Is Dragon ball Super super Hero Canon ?

Is dragon ball super super hero canon ? Given there are so many Dragon Ball movies out there — which range from “impossible to be canon” to “completely canon” — it’s fair to wonder if Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero takes place in the same continuity as the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga. So let’s answer that question.

Though there have been over twenty movies in the “Dragon Ball” franchise, fans are right to be confused about how much they mean to the extensive canon of the ongoing anime series. After all, as if the jumps between sequel iterations like “Z,” “GT,” and “Super” weren’t daunting enough to keep up with, many of the films actually aren’t even significant to the main story.

Naturally, this will lead many fans to likely wonder whether the latest film, “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,” is considered to be canon, especially given its vast ramifications and the powerful new forms and abilities of long-established heroes like Piccolo (Takeshi Aono/Christopher Sabat) and Gohan (Masako Nozawa/Kyle Hebert) it reveals. The movie follows the return of the Red Ribbon Army and the warriors’ struggles to defeat their powerful androids.

Luckily for fans who sat down with “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,” the film’s events are considered canon in the ongoing series. This, of course, means that viewers can expect to see Beast Gohan and Orange Piccolo in “Dragon Ball Super” as well, on top of their jaw-dropping debuts in the film.

is dragon ball super super hero canon

Is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Canon to the Anime/Manga?

In short, yes, Super Hero is canon, just as Dragon Ball Super: Broly was before it. The newest movie is currently canon to both the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga.

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The current arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga — titled the Super Hero Saga — has been covering the events preceding the film from the perspective of Goten and Trunks, though it seems the manga might move into adapting the film. The most recent chapter — Chapter 90 — ends with Dr. Hedo going to prison for three months, which would lead right into the start of the movie.

When Does Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Take Place?

Like with the rest of Dragon Ball Super, Super Hero takes place after the Majin Buu Saga but before the Peaceful World/End of Z Saga from the end of the original Dragon Ball series. That means that Goku and friends have defeated Kid Buu, but have not met up at the tournament where Goku first meets Uub and flies off with him to train him.

To get very technical, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero takes place in Age 783, while the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament from the end of Dragon Ball takes place on May 7 of Age 784.

Which other Dragon Ball movies are considered to be canon?

As previously stated, the majority of the films are not considered to be canon. This is because “Dragon Ball” creator Akira Toriyama was not involved in the creative process behind most of the films. While Toei Animation was given carte blanche to tell plenty of stories with the central characters, for this reason, they’re mostly just meant to be fun “what if?” scenarios for fans to enjoy.

As such, only four movies are considered canon in the overall storyline of the “Dragon Ball” franchise. On top of “Super Hero,” those are “Battle of the Gods,” “Resurrection ‘F,'” and “Broly,” which finally made the fan-favorite character from many of the past films into a canon character who lives and breathes in the main timeline.

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Fans are well within their rights to watch and enjoy the many other myriad films that have spawned from the “Dragon Ball” franchise. However, it’s still worth knowing which ones have ramifications for the ongoing events of the series, especially for those who just want to watch the vital stuff while catching themselves up to watch the latest episodes “Dragon Ball Super.”

What is Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero About?

The story for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero revolves around Piccolo as the main protagonist (which may be a first for this series). He spends his days teaching Pan (daughter of Gohan and Videl) how to fight in the same way he taught Gohan. He’s frustrated though because Gohan has really been slacking off these days, and seems more interested in studying bugs than training. Gohan doesn’t see the problem with this as not only is the world at peace, he honestly never enjoyed fighting that much in the first place.

This changes though when the Red Ribbon Army entices the son of Dr. Gero (humorously named Dr. Hero) to join the Army and create androids under the promise that they will be used to fight evil. This is a lie as the army wants to use the androids to take down the Z Fighters, but Dr. Hero doesn’t know this, and happily makes the androids. When they are set lose Piccolo must convince Gohan to come out of battle retirement and help defeat the robots. Also, there’s a five-minute scene of Goku, Vegeta, and Brolly training on another planet, in case you were wondering if they were in this.

Who Made Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

Toei Animation produced Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero as they have all the other Dragon Ball anime productions. You might not know this from the start as they decided to make the movie completely in CGI, which is a first for the franchise. While the characters look and sound the same, the CGI animation means they will move and interact with one another completely differently than they have in other productions. Considering that Goku and Vegeta only have a cameo appearance has also thrown fans off, as there are few movies that don’t revolve around them.

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What may be key for Dragon Ball fans is to know who wrote the screenplay. In this case, the screenplay was written by none other than Akira Toriyama himself. The film doesn’t credit any other writers for the film, so as far as we can tell the creator and author of the entire franchise is the sole writer for this movie. That may be the biggest indication on whether or not Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero should be considered canon.

is dragon ball super super hero canon

The Verdict

Despite the fact that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero does something very different from what fans expected (or maybe wanted) from the movie, by every measure the movie is absolutely canon. It follows the events of Dragon Ball Super: Brolly (no matter how loosely). Akira Toriyama himself is the sole writer. Without spoiling the end, two new characters are given jobs at Capsule Corp by Bulma, so if they show up in the next film that would explain it.

If not for this ending it would be easy to write off Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero as a side story that can be skipped by fans if they really wanted to. Yet there are enough story threads that connect to the last film and set up events for future installments. The biggest reason Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero can be considered canon is not only because Toriyama wrote the screenplay, but he also has complete control of the franchise, and nothing gets made without his approval. If the movie didn’t count, Toriyama wouldn’t have approved it. So yes, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is different. It wasn’t what fans were expecting. However, by every metric, it is canon, so enjoy.

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