What Barbie dream house would look like in each state?

What Barbie dream house would look like in each state? Anyone who played with Barbies as a child (or even as an adult, no judgement) was probably head over heels in love with the Barbie Dreamhouse. It was an absolute fantasy in pink, so pretty, so impossible in so many ways. A slide from your bedroom straight into a pool? Was this something we could actually expect? The pure fantasy and whimsy of the Barbie Dreamhouse was something that director Greta Gerwig really wanted to capture in her highly-anticipated live-action movie Barbie, in theaters on July 21, and a walk-through of that Dreamhouse by Barbie herself, Margot Robbie, tells us they nailed it. Right down to the slide.

What Barbie dream house would look like in each state?

What Barbie dream house would look like in each state?

New York

Barbie’s Dreamhouse in New York looks big enough for Barbie and all her friends to be roomies. She and Skipper and Midge and Ken could each take a floor of their own in this four-story palace. Hilariously, not even Barbie’s Dreamhouse in New York has parking.

Los Angeles

Barbie takes advantage of the excellent weather in Los Angeles by going open-air, lots of outdoor seating areas and no walls so she can have as much sunshine as she could ever want. No slide from the bedroom to a pool though, I’m just saying.


Barbie’s Chicago Dreamhouse is her first real classic home. Well, sort of classic considering that, even with the traditional architecture it’s still pink and blue and has a rooftop patio and balconies galore.


Barbie went somewhere between Jetsons-modern and ’80s-glam with her Houston Dreamhouse. The strange angles, the tall windows, the imposing height: Judy Jetson would approve.


Barbie’s Dreamhouse in Phoenix is a pink dream with a gorgeous staircase. We see it’s going for a sort of adobe feel with the rounded edges, but this mansion looks weirdly like it’s inflatable or made out of plastic: it’s fantastic.


Is Barbie’s Philadelphia Dreamhouse her first row house? It’s possible. The balconies are smaller, the height is higher, and the whole place has a slimmed-down but classic feeling to it.

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San Antonio

San Antonio architecture is very much its own thing, and Barbie embraces the details in her Dreamhouse. The little alcove off the entrance, the second floor wrap-around porch, the swag windows. It’s all so San Antonio.

San Diego

Barbie’s Dreamhouse in San Diego reminds me of a hot pink Mission Control where superheroes get together to discuss their next operation. Or like somewhere Elle Woods might want to live. Or an abstract cupcake. Any way, it works.


Barbie’s Dallas Dreamhouse is… yes, identical to her Houston Dreamhouse. Maybe those Barbies are twins? Or they alternate weeks?


Barbie’s Austin Dreamhouse feels surprisingly attainable. A nice mid-century modern retreat, with an almost H-shaped design so Barbie can possibly entertain on one side and have her private existential crises alone on the other.


Barbie’s Jacksonville home is all about going as palatial as possible. The gold accents, the double doors, the trim. It’s a lot, but Barbie is all about being a lot.

San Jose

Have you ever seen a house like Barbie’s San Jose Dreamhouse? The neighbors must get a kick out of pink and purple “rocks,” if that’s what they are meant to be, decorating the exterior. Then there are the Star Trek-esque pink plants in the front yard. It’s quite a trip.

To be fair, San Jose is also home to the Winchester Mystery House, often touted as one of the most bizarre homes in America, so this tracks.

Fort Worth

If Barbie is planning to start her own soap opera, her Fort Worth Dreamhouse will fit right in. It’s got ‘80s soap opera vibes all over it.


Barbie’s Columbus Dreamhouse is another classic, with gingerbread trim and a whopping five balconies. Plus it looks like she went in for more tasteful landscaping this time around and a fairly modest pink car. What is she, undercover in Columbus?


Barbie is back to bigger is better in Charlotte. Here she lives in a mansion or a perhaps a small hotel — it could be either/or with that arched entrance in the driveway. It’s a three-level, enormous home that now has me thinking… what does Barbie’s carbon footprint look like? That’s a big space for one doll.


If Barbie’s Dreamhouse was ever going to be made out of cotton candy, it would be the one she has in Indiannapolis. It is quite the pink and blue confection. But will it hold up to the cold winters? That’s the real question.

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San Francisco

Barbie should sell her San Francisco Dreamhouse. Not because it’s not gorgeous. It’s obviously a pink dream and it fits in perfectly with the other houses on the street. But it sits on a corner lot with three floors and looks huge. She could retire on the profits.


