What blocks can Shulkers not teleport to ? What to Do in the Game to Deal with Shulkers

What blocks can shulkers not teleport to ? Current behavior: When a shulker is attached to a block which is pushed by a piston, the shulker teleports to another randomly chosen block.

Given that a major feature of the new honey blocks (19w41a snapshot) is that they pull entities including mobs with them, it would be fitting if a shulker would NOT teleport when the block it is attached to is pushed by a piston, if that shulker is ALSO adjacent to a honey block which is being pushed by the same piston. See included image for an example of a shulker that should NOT teleport when pushed (it currently does).

Where To Find Shulkers

Shulkers can be found in End Cities. These are giant structures made out of end stone bricks and purpur, which can be seen in the image above.

As their name suggests, End Cities can be found in the End. To find one, you will first need to defeat the Ender Dragon. Afterward, you will see a 1×1 portal appear on the island where the dragon spawns. Throwing an ender pearl in this portal will teleport you to a random island, where you can begin your search.

Shulkers can be found attached to any surface within the End City. Several shulkers can usually be found within the tall corridors that stretch upwards.

This mob looks similar to the purpur blocks around them, making it very easy for them to blend in. If a shulker is nearby, you will hear their noise, as well as see their shell open to expose a small core at the center.

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They can be difficult to deal with, so let’s look at how to fight a shulker below.

what blocks can shulkers not teleport to

Tips For Fighting Shulkers

As you approach a shulker, their shell will open as they shoot out shulker bullets. These bullets can do four hearts worth of damage and will inflict you with levitation for ten seconds. If you are still nearby, a shulker will continue to fire.

When you are inflicted with levitation, you will float upwards. In closed-off hallways, you will essentially be stuck on the ceiling for a few seconds. If the shulker managed to hit you while outside of the End City, you will float upwards with no barrier to stop you.

This is very dangerous! After ten seconds, you will come crashing back down, which may cause you to die.

Shulkers are the most vulnerable when their shell is open, so try to time your attacks when you can see their center core. As mentioned above, shulkers will open when they are firing their bullets, but they will also periodically open their shell to look around.

When attacking a shulker, try to always use a bow or crossbow. With a long-range weapon, you do not have to approach the shulker and risk getting hit with their bullet. Ideally, you want to kill a shulker in as few hits as possible. To do this, make sure your weapons have enchantments that make them deal more damage.

Shulker Drops

Upon death, shulkers have a 50 percent chance to drop a shulker shell. If you are using a sword enchanted with Looting to kill the shulker, the odds of this will increase by 6.25 percent. This means that if you have a sword enchanted with Looting III, you will have a 68.75 percent chance to get a shulker shell.

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What Is A Shulker Box?

Now that you have a shulker shell, what do you do with it? Shulker shells are a surprisingly helpful item and are used to make shulker boxes.

Shulker boxes are essentially moveable chests. For example, you can load a shulker box with materials and then use a pickaxe to pick it up. All the material inside will remain intact, allowing you to relocate the box. Moving a shulker box does not require a tool enchanted with silk touch.

Transporting a Shulker

In general, shulkers will remain stationary. If you place a boat or a minecart near a shulker though, it will move into the boat. With a shulker in a boat or minecart, you can move it around the End.

To successfully teleport the shulker back into the Overworld, you will need to push it into the portal with a piston. The portal back to the Overworld is in the center of the island where the Ender Dragon spawned. Here, you can find a horizontal portal submerged in bedrock.

Bringing a shulker through a portal is a complex task, so check out this video on how to transport shulkers, as well as making a shulker shell farm.

Can You Breed Shulkers?

As of the 1.17 update, you can now ‘breed’ shulkers. Unlike other mobs, you will not have to feed shulkers and wait for breeding. Instead, you will essentially enable a new shulker to spawn. This process can be a bit difficult, so let’s go over how to do it.

First, you will need to place shulkers near each other. This can be done by bringing shulkers back to your base, but you can also find shulkers in an End City that are near each other.

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When a shulker hits another shulker with a bullet, there is a chance that a new shulker can spawn. For this to work, the shulker that is hit needs to have its shell open.

When hit, the shulker will teleport to a new location within an eight-block radius. There is a 75 percent chance for this to happen, but the chances will decrease if there are other shulkers nearby. With five other shulkers around, no new shulkers will spawn. There are dozens of videos that can take you through making a shulker shell farm, so don’t be afraid to do some research and find the best design for you.

what blocks can shulkers not teleport to

What Are Shulkers and What Do They Do in Minecraft

Shulkers are a hostile mob that spawns in a box. They usually hide in their box and blend in with their environment. Shulkers are the only source for Shulkers Shells, which can be used to craft Shulkers Boxes. Shulkers don’t do too much damage, but their bullets follow players, and when hit, they’re affected with Levitation for 10 seconds. Players can destroy the bullets by shooting them with an arrow or blocking them with a shield.

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