How to uninstall minecraft? How do I uninstall Java on my Windows computer?

How to uninstall minecraft? Occasionally, you may have to uninstall games even if you enjoy them – and Minecraft is no exception. Regardless of whether you’re trying to fix a stubborn bug or would like to temporarily free some storage, we’re here to help you keep your game data safe during this process.

In this guide, we’ll explain how to reinstall Minecraft Bedrock and Java on various devices while keeping your saves. Additionally, we’ll provide instructions for a clean reinstallation and answer a couple of common questions related to backing up your Minecraft data.

How to Delete Minecraft Account

To fully opt of Mojang’s Minecraft you will have to delete your Mojang account as well as the game client. This step is optional, yet allows to completely disassociate your data from the game developer.

Please note, deleting your Mojang account means that you will not be able to access Mojang services, purchase or play purchased games using the account. You also won’t be able to register a new account using the email address of the deleted account.

How to uninstall minecraft

How to Completely Uninstall Minecraft

Once your account has been deleted you can proceed to fully uninstalling Minecraft from your Mac computer. Complete manual removal will take some hunting around for associated files that are scattered around multiple folders in your user library. If you don’t feel like taking the time to do that, you can skip this one and check out the quicker approach described below.

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How to Remove Minecraft Using MacFly Pro

While the method described above is effective, it takes manual effort and understanding of the process of handle it, especially if you’re an inexperienced user. MacFly Pro on the contrary, is a safe and reliable choice if manual approach sounds like too much to do. In addition, you can uninstall other applications that you no longer use.

How to reinstall Minecraft

Whether you are reinstalling Minecraft to try and fix an issue or returning to the game from a long absence, the method is similar to how you would install any other game. If you really want to, you can always find it in the store and set it to download from there as long as you have purchased it digitally. In some other cases, here is how to reinstall Minecraft.

Go to “Programs and Features” and Uninstall the Minecraft Launcher.

The Programs and Features list is updated once the new software is installed/uninstalled on your computer. If you wish to uninstall any of the applications, go to Programs and Features and remove it. So, if you want to remove Minecraft Launcher, the first option is to do so through Programs and Features.

How you can uninstall Minecraft

To uninstall Minecraft, you will want to seek out the sport’s information on the platform you are taking part in on. Here’s a rundown on learn how to utterly delete Minecraft out of your machine on completely different platforms.

How you can reinstall Minecraft

Whether or not you are reinstalling Minecraft to repair an issue or returning to the sport after an extended hiatus, the strategy is much like how you’d set up another sport. In case you actually need it, you’ll be able to at all times discover it within the retailer and set it to obtain from there, so long as you purchase it digitally. This is learn how to reinstall Minecraft in another circumstances.

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Why Uninstall Minecraft Mod?

Most of the time, installing mods from different platforms can cause clashes in their programming, due to which the game can crash. If you are also experiencing laggy game and server problems, then it is time to delete the unnecessary Minecraft mods.

Some unauthentic Minecraft mods can cause trouble not only in the Minecraft but in the other operations of the computer. An excellent way to avoid that is to delete them before they cause further problems.

How To Delete Minecraft Mods In Windows?

Deleting the Minecraft mods in windows is a little complex compared to other platforms because deleting the Minecraft mods just from the game has the chance that it will not be deleted and will only be hidden. If you are deleting the file because it is corrupted or contains viruses, it is highly recommended that you delete the Minecraft mod manually from its location.

How To Delete Minecraft Mods In MacOS?

The process of deleting the Minecraft mods in the mac devices is similar to that of the Windows platform, but the destination folders are not the same. To delete Minecraft from the macOS, follow these steps.

How To Delete Minecraft Mods On Xbox One?

Deleting the mods on Xbox one is relatively simple compared to the windows and macOS because you do not have to erase them manually.

Open Minecraft and select the mods from the main menu to delete the mods. After going into the advanced menu options, delete the mods you do not want by selecting them and using the delete option.

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If these methods do not delete the mods, it is time to delete them manually. Follow these steps to delete Minecraft.

How to uninstall minecraft

How To Disable Mods On Minecraft?

If you are deleting the mods just because there are too many options in the list, choosing the right one is difficult for you. So if you want to delete the new mods, it is better to store them somewhere else so that they do not appear in the list, and when you want to play them after some time, you can place them in the correct position.


Mods of Minecraft can sometimes be problematic due to their incompatibility with the new versions or if they contain threats. If the purpose of deleting the mods is severe such as a device malfunctioning due to mods or the game is not working correctly.

It is better to delete them permanently and manually from the folder also. If you are uninstalling them because there are too many to choose from, you can change their locations, and they will not interfere unless you want to play them again.

Above is information how to uninstall minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to uninstall minecraft .Thank you for reading our post

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