Is Bluey at Disney World? Bluey is coming to the Parks?

Is Bluey at Disney World? Australian children’s cartoon Bluey has skyrocketed to fame and popularity thanks in part to its messages aimed at parents and adults as well as children. Originally airing overseas on ABC Kids, the show is about a Blue Heeler puppy named Bluey and her family and friends as she plays and discovers the world around her. The show has tackled difficult topics like struggling to have children and paints a constructive and positive image of a family dynamic, with both parents active and caring figures in their children’s lives.

Is Bluey at Disney World?

Is Bluey at Disney World?

As a parent planning a magical trip to Disney World, you’re probably wondering if your kids can meet their favorite animated characters like Bluey, the Blue Heeler puppy, from the hit show – Disney Junior and Disney +.

As it turns out, Disney has only licensed Bluey’s international broadcasting rights and does not actually own the character. Currently, the character rights of Bluey belong to BBC Studios Kids & Family.

While it’s easy to assume that every lovable Disney cartoon character resides in the Happiest Place on Earth, this isn’t always the case.

As of 2023, you will not find any Bluey Merchandise, rides, attractions or character meet and greets at Disney World or Disneyland.

Key Takeaways

  • Bluey is currently not available at Walt Disney World as there are no official appearances or attractions featuring the beloved Australian cartoon character due to ownership of the characters by BBC Studios and not Disney.
  • Rumors and speculation online have fueled confusion about whether Bluey is present at Disney World, but there are no reported plans for bringing him live on stage or having his very own attraction anytime soon.
  • Fans may find some merchandise featuring Bingo or Bluey themselves in certain shops around the park, but it’s uncertain when we’ll see them live on stage at Walt Disney World. However, negotiations between BBC Studios and Disney could still potentially bring the beloved animated series to theme parks in the future.
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Who Holds The Merchandising Rights Of Bluey?

Since Disney does not own Bluey’s merchandising rights, this impacts merchandise sales, as licensing rights for products featuring Bluey are held by companies like Moose Toys and Jazwares.

Where Can You Find Bluey Merchandise?

Since you can’t find Bluey merchandise at Disney World, where can I buy it? Bluey merchandise can be purchased at Target, Walmart, ebay and Amazon.

Examining The Online Rumors Concerning Bluey And Disney World

Let’s dive deeper and investigate the rumors surrounding Bluey’s possible appearances at Disney World, analyzing online sources and social media buzz to uncover any truth behind the speculation.

Reviewing Online Sources And Social Media Buzz

I scoured the internet and social media platforms to find any information on Bluey’s presence at Disney World. However, I found no official announcements, photos or any factual indications that point towards a Bluey appearance in any of the Disney parks.

Some people have confused Bluey with other popular cartoon characters like Fancy Nancy and Doc McStuffins, who currently make appearances at Disney Junior character breakfasts and meet-and-greet events.

While it is understandable that fans want Bluey, their favorite animated series, to be represented at the Disney theme parks, until licensing agreements change, that will not be happening .

Clarifying The Current State Of Bluey At Disney World

I did some deeper digging and unfortunately, I have to report that Bluey being at Disney World is an online myth. While there are plenty of Disney Junior characters like Fancy Nancy and Doc McStuffins around the park for meet-and-greets or character breakfasts, the beloved Australian cartoon has yet to make an official appearance.

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However, just because Bluey isn’t on stage doesn’t mean you can’t spot some merchandise around the parks being worn by Disney Guests.

Discussing Future Possibilities And Implications For Fans And Merchandise Sales

As Bluey continues to gain popularity in the United States, fans are understandably curious about future possibilities for experiencing the show at Walt Disney World. While there are currently no official plans for Bluey to appear as a live character or have a dedicated attraction at any Disney park, this could change in the future if negotiations between BBC Studios and Disney prove fruitful for both sides.

If Disney strikes a deal with BBC Studios, competition for merchandise sales will certainly heat up with Target and Walmart.

Is Bluey at Disney World 2023?


Is Bluey at Disney World 2023?

Bluey is not at Disney World in 2023. Disney does not own the rights to Bluey, so there are no Bluey attractions, merchandise, or meet-and-greets at Disney World or Disneyland. The only way to see Bluey in real life is to go to her live tour, Bluey’s Big Play.

There have been rumors that Disney is in talks with BBC Studios, the owners of Bluey, about bringing the character to the Disney Parks. However, there has been no official confirmation of these talks, and it is unclear if or when Bluey will ever be featured at Disney World.

In the meantime, fans of Bluey can still enjoy the show on Disney+ and at the Bluey’s Big Play tour.

Can you see Bluey at Hollywood Studios?

No, you cannot see Bluey at Hollywood Studios in 2023. Bluey is a popular Australian children’s television show, but Disney does not have the rights to use her characters in their theme parks. This means that there are no Bluey meet-and-greets, merchandise, or rides at any of the Disney parks, including Hollywood Studios.

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However, there are still plenty of other Disney Junior characters that you can meet at Hollywood Studios, such as Vampirina, Doc McStuffins, and Fancy Nancy. You can also see them perform in the Disney Junior Play and Dance! show.

Where can I see Disney Jr characters at Disney World?

There are several places where you can see Disney Junior characters at Disney World.

  • Animation Courtyard in Hollywood Studios: This is the best place to meet Disney Junior characters. You can find Doc McStuffins, Vampirina, Fancy Nancy, and Pluto here. They typically meet in the morning and afternoon, but their schedules can vary.
  • Disney Junior Dance Party: This is a high-energy dance party that features Disney Junior characters. It takes place in the Animation Courtyard several times a day.
  • Hollywood and Vine: This restaurant offers a character breakfast with Disney Junior characters. You can meet Doc McStuffins, Vampirina, Handy Manny, and Sheriff Callie here. Reservations are required.

When is Bluey season 4 coming out?

Where can I see Bluey characters?

There are a few places where you can see Bluey characters in person.

  • Disney Parks: Bluey characters have been making appearances at Disney Parks around the world since 2021. You can usually find them at meet-and-greets, character dining events, and parades.
  • Bluey Live! on Stage: This touring stage show features live actors portraying the Bluey characters. The show is currently running in the United States and Canada.
  • Bluey Festival: This annual festival celebrates all things Bluey. It features live entertainment, games, activities, and of course, meet-and-greets with the Bluey characters. The festival is held in different cities around Australia each year.

If you’re not able to make it to one of these events, you can still see Bluey characters on TV, on the internet, and in merchandise.

  • TV: Bluey is currently available to stream on Disney+ and on the Disney Junior television network.
  • Internet: There are a number of websites and social media accounts dedicated to Bluey. You can find videos, games, activities, and more.
  • Merchandise: There is a wide variety of Bluey merchandise available, including toys, clothing, and home goods.

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