What can you do with Bamboo in Minecraft ? How to Make Bamboo Farm in Minecraft

What can you do with bamboo in minecraft ? Minecraft’s ever-expanding repertoire of items includes bamboos since the 1.14 update, which significantly changed villages. Bamboo is a special type of plant or rather tree that can be planted and grown to an impressive height and then harvested using an axe.

However, bamboo is quite rare in most Minecraft worlds. Its uses are also somewhat niche, but there are a few ways in which it can significantly help players on their journey through Minecraft’s survival. Here’s where bamboo can be found in Minecraft, and what its most common uses are.

How To Get Bamboo

Bamboo is exclusive to warm regions, mainly jungle biomes. While it’s possible for players to come across bamboo in regular jungle biomes where they might spawn randomly and sporadically, their best bet is to try and find a jungle biome variant called bamboo jungle. These biomes are often thick and overcrowded with a ton of tall bamboos that grow tightly together, and there’s plenty to be harvested here for players.

It’s also possible to find bamboo in a few structures typically also found in jungle biomes. Players who come across a jungle temple should check both of its chests for some bamboo. Any shipwrecks in a warm, jungle region will also have a high chance of carrying bamboo in their treasure chests.

Finally, players can go fishing while in a jungle biome for a slight chance of finding bamboo, though this is hardly the most reliable way of farming the item. Luckily, once players have even just one piece of bamboo, they can plant it on dirt, grass, mud, and a few other soil variants, and it will grow tall quite fast. Pandas can also be killed for bamboo if no other option remains.

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what can you do with bamboo in minecraft

Best Ways To Use Bamboo

Bamboo can be used in crafting to make scaffolding. This is a wonderful in-game tool that allows players to climb and move seamlessly without having to use dirt or stone blocks as support blocks while building tall or complicated houses in Minecraft. Six bamboos and one string yield six pieces of scaffolding.

Two bamboos can also be turned into a single stick. This can help players save up their wooden planks if they’re low on wood but need sticks in a pinch. It’s one good reason for most players to make themselves a bamboo farm.

Bamboo is also the go-to food for pandas, which are found in bamboo jungles. If players want to breed these mobs, they’ll need to gather a bunch of bamboo for them to munch on. Feeding bamboo to a baby panda will also help it mature faster.

How to Make Bamboo Farm in Minecraft

In this guide, we have covered the material list, tutorials, and the mechanics of the bamboo farm in separate sections. But before that, we are going over the general technicalities of growing bamboo.

Growth of Bamboo in Minecraft: Explained

Before we jump into creating a bamboo farm in Minecraft, you first need to understand the ideal circumstances to create this farm. If you already know how to make a sugar cane farm in Minecraft, the process will be much smoother. However, unlike sugar cane, bamboo does not require any water to grow, which gives us flexible options to shape our farm.

You can plant bamboo on grass, dirt, coarse dirt, rooted dirt, gravel, mycelium, podzol, sand, red sand, or mud blocks. On the Java edition, you can even plant it on a moss block. Though, the bamboo’s growth isn’t affected by the blocks you plant it in. Instead, bamboo requires at least level 9 light to continuously grow even during the night. It is easy to achieve this using torches or blocks like froglight in your bamboo farm in Minecraft.

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Make an Automatic Bamboo Farm in Minecraft

To make it easier to understand, we have divided our farm tutorial into individual sections. Explore each of them one at a time to avoid any confusion or misplaced blocks. First, follow the steps below to make a plantation area for your bamboo farm in Minecraft:

Plantation Area

First, use mud blocks to create a hollow square (9 x 9) by replacing the base blocks in the middle area of your farm. It should be at a 3-block distance from the boundary.

Then, plant pieces of bamboo on the mud blocks while leaving the corner and their adjacent blocks vacant. You can plant as much bamboo as you have early on for efficiency.

Then, place one solid block (black terracotta) and a piston on top behind every bamboo. The piston should be facing the bamboo, as shown in the image below.

After that, place an observer on top of each piston. These observers’ faces should be towards the bamboo, so you will need to place them from behind the pistons.

Finally, place a solid block (black terracotta) behind each piston and put Redstone dust on top of each block.

what can you do with bamboo in minecraft

How to Use Bamboo Farm in Minecraft

Once your bamboo farm is active, you must wait for the bamboo plants to grow and get harvested. All the gathered pieces of bamboo will automatically be collected in the dedicated chests. Once you have enough bamboo, you can use them for the following purposes:

Bamboo Wood: You can use the collected pieces of bamboo to create a variety of bamboo wood items.

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Fuel: Being a type of wood, bamboo can be used as fuel in furnaces and blast furnaces.

Panda: Pandas love eating bamboo in the real world as well as in Minecraft. So, you can use pieces of bamboo to feed and breed the panda mobs.
Crafting: You can also craft scaffolding and sticks using pieces of bamboo.

Flower Pots: If you place the piece of bamboo in a flower pot, it looks like its dropped form and acts like a decorative item.

Make and Use Bamboo Farm in Minecraft

Just like that, you have solved your bamboo scarcity problem once and forever. But it isn’t the only type of wood you can grow and farm in Minecraft.

You can use our dedicated guide to learn how to make a tree farm in Minecraft to get all wood types in plenty. Though, it isn’t as easy as building a bamboo farm. We suggest you go through the basics of Redstone components to learn the basics and avoid any problems in the future.

Above is information what can you do with bamboo in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of what can you do with bamboo in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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