What are Minecraft Datapacks ? Best Data Packs

What are minecraft datapacks ? Modded content is one way to keep Minecraft feeling fresh after years. However, most of the popular content tends to be big modpacks and cosmetic improvements to the game such as shaders and texture packs. You can end up completely changing your game with heavy modpacks that are difficult to install, or only changing the way things look.

This is why data packs are an amazing tool for Minecraft players, and are grossly underrated as well. They bring in changes of various sizes to the game without necessarily encroaching on the fundamental feel of Minecraft. Here, you can find the best Minecraft data packs to download now.

Data Packs Vs. Mods

Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at data packs versus mods. Mods can be big or small, but regardless of size, they alter and add new features to the game. This can be as simple as new textures, to an entirely new crafting system.

Data packs, on the other hand, work with what is already in the game. Basically, they rearrange what already exists in the game to make something new. You won’t see new mobs, textures, or mechanics with data packs. Many even describe data packs as ‘vanilla mods’.

what are minecraft datapacks

Mob Health Bar

Mob health bars are unbelievably useful when fighting tough enemies, or just when you want to see how much damage you can do on a poor innocent pig. Nevertheless, it’s an addition you’ll never want to go without after playing with it for a while.

It’s nothing game-changing but can prove to be incredibly useful when you get to the later parts of the game and decide to take on the Warden. After all, you want to make sure you know if one of your attacks does even a small fraction of damage.

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Pillager Illager Fortresses

Fortresses add something new to do in vanilla Minecraft. There are many players out there who hardly play this style of Minecraft anymore, especially with the introduction of complex mods that bring in space travel or questlines. This is for those players who want something new to explore, without installing hundreds of complicated mods.

Essentially, the Pillager Illager Fortresses data pack introduces some awesome-looking and loot-filled buildings. It’s important to note that these are separate entities from the Pillager outposts and they will replace igloos. Nevertheless, these structures look awesome and quickly become something to look out for and explore.


Dying is the worst when playing Minecraft. If you’re far away from your base you may as well kiss your lovely diamonds or useful tools goodbye. Luckily, while there may be tons of mods to help with this, there’s also a really useful data pack you can install to make sure you always get your loot back if a creeper decides to blow up mid-mining session.

Essentially, what this data pack does is, rather than sprawling your stuff all over the place so it despawns, it creates a cute little gravestone. This gravestone holds all your stuff and won’t despawn at any time. All you need to do is go back to the point you died, crouch by the stone and your inventory will be back to how it used to be.

Crop Harvesting

For all those avid farmers, nothing is more tedious than having to harvest all your plants to just replant the seeds straight away. Luckily, along with a few other useful data packs, there are aspects you can change to make your life a little bit easier. This data pack is undeniably one of them.

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Essentially, if you hold a diamond hoe in your hand you’ll automatically harvest the crop, as well as plant the seeds to grow the next batch. This makes life so much easier as a farmer, even if it does only work on wheat, potatoes, carrots, netherwart, and beetroot.


Cutting down trees is one of the basic tasks every player needs to undertake at some point, but the more tedious aspect of it is replanting the saplings to ensure you don’t completely deforest your spawn area. However, with adventures to go on, buildings to build, and mobs to slay, few players can be bothered to replant.

The Autoplant data pack does all the planting for you. Once an item that can be replanted drops, rather than being picked up the game will attempt to replant it, provided they’re hovering over a plantable surface. This also works for crops, as long as the items are hovering over tilled farmland.

Fast Leaf Decay

Speaking of trees and cutting them down, once you’ve cut down the trunk the leaves will follow slowly by decaying and dropping various items, like apples, sticks, and saplings. This can feel extremely tedious if you can’t be bothered to wait for the leaves to decay.

There’s a data pack for this as well, which makes leaf decay much faster and efficiently. No more waiting around for leaves to crumble away when you could be spending your time doing much more productive things.

Silk Touch Spawners

Silk Touch is one of the most powerful and useful enchantments in Minecraft. It allows players to mine any block in their current form, without breaking or altering them. This works on a wide variety of blocks and items, making it a must-have enchantment on a pickaxe for example.

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However, mob spawners are one block that can’t be harvested even with Silk Touch. Luckily, a data pack fixes this oversight, making it easy for you to create clean, custom mob farms as you please. This is a pretty powerful data pack, which can break the vanilla experience a little bit, so use it with caution.

what are minecraft datapacks

Armored Elytra

Ultimately, most players will want to venture into the End Cities to find the elusive Elytra, a highly-coveted treasure that gives you the ability to fly. A rare and precious item, it’s definitely the mark of a seasoned player who has completed pretty much everything else in the game.

That being said, the Elytra is a bit annoying to use. When worn, it takes the spot of a chestplate on your avatar. This means you lose out on armor points. This data pack finally gives the Elytra a bit of armor, so you can wear it at any time and still take on a horde of mobs without worrying about damage. To merge the two, you simply have to drop an Elytra and chestplate armor onto an anvil.

Double Shulker Shells

The best way to store items without a doubt is the shulker box. Shulker boxes need to be crafted out of one chest and two shulker shells, which makes them somewhat expensive, considering shulkers can sometimes drop only one shell.

This nice datapack ensures that shulker shells will always drop in pairs with a shulker is slain. This is particularly useful on multiplayer servers where players might be fighting over resources. However, it’s also a nice quality of life change for singleplayer worlds.

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