Barbie goes for a different shade of pink and clean lines in her Seattle Dreamhouse. There is a widow’s walk on the roof, some big windows, and really nice details in the trim. You know she has an espresso machine inside that is worth thousands of dollars. It is Seattle, after all.


Barbie’s Denver Dreamhouse is like something out of Santa’s Village, which will make decorating for Christmas in Colorado a cinch for her.

Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City Barbie went for it. Just one big balcony, a super cool stair case, and a rooftop that looks like it’s covered in meringue. Incredible. Paul Hollywood handshake for sure.


I think Barbie lives close to music icons like Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood with this kind of DreamHouse in Nashville. It looks like it would be a blast for entertaining.

El Paso

Barbie went for sparse landscaping and super small windows in her El Paso Dreamhouse. While there are lots of interesting rooflines, there’s not a balcony in sight. She’s probably staying indoors with the air conditioning.

Washington, D.C.

Barbie probably stays at her Washington D.C. Dreamhouse when she’s in the capital lobbying politcians for women’s rights and affordable child care. That’s what I imagine. And at the end fo the day she enters this three-story historic beauty, pours herself a glass of wine, and thinks about all the other Barbies she’s working to help. Also I bet this place has fireplaces.

Las Vegas

Does Barbie’s Dreamhouse in Las Vegas double as a casino? It certainly looks like it.


Perhaps the most understated and historic of all her Dreamhouses, Barbie keeps it extra tasteful in Boston. She’s probably already irked the neighbors with her pink house because they didn’t want any color, so she’s keeping things low key elsewhere.

In many ways, Barbie’s Dreamhouses across the country could not be any more different from each. From tasteful and stately to outsized and over-the-top, they’re all different. But they are all pink. And that’s all we ask.

How many dream houses does Barbie have?

What state is the Barbie Dream House in?

There are two real-life Barbie Dreamhouses. One is located in Santa Clarita, California, and the other is located in Malibu, California.

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The Santa Clarita Barbie Dreamhouse is used for the HGTV show, “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.” It is located in a neighborhood called Canyon Country. The house has a pink handle labeled with the classic Barbie ‘B’ sticking out of the roof and larger-than-life pink flamingo statues lining the path to the front door.

The Malibu Barbie Dreamhouse is available to rent on Airbnb. It is a three-story house with panoramic views of the ocean. The house has been decorated in a bright pink and white color scheme, and it features all sorts of Barbie-themed amenities, such as a pink pool, a pink hot tub, and a pink spiral staircase.

So, which state is the Barbie Dream House in? It depends on which one you are referring to. The Santa Clarita Barbie Dreamhouse is in California, while the Malibu Barbie Dreamhouse is also in California.

What is the oldest Barbie Dream House?

The oldest Barbie Dreamhouse is the 1962 Cardboard Dreamhouse. It was made of cardboard and paper and had one room. It had a television set, a record player, and no kitchen. The house was designed by Bill Greening, who described it as “very mid-century in style and design, with a bid of 1960s suburbia.”

What Barbie's dream house in each state? 

What state is Barbie from originally?

Barbie is originally from the fictional town of Willows, Wisconsin. This is according to Barbie’s official website and other sources. However, it is important to note that Barbie is a fictional character, so her hometown is not real.

Barbie was created by American businesswoman Ruth Handler, who was inspired by a German doll called Lilli. Lilli was a popular adult toy in Germany, but Handler thought that it could be a hit with American children if it was redesigned to be more wholesome. She gave the doll a new name, Barbie, and gave her a fictional backstory that included a childhood in Wisconsin.

The fictional town of Willows is located in the Midwest, and it is described as being a small, friendly town with a lot of charm. Barbie’s parents, George and Margaret Roberts, are said to live in Willows, and she is said to have attended Willows High School.

While Willows is not a real place, it has become an important part of Barbie’s identity. It is the place where she grew up and where she learned the values that she lives by. So, even though she is not a real person, Barbie’s hometown of Willows is still a very important part of her story.

How many dream houses does Barbie have?

Barbie has owned over 20 Dreamhouses since the first one was released in 1962. The oldest Dreamhouse was a fold-out cardboard model with one room. The most recent Dreamhouse is a three-story abode with a pool, elevator, and light and sound features. It measures 43 inches tall and 41 inches wide.

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