Minecraft how to plant seeds? How to Plant Seeds and Grow Crops in Minecraft

Minecraft how to plant seeds? Farming in Minecraft is similar to farming in real life. Unless you are using the best Minecraft mods to get a tractor, the process to get seeds in Minecraft is simple. Though, don’t confuse them with the Minecraft seeds used for world generation. The ones we will focus on here can be used to grow in-game crops, including wheat, melon, and more.

But beyond these benefits, creating a farm in Minecraft is fun in general too. The in-game methods to collect each seed in Minecraft aren’t always the same. So, like proper farmers, we will go over how to get seeds in Minecraft for all types of crops and how to plant them to start building your farm.

Make and Plant Seeds in Minecraft

Leaving beans and warts out, Minecraft has a total of four types of seeds. Out of these, wheat and beetroots are the easiest to handle. Then, we have melon and pumpkin, which are harder to come across and require a bit of extra effort. We will include the seeds with similar traits into sections for your ease. So, the table below can help you find information about specific seeds.

How to Get Wheat and Beetroot Seeds in Minecraft

If you spawn in villages of Minecraft, seeds are the easiest to come across. Both beetroot and wheat seeds can be found in chests, on trading with villagers, and by natural harvesting. Naturally, you can come across wheat and beetroot crops growing in the villages too. Though, the chance of that happening is very low. There’s only a 10% chance of beetroots growing naturally on a village farm.

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So, generally speaking, beetroots are a rare type of food item. That’s why you can find its seeds in the chests while exploring the Mansions, Mineshafts, and even the End City. But if we leave aside the loot, we can also harvest beetroot and wheat seeds easily. Here’s how.

To start, locate fully grown wheat or beetroot crops for their seeds. You can even break grass blocks to get wheat seeds. Now, we aim for fully grown crops, so we can get the seeds alongside the main products — wheat and beetroot. Breaking the crops before maturity will drop seeds but not the food item itself. Fully grown crops would look like the following screenshot

Minecraft how to plant seeds

How to Make Melon and Pumpkin Seeds in Minecraft

In terms of looting, we can find both melon and pumpkin seeds in rare chests, including the ones in dungeons, Mineshafts, and Woodland mansions. Additionally, pumpkin seeds can also be found in chests spawning in taiga villages. You can also get both these seeds by trading with wandering traders. We have written a detailed guide on how to get melon seeds in Minecraft, so check out the linked article. Moreover, the easiest way to get melon or pumpkin is by harvesting their fruit.

How to Use Seeds or Grow Crops in Minecraft

The obvious thing you would want to do with the obtained seeds is to sow them and grow food items in your Minecraft world. So, whether you received your seeds from chests or harvesting, you can sow or use them the same way. It stays true for all types of seed-based plants in the game. Let me show you how to grow crops in Minecraft

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Planting seeds and different seed types in Minecraft

Once players have tilled their farmland, they should place their vegetable seeds in their hand and either right-click the farmland block or press the use item button on their controller.

Doing so should plant the seeds on the farmland, where they can use nearby water resources to grow into budding crops. Depending on the seeds used, the crops can grow a little differently. For example, carrot, potato, beetroot, and wheat seeds all grow upward. However, melon and pumpkin seeds grow into a stem, which then grows a melon/pumpkin block in an adjacent farmland space.

Each crop responds to farm practices a little differently. Ordinary crops grow well in most situations. However, other options such as mushrooms or underwater flora are a different story and require different environments to thrive.

Among these crops, the only ones that can have physical seeds obtained and planted on farmland are wheat, carrots, potatoes, beetroot, pumpkins, and melons.

Other crops listed above grow in different ways that don’t require farmland. For example, sea pickles grow on coral blocks in warm oceans, and glow berries gestate on vines inside lush cave biomes.

Fortunately, the seeded crops are the easiest to grow. Simply plot out your tilled farmland, add an appropriate water source nearby, and then plant your seeds. With the right water and seed placement, Minecraft players will have a burgeoning crop farm in no time.

Minecraft how to plant seeds

Every crop seeds in Minecraft and how to find them

There are majorly 6 different types of crop seeds, all yielding different crops and food items. These seeds can be found in various places in Minecraft.

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Wheat Seeds

Wheat seeds are probably the most common of them all. Wheat seeds can be dropped by chopping down grass from grass blocks. This is pretty simple as grass can be found almost anywhere. Wheat seeds can be sown to grow wheat, which can tame horses or be crafted into bread.

Melon Seeds

Melon seeds in Minecraft can be hard to find as compared to wheat seeds. Melon seeds are dropped from breaking a Melon which can only be found in the Jungle biome. They can also be obtained from chest loots, trading with a wandering trader, crafting from melon slices and Melon stems.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are quite similar to Melon seeds in their growth and availability. Like melon seeds, pumpkin seeds can also be obtained from chest loots, trading with wandering traders, shearing uncarved pumpkins, crafting, and from pumpkin stems.

Beetroot Seeds

Beetroot seeds can be mainly found in Village farms and by harvesting full-grown beetroots. They can also be obtained by trading with Wandering traders and from chest loots.


Potatoes are not exactly seeds, but they can be sown to grow more of them. They are a great source of food when baked. They have a good chance of being found on Village farms and in chest loot. They can rarely drop from a dead Zombie, Husks or a Zombie Villager.


Carrots are pretty similar in availability to Potatoes. They can also be found on Village farms and various chest loots. Rarely, Zombie, Husk or a Zombie Villager can also drop carrots upon death. Carrots can be used to ride pigs, and can be crafted into special golden carrots.

Seeds yielding crops is an essential process for surviving in Minecraft, as it gives players fodder. Wheat can be used to tame horses and breed other animals. Beetroot can be used to make beetroot soup.

Potatoes and carrots are a great source of food for players. Hence finding various seeds is quite beneficial.

Above is information minecraft how to plant seeds.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of minecraft how to plant seeds .Thank you for reading our post

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