How to use media player GTA 5? How to use GTA Online’s Media Player: A beginner’s guide

How to use media player gta 5? GTA Online has a huge music library that has grown over time as a result of several updates. The original GTA 5 score is also fairly diverse, with tracks that span across a variety of genres and eras.

Aside from this, many players may be unaware that they can add more music to the game by locating media sticks for the media player.

These sticks, once discovered, provide additional radio tracks in the game. This article explains how to use the media player and where to find the media sticks in the game.

How to use the Media Player and locate all Media Sticks in GTA Online

How to activate Media Player

The Los Santos Tuners update, which was launched on July 20, 2021, added the Media Player to GTA Online. It appears as a radio station on the radio selection wheel.

However, the media player won’t activate and will remain unusable until players find at least one of the four media sticks. These media sticks are quite easy to find, and since there are only four of them, it isn’t much of a chore.

How to change tracks on the Media Player

The Media Player will be automatically activated once the first EP is collected. Once players have more than two media sticks, they can choose between them to play in the Media Player. Here’s how to play the collected EPs on the Media Player in GTA Online:

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The Media Player can be accessed through the Inventory section of the Interaction Menu. This will be present as the very first option in the menu.

Players can listen to whatever EP they like by scrolling through this option.

They can quit the Interaction Menu once they’ve decided on a mix and then use their radio wheel to access the Media Player. The selected mix will then begin to play.

Since the Media Player acts like any other radio station in GTA Online, players can simply switch to a different station to exit it. On the Media Player, the game will only play the EP that was selected from the Interaction Menu.

If players want to change the tracklist, they will have to go back to the same menu and follow the above-mentioned steps again.

Additional notes

Rockstar seems to have put in too many extra steps for a new radio station, but this was done to promote the new music. Fans have since been clamoring for new music, and Rockstar did this in the next update, The Contract.

The Contract also added new music via media sticks. However, many songs were added to existing radio stations as well. Players are hopeful that the future updates to the game will bring in new tracks as well.

How to use media player GTA 5

How to Use the Media Player in GTA Online

The Media Player is accessed through the Interaction Menu within the Inventory section. Look in there and the Media Player will be the first option.

Then, you can scroll through whichever mix you would like to listen to. Once you have your selected mix, exit the Interaction Menu to then flip through your radio wheel to find Media Player.

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Your mix will then begin playing. Just keep in mind that you must collect media sticks in order to use them for the player.

You can stop using the media player at any time by switching over to a different radio station. Whichever mix you select will be played and played only.

If you wish to switch up the tracklist for the media player, you’ll need to return to the Interaction Menu and repeat the steps above.

This might seem a little excessive as opposed to simply cycling through the mixes on the radio wheel as opposed to the Menu, but this is the only way to play your mixes on the radio. If it helps, think of it like loading a CD into a CD player before pressing play.

he new Contract DLC introduces three new media sticks for players to collect. Beforehand, there were only several for everyone to find after the Los Santos Tuners update brought along new music.

And while these mixes can only be played individually, they’re a nice addition to the ever-growing radio wheel. Be sure to keep a sharp eye for them; they’re incredibly tiny to spot since they act as USB drives containing music files.

How to use media player GTA 5

Setting up the media player

Players can launch the game’s media player by selecting “Audio” from the game menu. Players can add their own music to the media player at this point by selecting the “Add Audio” option and then selecting the necessary music files from their device.

The media player supports several types of music files, such as MP3 and WAV.

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The media player may be accessed in the same way on Xbox and PlayStation consoles by pressing a dedicated button on the controller (e.g., the “Options” button on PlayStation).

The PC version of the game includes a built-in media player that can be accessed via the main menu or the dedicated media keys.

How to use the media player in GTA 5 while playing

Players in Grand Theft Auto V can use the media player controls to play, pause, skip, and modify the volume of the GTA soundtrack. The controller buttons on Xbox and PS consoles provide these functions.

Playing on a personal computer allows players to utilize both the keyboard’s media keys and the game’s actual controls.

Depending on your gaming system, the media player may not be able to play certain music files. If a file format (like FLAC) isn’t supported by an Xbox or PlayStation, but is by a PC, you won’t be able to play it on those consoles.

Tips and tricks for using the media player

Music can be added to the media player from a variety of sources, including the device’s local library or online downloads. Spotify and Apple Music are two of the most well-known online music streaming and download services.

You can get the most out of GTA 5’s media player by sorting your music collection into playlists based on genre, emotion, or activity (e.g., fast-paced music for driving, relaxed music for exploring the game world). To further customize their gaming experience, players can try out a wide variety of musical genres.


To sum up, GTA 5’s media player is a helpful tool that gives players control over their in-game audio. Players can listen to their own music while playing the game by configuring the media player and uploading their songs.

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