Minecraft dungeons how many players? Minecraft Dungeons Multiplayer Guide

Minecraft dungeons how many players? Minecraft Dungeons is an excellent game. For Mojang’s first real departure from Minecraft, this offering is stellar and has developed a really devoted player base.It’s different enough to attract different gamers and similar enough to maintain the devoted users that Minecraft has earned over the past 13 years.

The title is even better when played with friends. That’s generally true for all games, but especially Minecraft Dungeons. It’s a social game, and there’s nothing like running through slaying mobs with friends. It supports online play, but does it also support split-screen?

Minecraft Dungeons multiplayer: Can it do split-screen?

Minecraft Dungeons does have local multiplayer, but not in the traditional split-screen sense. Players can play together on one console, but they won’t have their own quadrant of the screen to focus on.

Instead, all four users will be on the same screen. This can be both beneficial and detrimental. Depending on the size of the television or the monitor it’s on, the game can be pretty small if gamers only get a fourth or half the screen. That could worsen if they are playing on a tabletop Nintendo Switch.

In that case, it’s good that the screen remains full and not split. However, it means that players have to stay close to each other. They can’t roam freely and go ahead of their counterparts.

Still, the ability to play on one console with up to four players does exist, so users should take advantage of that. Here’s how to do it.

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The local multiplayer works the same as it does for many games. Gamers need only switch their game to offline instead of online, as they can’t connect locally if they’re not in local mode.

This can be done in the menu by pressing the start button. They can use the triggers to switch back and forth between modes, but it needs to be in offline mode to connect more players.

Once done, players can simply connect the extra controllers to the device, including PC, since Minecraft Dungeons gamers can’t play on the same keyboard or mouse. Depending on how many users they have, they’ll need up to four controllers.

After that, they can simply load into the level they’re playing and play with their friends. When everyone is done playing, it may be essential to switch back to online mode.

minecraft dungeons how many players

How to Play Offline Multiplayer

Minecraft Dungeons local co op is one of the best ways to play Mojang’s newest dungeon crawler. Offline split screen multiplayer lets you play with your friends and family in the same room, on the same display. It’s a massive win for those that only have a single system or want to recapture the glory days of couch co op gameplay on a single screen.

You’ll also need two to four controllers to play the game at the same time on any platform, including PC. For PC, that’s true whether you’ve purchased the game outright or if you’re playing through Xbox Game Pass.

For those playing local co op in Minecraft Dungeons, it’s essential to know that in some respects, the game can be both more difficult and more rewarding when playing split screen multiplayer. According to Microsoft and Mojang, Dungeons features a difficulty and loot scaling system. More players means more enemies and more loot, as well as an increased difficulty level.

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To play together, simply use the menu in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. In your camp, change your game from online game to offline game using the shoulder buttons. After the other players join, you’ll be ready to play!

Players can see the platform-specific input for joining a local multiplayer game in the up right-hand corner of the screen.

The Minecraft Dungeons initial release date wasn’t that long ago, so the game hasn’t received many updates yet. At launch, the game does not support crossplay. You cannot play online and local co op at the same time, either.

The official Minecraft Dungeons FAQ says explicitly that the functionality is not supported “at launch.” Though Mojang has not said that the functionality will come to the game in the future, the way in which the FAQ is worded makes it seem like the possibility exists for it sometime in the future.

minecraft dungeons how many players

Over 11 Million People Have Played Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons added the dungeon-crawling, loot-gathering twist to Minecraft that we didn’t know we needed. It’s been a year since its launch, and Mojang Studios has been celebrating the milestone with in-game events and giveaways. The studio also revealed some numbers for the game, the most impressive of which is that Minecraft Dungeons has been played by 11,500,000 unique players from across 232 countries and territories.

“But this event is more than just amazing gear and capes – it’s also about earning a bunch of emeralds celebrating our journey together: the missions we explored, the challenges we fought, the friends we made along the way – even those infinite times Archie made suspicious stew out of my blocky behind on Apocalypse Plus,” said the blog post.

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The cutely designed infographic also showed us how many times Archie was defeated across the three difficulty modes. Needless to say that the number of times he was beaten in Apocalypse mode (1.3 million) was one-third that of his defeats in Default mode (3.7 million)

The Double Axe was the most equipped melee weapon, followed by Whirlwind and Fighter’s Bindings. For ranged weapons, the Rapid Crossbow won ahead of the Firebolt Thrower and Exploding Crossbow. The Mystery Armour was preferred by most players, ahead of the Wolf Armour and Fox Armour; and the Death Cap Mushroom was the most used item, with the Gong of Weakening and Boots of Swiftness in tow. A few more ridiculously large numbers were also revealed, you can check them out here.

Minecraft Dungeons received cloud save support earlier this month. This allowed players to continue their adventures on wherever they chose, as the feature worked across platforms as well. Before that, players would have had to start from scratch if they got a second copy of the game for a separate platform.

However, if you’re looking for a fresh way to play the game, Mojang Studios partnered with arcade cabinet pros, Play Mechanix, to build an arcade version of the dungeon crawler, titled Minecraft Dungeons Arcade. The arcade cabinet features a total of nine levels, and can be playable by up to four players.

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