How to tame a frog in minecraft? Can you tame frogs in Minecraft 1.19

How to tame a frog in minecraft? Minecraft’s fresh Wild Update is impressing players left and right with its new content. The whole new habitat, the Mangrove Swamp, is full of mysteries. Not only does it provide users with new fauna and ground types, but it also adds new creatures. Frogs are the new animal that happily jumps around the swamp. Not only are they cute and fun to look at, but they can also join your farm or kingdom as a companion! Since it is not necessarily child’s play, here is how to tame Minecraft’s Frogs.

Taming Frogs in Minecraft

Unfortunately, Minecraft’s frogs cannot be tamed. However, players can make these frogs follow them around with a little persuasion. They cannot be named, but they can hop with you on your journey.

One may easily convince frogs to follow them when carrying a Slimeball. Even if users can’t tame them, they can get a bunch of little frogs to accompany them around the world. You can also use Lead to walk a Frog around by attaching that to it. Use four strings and one Slimeball to make these useful leads. You will finally have a frog on a leash. They won’t be tamed, but still, it is as good as it gets.

Slimeballs may also be fed to frogs to induce them into the breeding mode. They will then proceed to lay frogspawn at the nearest water source. It will take around five to ten minutes for six tadpoles to hatch from a single frogspawn block. Even if gamers can’t tame frogs, they can build up their frog breeding sites in watery environments. Do what you do with villagers.

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If you like, you may make a pen and keep them inside. If players don’t build the pen properly, these frogs will just go. Because these animals may leap up to three blocks high, make sure the enclosure’s fence is at least four blocks high.

How to tame a frog in minecraft

Can You Tame Frogs in Minecraft?

Frogs, much like turtles, can’t actually be tamed in the way that animals such as wolves or horses can. They can be lured and bred, but they can’t be domesticated.

This means that if you intend on keeping a frog as a pet, you’ll need to make sure it is kept in an enclosed place or leashed to a post, as it will likely wander off on its own otherwise.

Frogs can be found in virtually any biome in your Minecraft seed. The type of frog depends on the climate, either hot, warm, or cold.

  • Hot climates will have orange frogs.
  • Warm climates will have white frogs.
  • Cold climates will have green frogs.

How to Lure Frogs

In order to lure frogs in Minecraft, you’re going to need to use slimeballs. These can be obtained by killing small slimes, which can commonly be found hopping around in swamp biomes, or more rarely, deep in caves.

Similar to luring other animals, you just need to have the luring item equipped and keep within close proximity of the mob you want to lure, and they’ll follow you. The best option is to simply use leads.

How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

Breeding frogs is much like breeding any other passive mob in Minecraft. Once you have two frogs near each other, equip some slimeballs and interact with each of the two frogs to get them in love mode.

After doing this, one of the two frogs will become pregnant, and will immediately begin looking for the nearest water source to lay eggs, similar to turtles.

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If you have your frogs in an enclosed area, make sure you have some water in there with them, so that the pregnant frogs can lay their frogspawn. After around ten minutes, two to six tadpoles will hatch from the eggs and begin swimming around in the water.

Tadpoles will eventually grow into frogs, and this growth can be accelerated by feeding them slimeballs. Tadpoles can not survive on land, so be sure to leave them in the water. If you need to transport them at all, you can use a bucket on the water to scoop up the tadpole, then you can transport it elsewhere.

The type of frog the tadpole grows up into depends on the biome in which it grows, not the types of frogs that its parents are. Follow the guidelines a bit above in the article to breed your frogs in areas where you will get the color you want.

That is everything you need to know about taming, luring, and breeding frogs in Minecraft. Check out our other Minecraft guides or even our extensive Minecraft seed lists here on GameSkinny.

Finding The Frogs

You can spawn them in groups in Mangrove Swamp (also part of the new update) or from Tadpoles. Each variant is specific to the biome, from where it turns from a tadpole to a frog. Breed them with slimeballs, put the tadpoles in a bucket, and then in some water in the biome where you want them to become frogs.

The Three Frog Variants

Grown from a tadpole, the Frog comes in three variants. Depending upon the biome you breed them in, you can choose what color frog you get.

Temperate: Orange, drops of ochre frog lights.

How To Tame Frogs

Unfortunately, frogs cannot be tamed as of yet in the game. Only a select few animals in Minecraft can be tamed appropriately, like the wolves and the horses.

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Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t keep them as pets. You can still sort of tame them by either luring them or breeding them.

You need to note the following while keeping the frogs as a pet.

You Can Put A Leash On Them

Although not tameable, Minecraft lets you put a leash on the Frogs. This allows you to keep them nearby or tether them to a fence. Leads can be crafted using four pieces of string.

They Tend To Wander Off

If you do wish to keep them, be sure to secure them in an enclosed space. Construct a pen but be careful to keep the fences larger than three blocks because they can jump over otherwise.

How to tame a frog in minecraft

Build Them A Terrarium

One thing you can do to keep the frogs in one place is to build them a terrarium. The glass walls must be six blocks high. Grow Mangrove trees and out glass all over. Cover the roof with glass and decorate!

Keep Them Close With A Slimeball

One thing that you can use to your advantage in luring frogs is a slimeball. Frogs will follow any player who holds a slimeball within six blocks of them. You can find a slimeball by either killing a slime or by a panda sneeze.

Breeding The Frogs

Feeding a frog, a slimeball causes it to enter love mode. Two frogs fed with slimeballs cause one to lay a frogspawn, which later hatches into tadpoles.

Closing Remarks

Albeit this is not a lot, here is how you can tame a frog in Minecraft. Keep these few tips and tricks in mind, and nothing is stopping you from keeping these cute creatures to yourself in Minecraft.

Combine the lead with a slimeball in hand, and you have a frog as a pet!

If you’re just beginning Minecraft and need help learning the basics, we also have an article on How to get off a horse in Minecraft.

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