What biome do Woodland mansions spawn in ? How to find a woodland mansion in Minecraft

What biome do woodland mansions spawn in ? Minecraft’s Woodland Mansions are generated structures that only appear in Dark Forest biomes, and are some of the rarest and largest in the game; they are less common than the Mushroom Fields biome is. They are also dangerous places: in addition to the Evoker and Vindicator Illagers, the interior of Woodland Mansions is dark enough for the other Overworld monsters to spawn even during the day. These appear even with sufficient lighting, making Woodland Mansions poor choices to convert into a home.

The layout of Woodland Mansions is randomly chosen, so while there are over 50 possible rooms, not all of them will be present in any one mansion. Any Chests that a room may have can contain Gunpowder, Diamon Hoes, Music Discs or Chestplates.

How to Find a Woodland Mansion

Aside from being found by luck, the only way to find a Woodland Mansion is by acquiring a Woodland Explorer Map from a Cartographer Villager, who wear yellow monocles and have a Cartrography Table in their home. If they are Journeyman-level, you can buy a Woodland Explorer Map from them for 14 Emeralds and a Compass.

what biome do woodland mansions spawn in

Woodland Mansion Rooms

Because there are over 50 different rooms that can be found in a Woodland Mansion, we’ve made this table to cover the most notable ones, including if they can have Chests or Illagers spawn in them, and if they have any notable loot or other objects within them.

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How To Find a Woodland Mansion In Minecraft

Woodland Mansion

Vindicators, evokers, and allays are generated within Woodland Mansion. Woodland Mansion has an open entrance and is dark. Sometimes the overworld monsters come to the mansion through the entrance at night or spawn in these rooms. Few rooms like map rooms, triple bedrooms, altar rooms, or conference rooms will generate both evokers and vindicators inside; sometimes vindicators are randomly spawned in the hallways of the mansion.

Depending on the number of rooms, the number of vindicators and evokers is determined. Pillagers will respawn when they are killed in the pillage outpost. But, after killing all vindicators and evokers in the woodland mansion, they will not respawn. In the Java edition, an illager captain spawns in the mansion only if he is a vindicator, and only very rarely if he is an evoker.


Although the exact structure of each mansion differs, some features are shared by all of them, such as:

Woodland Mansion is a three-story mansion with a variety of different rooms. The size of the top floor varies based on the number of rooms on the floor. Usually, the top floor is half the size of the lower floors, but the top floor size is still random. Every mansion includes an entrance hall, which leads to a long passage in the building that connects to the rooms. A large staircase is generated, which leads to the second floor. The entrance hallway is dark, and many hostile mobs spawn under the staircases. A cobblestone foundation is found under every floor of the structure.

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A few rooms in the woodland mansion may not be present since the mansion is randomly generated, but the structure is filled with different types of rooms.

Furthermore, only a few rooms in the mansion are easily accessible. Like secret rooms, these have no entrances. Besides this, some rooms have sealed entrances. Players may have access to the structures by using structure blocks to manually load room structures from the /data/minecraft/structures/woodland_mansion folder in their Minecraft jar.

For doing so, the player must set a structure block to load mode; following this, enter woodland/mansion/structure_name and press load.

How to Find a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Dark Forests

If the player is fortunate and finds the Dark Forest biome, there is a chance the player can find a woodland mansion surrounded by thick trees. Dark Forest biomes are extremely rare; the chances of the player discovering a Woodland Mansion within the Dark Forest are extremely slim.

Woodland Explorer Maps

Maps from journeyman-level cartographers in the village help in finding the woodland mansion by using markers similar to those on treasure maps. These maps help the player find the location of the woodland mansion, but making it there alive is still a task. Maps can be bought by the player with 14 emeralds and a compass. The player needs to prepare for a long journey, as the Woodland Explorer maps will not always point to the nearest mansion. Because woodland mansions are extremely rare in Minecraft, it is common to find them at least 20,000 blocks away from the starting point.

Locate Command

Using the locate command, players can find the woodland mansion quickly. Steps to use the /locate command:

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The first step is to enable cheats on the server or in word.

Type /locate in chat. ∙ Followed by space, type mansion.

The player can find coordinates in the chat.

Now the player can click on the coordinates from the chat to teleport to the woodland mansion

what biome do woodland mansions spawn in

How can players find woodland mansions in Minecraft?

If the player is lucky enough to spot any Dark Forest biomes nearby, there is a chance that they could find a woodland mansion amongst the dense trees.

However, it is to be noted that Dark Forest biomes are incredibly rare themselves, making the player’s chances of finding a woodland mansion inside them even lower.

Much like treasure maps, Woodland Explorer maps put a marker where a woodland mansion is spawned. These maps can be bought from Journeyman-level cartographer villagers.

The player can buy woodland explorer maps from Journeyman cartographer villagers with 14 emeralds and a compass. Albeit expensive, these maps will provide an exact location of a woodland mansion on the map. The only struggle, however, is managing to make it there alive.

The woodland explorer map won’t always mark the nearest mansion, so players must prepare for a long journey.

Due to the extremely rare nature of woodland mansions in Minecraft, it is not uncommon for them to be 20k blocks away from the initial spawn point.

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