How to teleport someone to you in minecraft? How to use teleport command in Minecraft Pocket

How to teleport someone to you in minecraft? Got a little lost in your Minecraft world? It happens to everyone, especially if you decide to go exploring and find yourself, hours later, very far from where you want to be. The good news is that there is a way to turn on teleports in Minecraft so you can choose a particular spot to be in, or — if there are friends with you — choose to teleport to a specific player. But you’ll need to turn on cheats to make this trick work. Here’s everything you need to know.

How to teleport another player to yourself? Step-by-step guide

To teleport another player to your own location you’re going to need to use cheats. So make sure that before you attempt this, have cheats enabled. Then we’re ready to start teleporting.

If my player’s name is A1 and I want to teleport a player named B2 to my location I’m going to use /tp b2 a1

After you’ve executed this command there’s really not that much to do verify that it works other than the fact that another player spawned right next to you.

If you want to teleport yourself to another player’s location, simply reverse the order of names in the command.

How to teleport someone to you in minecraft

How Does Teleportation Work in Minecraft?

Teleportation in Minecraft works potentially how it would in real life or any other game. You get the X, Y & Z coordinates, where Z stands for latitude, X for altitude, and Y for elevation (or the vertical distance). On most seeds, your spawn coordinates are 0, Y, 0, and the world is formed at distances from that.

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So, practically, you just need the X, Y & Z coordinates of your desired spot, and you can use any of our methods described below to teleport there easily.

How to Teleport in Minecraft PC using Command Blocks

First, let’s look at the most popular platform for teleportation in Minecraft, and that’s Windows PCs. This tutorial works on both Minecraft Java & Bedrock Edition for PC.

How to Teleport in Minecraft using Custom Commands

If you are playing the game on one of these best Minecraft seeds among yourself and your friends, giving everyone the power of unlimited teleportations might be a viable option. If that’s the case, Minecraft has in-game commands or “cheats” to help you teleport. Follow these steps to learn how it works

How to teleport in Minecraft on console or PC

The popularity of Minecraft is not slowing down, and the long-running game is still just as much of a talking point as it always has been – people can’t get enough of blocks!

And one of the reasons it remains popular is that it keeps giving us new reasons to return to it and it rarely feels like there is not something new to do.

But how do you teleport in Minecraft? Well before we get into that, we need to tell you how to cheat in Minecraft first!

How to enable cheats in Minecraft

Let’s get one thing out of the way first, if you don’t like cheating in Minecraft then teleporting may well be off the cards for you, as you will need to cheat to do it.

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As is becoming standard with cheating, any achievements or trophies will be disabled when you play the game with cheats active – an important thing to keep in mind, especially for achievement/trophy hunters.

  • But how do you cheat in Minecraft? Just follow these steps!
  • Open up the game and then click Single-player, and then Create New World.
  • You will see an Allow Cheats option – switch it on
  • Click Create New World again
  • That’s it! But if you want to enable cheats in a world already created…
  • Press Esc to open the Game Menu when in the world
  • Select Open to LAN and you will see an Allow Cheats option – switch it on
  • Press Start LAN World

How to teleport in Minecraft

Being a sandbox game, Minecraft offers tons of exploration for you to engage in, which can be really fun. However, since the game seems to stretch on endlessly, exploration can get boring or tiresome after a while. So, here’s how you can teleport to different places and dimensions in Minecraft.

Minecraft is known to have one of the biggest map sizes in gaming, with only a handful of games like No Man’s Sky, Star Citizen, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Elite Dangerous coming close or surpassing it in this regard. This is primarily due to its sandbox nature.

However, due to its map size, the game is able to keep most of its content random and procedurally generated, which can often make exploration fun and unpredictable and allow players to gain access to tons of different biomes like forest, desert, jungle, swampland, ocean, and mushrooms.

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However, long expeditions based on exploration may often demotivate you to set out in search of discovering new things, as traveling back to your base after exploring for several in-game days can be quite monotonous. While transportation methods like horses exist, they aren’t as fast as the Elytra, which is, unfortunately, an end-game item.

How to teleport someone to you in minecraft

How to teleport in Minecraft without dying

To make sure that you’re teleporting to a place that won’t kill you in Minecraft, add the word ‘true’ at the end of the cheat command. This encourages the game to run a safety test before teleporting you.

The true command only works in the Overworld and not when you switch between dimensions in the Java edition.

Teleport command in Minecraft Pocket Edition
Commands function the same way in all Minecraft versions, even in Pocket Edition. It’s sometimes easier to use them in Pocket Edition than other ones. Typing on the touch screen can be easier than using a controller. The commands always go into the chat bar.

The teleport command goes like this: “/teleport (sometimes just “tp”) username coordinates”

It can also be used to teleport a player to another player, which is helpful when coordinates are unknown.

On Pocket Edition, as well as many other platforms, there will be a command button at the bottom left corner. Pressing it will open up four commands, and player can set the world spawn, teleporting, time and weather. These will direct players on how to use the command.

For the teleport command, it will ask which player to teleport first. Players can also manually input the coordinates and send the message. This will immediately send players to whatever location they want.

Above is information how to teleport someone to you in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to teleport someone to you in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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