resources. That is the true essence of Minecraft.

If you are fond of fighting and killing mobs in Minecraft, you would know what Rotten Flesh is. Most of the mobs you kill will drop rotten flesh as a resource. Since this resource is so easily available, what can you do with rotten flesh in Minecraft? There are several things that you can do with Rotten flesh. Keep reading to find out.

Rotten flesh can be used as a food item, or you can trade this item with villagers. While it’s not the most helpful resource in Minecraft, it can come in handy in desperate situations.

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How can you get Rotten Flesh in Mine

You can easily find Rotten Flesh in Minecraft. If you kill a zombie, they will drop Rotten Flesh. While zombies are the most common source of Rotten Flesh, you can also find it in loot chests and as a junk item when fishing.

Zombified piglins and zoglins will also drop Rotten Flesh when killed. These are all the ways you can acquire Rotten Flesh in Minecraft.

What To Do With Rotten Flesh In Minecraft?

At first, Rotten Flesh may seem like a very simple resource. Well, it is a simple resource, and it’s not very useful in most cases. But, when you have your backs against the wall, it can prove to be very useful.

what can you do with rotten flesh in minecraft


Rotten flesh can be used as a food item to fill your hunger bar in desperate situations. As weird as it sounds, it’s actually true. But it does come with a caveat, though, eating rotten flesh may end up giving you the Hunger status effect for 30 seconds. This will mean that your hunger bar will decrease pretty quickly.

However, there is a way around that too. If you get the hunger status effect from eating Rotten Flesh, just stand still and wait for the effect to go away. Since the hunger bar only depletes when you are on the move, you can eat all the rotten flesh you want if you are standing still.


Almost all the items that you find in Minecraft can be traded with the villagers for some in-game currency. The same is the case when it comes to Rotten Flesh. Say that you have had a run-in with some zombies and a fresh new pile of Rotten Flesh. Take that to a villager, and they will buy 32 pieces of Rotten Fresh for one emerald.

Although that may not sound like a precious trade, you can get heaps of Rotten Flesh, and getting some emeralds in place of them is a fair trade.

Above is information what can you do with rotten flesh in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what can you do with rotten flesh in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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