Wendy Bluey and thoughts about character Judo’s mum is Wendy

Wendy Bluey  is a Chow Chow who is the mother of Judo and the next-door neighbor of the Heeler family in the Australian children’s television series Bluey. She is voiced by Beth Durack.

Wendy Bluey

Who is Wendy Bluey?

Wendy is Judo’s mother and Bluey and Bingo’s next-door neighbor in the Australian children’s television series Bluey. She is voiced by Emily Tehany. Wendy is a tall, slender dog with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She speaks with an upper class English accent, even though both her voice actor and her daughter have Australian accents. This is because she is originally from the UK.

Wendy is often seen as being a bit uptight and fussy. She is not as carefree and fun-loving as Bandit and Chilli, and she is often disturbed by the antics of her neighbors. However, she is also a loving and caring mother, and she always puts Judo’s needs first.

Wendy’s husband is Idred, but he is rarely seen in the show. In the episode “Dirt”, it is revealed that he is a geologist who is often away on work trips.

Wendy is a minor character in Bluey, but she has made a few memorable appearances. In the episode “Sticky Gecko”, she is the one who organizes a playdate between Bluey and Judo. In the episode “Baby Race”, she is one of the mothers who compete in the baby race. And in the episode “Dirt”, she is the one who helps Bandit and Chilli find their way back to their campsite after they get lost in the bush.

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Wendy is a complex and interesting character. She is not always likable, but she is always entertaining. She is a great addition to the Bluey cast, and I hope to see more of her in the future.

Appearance of Wendy Bluey

Wendy is a Chow Chow with curly beige fur. She wears a blue and gold brooch, usually on the right side of her chest. She’s also notably one of the only female characters to have eyelashes, alongside Coco.

When she’s exercising, she wears light yellow wristbands, and a matching headband shown in Sheep Dog and Ragdoll.

Biography of Wendy Bluey

Wendy is Judo’s mother and Bluey and Bingo’s next-door neighbour.

She is occasionally witness to and disturbed by the antics of her neighbours (usually Bandit’s) as a recurring joke in the series.

Appearances of Wendy Bluey

Appearances of Wendy Bluey

  • S01E30 – Fairies (debut)
  • S01E31 – Work
  • S01E38 – Copycat (non-speaking role)
  • S02E01 – Dance Mode
  • S02E03 – Featherwand (not seen)
  • S02E12 – Sticky Gecko (mentioned)
  • S02E13 – Dad Baby
  • S02E33 – Circus (cameo)
  • S02E36 – Postman
  • S02E50 – Baby Race
  • S03E05 – Omelette (cameo)
  • S03E12 – Sheep Dog (major role)
  • S03E21 – Tina
  • S03E25 – Ragdoll (major role)
  • S03E36 – Dirt (major role)


Who is Wendy married to in Bluey?

Wendy is married to a Chow Chow named Idred in the Bluey universe. He has only been mentioned in the show, but he has never been seen. Wendy is often seen with Judo, her daughter, and Idred is presumably the father of Judo.

There is a fan theory that Wendy is divorced, but there is no evidence to support this theory. In the episode “Sticky Gecko,” Bluey mentions that she hasn’t seen Judo in a while. This could be because Judo was spending time with her dad, but it could also be because she was away at camp or something else.

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Ultimately, we don’t know for sure who Wendy is married to in Bluey. It could be Idred, or it could be someone else. The show has never explicitly confirmed or denied this information.

Is Judo’s mom Wendy?

Wendy is Judo’s mom in Bluey. She is first seen in the episode “Fairies,” but she does not have any speaking lines. She has more prominent roles in the episodes “Sticky Gecko,” “Baby Race,” and “Dirt.”

Wendy is a Chow Chow, and she is often seen as being a bit posh and uptight. She is also a bit of a neat freak, and she is sometimes judgmental of others. However, she is also a kind and caring person, and she is always willing to help out.

In the episode “Sticky Gecko,” Wendy and Chilli go on a playdate with their daughters, Bluey and Judo. However, the playdate is not without its challenges, as the two mothers clash over their parenting styles. In the end, they learn to appreciate each other’s differences and have a successful playdate.

Wendy is a complex and well-developed character who adds a lot to the show. She is a reminder that even people who seem different from us can be kind and caring, and that we can learn a lot from each other.

Why did Wendy cut her hair Bluey?

Wendy cut her hair in Bluey because she wanted to be like her mum, Chilli. Chilli has short hair, and Wendy thought it would be cool to have the same hairstyle. She also wanted to be more independent and make her own decisions, and cutting her hair was a way of doing that.

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In the episode “Sleepover”, Wendy tells her dad Bandit that she wants to cut her hair short like Chilli’s. Bandit is initially hesitant, but he eventually agrees to let Wendy cut her hair. Wendy is very happy with her new haircut, and she feels more confident and independent.

Wendy’s decision to cut her hair is a positive one. It shows that she is growing up and becoming her own person. She is no longer content to just copy her mum, and she is starting to make her own choices. Cutting her hair is a way of asserting her independence and showing the world that she is her own person.

Does Judo have a dad in Bluey?

Judo’s dad has never been mentioned in Bluey. Wendy, Judo’s mom, is a single parent and Judo only lives with her part-time. This has led to some speculation that Judo’s parents are divorced or separated, but there is no confirmation of this in the show.

It is also possible that Judo’s dad is not in the picture at all. Wendy could be a single mom by choice, or her husband could have passed away. The show has never explicitly addressed Judo’s father, so his absence is left open to interpretation.

Personally, I think it is great that Bluey does not feel the need to explain Judo’s father. It is a refreshing change of pace from other children’s shows, which often feel the need to provide a tidy explanation for everything. Bluey is content to let Judo’s family situation be what it is, and that is perfectly okay.

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