Is Dragon ball gt Canon ? Can Dragon Ball GT & Dragon Ball Super Both Be Canon?

Is dragon ball gt canon ? Dragon Ball Super had the Herculean task of bringing back Goku and his allies for a new set of adventures worthy of the venerable franchise. It’s predecessor Dragon Ball Z ended years before, and it became one of the most iconic anime and manga franchises ever. Super has thankfully been up to the task of adding to the story in a reverent and epic way, though it wasn’t the only sequel to the beloved DBZ.

Dragon Ball GT was another attempt to continue the adventures of the Z Fighters, though it wasn’t nearly as successful as Super. This was for various reasons, but the franchise’s actual follow-up has easily supplanted it. Nevertheless, some fans are rather fond of GT and wonder if it could still be canon with the new series. This requires a look into what’s truly canon for the franchise and whether these two anime shows line up.

is dragon ball gt canon

Dragon Ball Z’s First Sequel Isn’t Considered Canon Anymore

Dragon Ball GT was originally released in 1996, and lasted only 64 episodes before it came to an end. This might sound like a large amount, but given that Dragon Ball Z had almost 300 episodes, its sequel was relatively microscopic. Another big difference was that, unlike Z and the original Dragon Ball anime, GT wasn’t based on a manga drawn by Akira Toriyama.

Though Toriyama wasn’t completely removed from GT, he had little to do with its actual production, designs, or storyline. Said story was actually meant to be a throwback to Dragon Ball’s initially adventurous tone, even going so far as to make Goku a child again.

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This storytelling device, along with the general dip in quality compared to the Toriyama-penned plots made many fans see Dragon Ball GT as an inferior product. The emulation of classic Dragon Ball’s tone was poorly done, and the lack of focus on characters such as Gohan was a disappointment to many.

Worst of all, the series’ focus on Goku weakened new and old characters. Said reception isn’t why it’s considered outside canon, however. GT wasn’t “created” by Toriyama through the manga, which immediately removes it from true canonicity for the franchise. The same goes for many of the infamous filler episodes seen in Dragon Ball Z, which were anime-exclusive. Thankfully, Dragon Ball Super lacks this issue and actually originates as a manga, making it the true sequel to DBZ.

Does Dragon Ball GT Take Place After Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super takes place after the majority of Dragon Ball Z, but right before the events of its “Peaceful World” finale arc. In the story of Super, Gohan and Videl’s daughter is a young child, whereas Vegeta and Bulma’s daughter Bulla is just a baby. In Dragon Ball GT, the story is already quite a bit further along.

Both Pan and Bulla are teenagers, while Bulma and Pan’s grandmother/Gohan’s mother Chi-Chi are wearing their age a bit more in their faces. The same goes for the blowhard Hercule/Mr. Satan, who by that point becomes his schlubbiest ever. Uub is also a much more prominent character in GT, though he’s still a young boy in the early events of Super.

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The most major enemies in GT were Baby, Super Android 17, and the evil dragons (namely Omega Shenron). None of those characters have shown up in Super, which creates the possibility that they can do so down the line. In fact, there’s really not that much that directly contradicts some of the plot elements seen in Dragon Ball GT.

At the same time, there are some major changes and events that take place in Dragon Ball Super that are never referenced during GT. This is easily the biggest stumbling block for that series to become canon, and it’s most irreconcilable with the new forms that Goku and Vegeta take in the “later” anime, not to mention the presence of a certain villain.

is dragon ball gt canon

Dragon Ball GT Never Mentions the Super Saiyan God Transformations

The biggest addition to the franchise that Dragon Ball GT made was the unorthodox Super Saiyan 4 transformation. Unlike its predecessors, this form didn’t have blond hair.

Instead, it retained the Saiyans black hair while giving them an animalistic appearance that combined elements of the Oozaru/Great Ape state. It actually proved to be a popular power-up, in spite of its having no real basis in the manga. In fact, it would go on to appear in various Dragon Ball video games and for a while was considered the most powerful state that Goku and Vegeta could achieve.

This of course changed with Dragon Ball Super, which introduced the various Super Saiyan God forms. Like Super Saiyan 4, these eschewed blond hair for tresses of a whole host of different colors, including blue, rose pink and an even darker shade of black. The Super Saiyan 4 form is never shown in Super, and the power it grants users would likely be dwarfed by the newer transformations.

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In other words, there would be no need for Goku or Vegeta to become Super Saiyan 4 in GT since they should logically have far better states to fight in. There are other forms attained by Gohan and other characters that are never seen in GT.

Conversely, one of the plots from GT sees deceased villains trying to escape Hell. These include Cell and Frieza, the latter of whom doesn’t seem to recall the events of Dragon Ball Super (in which he was revived). It could be argued that he died again between Super and GT, but it’s more logical that the latter anime simply isn’t canon and to leave it at that. After all, trying to make these two shows work together is nearly impossible due to their conflicting.

One was actually made by Toriyama, whereas the other was made almost completely without him. It’s clear that the franchise’s creator had no intentions of keeping the story open enough to accommodate GT, essentially closing the door on its ever becoming canon. It’s unfortunate for those who actually liked the anime, but given that it was generally seen as a step down in quality, it’s for the best that the much better Dragon Ball Super has now replaced it.

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