How to start minecraft survival? Beginners Should Do First When Starting Minecraft

How to start minecraft survival? Even though Minecraft has been around since 2011 and has become a global phenomenon, there are still people trying out this game for the first time. Fortunately, it continues to have a thriving community of loyal fans and the developers habitually release massive updates that expand the game’s content and take it in exciting new directions.

For those starting out though, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some beginner’s tips to keep you alive the first couple of nights; these will give you a good head start as you figure out what to do in Minecraft.

Punch A Tree

Starting out you have nothing; no tools, no weapons, no shelter, nothing. The first thing you need to do is arm yourself with some tools. To do this, walk up to the nearest tree and start punching it until the wood drops.

Wood is the basic building block you’ll be using for the rest of the game. Gather a bunch of logs then open your inventory to turn the logs into planks. Use four planks in your mini crafting grid to create a Crafting Bench and open up a world of possibility.

Acquire Stone Tools

Using this Crafting Bench, you can build yourself a wooden pickaxe. To do this, craft a set of sticks and use the sticks with wood planks to craft the pickaxe. It’s highly recommended you have the crafting guide pulled up as there are a lot of things to craft, and it’ll spare you hours of trial and error to figure out what you can and can’t build. Thankfully, Minecraft has a little green book that you can open from the menu, showing all recipes.

Use that wooden pickaxe to gather a bunch of stone and then use the stone to craft stone versions of a pickaxe, axe, hoe, shovel, and sword. With these tools in your arsenal, you’re ready to move to the next step.

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how to start minecraft survival

Build A Shelter

Nightfall is very dangerous in Minecraft as there are monsters known as mobs that come out at night to attack you. Later these mobs will become another cog in your machine to progress, but in the beginning, they are your biggest threat.

The best way to avoid this is to sleep in a bed built by killing sheep and using their wool plus wood to craft it. Unfortunately, sheep are only found in specific biomes so odds are your first night is going to be spent hiding indoors. Whether it’s dirt, wood, or stone, use your tools to gather enough of your chosen material to build a basic shelter. Most Minecrafters have fond memories of their first base; a square made from dirt.

Set Your Spawn Point

When you die in Minecraft, you will respawn at the coordinates 0,0. This is where you begin the game, but it’s typically not where you choose to settle. To avoid this, be sure to set your spawn point.

This can simply be done by sleeping in a bed, or just clicking on the bed during the day. When you do this, your spawn point is set and you will respawn on your bed whenever you die.

Find Some Food

Now that you have a shelter to keep yourself alive at night, your next issue is going to be keeping yourself properly nourished. Every action in the game, such as mining and running, costs you hunger. When the hunger bar is full, your character will naturally heal from any injuries, but lose a little hunger and you stop healing.

If your hunger bar continues to drop you’ll become unable to run and eventually will start losing health as you starve to death. It’s important to grab some basic foodstuffs like meat from animals, fish, berries, apples from oak trees, or even rotten meat from zombies to keep yourself alive in the beginning. Some food provides more satiation than others, meaning the player gains more ‘hunger’ which lasts them longer. Cooked beef is one of the best sources.

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Light It Up

Most mobs in the game hate light, which is why they don’t appear until nighttime. Keeping the inside of your shelter lit will prevent any mobs from spawning inside. To do this you need torches.

To build torches you can either gather coal from the environment or make charcoal by creating a furnace using stone blocks and then ‘cooking’ wooden logs to make charcoal. Charcoal will be handy later for smelting projects, but for now, place it on top of a stick in your crafting table to create torches. These torches can then be placed practically anywhere to generate light and prevent mob spawns from happening in the area.

Write Down Your Base’s Coordinates

Before setting out in the world, it’s important to note where you are. Exploration can be fun, but you may get turned around, especially if your base is in a common area like a plains biome.

We recommend writing your coordinates down. If you are playing on PC (Java), you can show coordinates by pressing F3 (FN + F3 on Mac). If you are on the Bedrock version of Minecraft, you will need to enable coordinates when creating your world. Thankfully, you can head back to the edit world button from the main menu and enable coordinates if you forgot to when creating the world.

Build A Chest

Chests are great for storing items and are quite easy to make. At the start of the game, you will probably be hoarding everything that you come across. To ease the inventory clutter, be sure to make a chest or two. Placing two chests will make a double chest.

Placing important items in chests will also help you avoid permanently losing them if you die. A great tip is to store important tools in a chest if you are exploring somewhere that looks dangerous. When you do die, your tools will still be intact.

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Find A Cave

With a basic shelter, a supply of food, tools, and torches your next step is to find a cave. Caves are naturally created tunnels and crevices in the environment that extend underground. Caves vary in size from small rooms barely large enough for you to stand to large complex tunnels that reach the bottom levels of the world.

Giant chasms can form down here, as well as Lush Caves full of food and life; just keep an eye on your torch supply. Caves can be useful as large underground shelters and for your next step in survival; gathering raw materials.

how to start minecraft survival

Gather Raw Materials

By now you’ve probably had to replace your stone tools a few times and would like to upgrade to something better. Your next technological tier is iron, which is primarily found underground. If you found a decent cave complex this makes this part very easy. If not, you’re going to have to dig your way down and build a mine.

In any case, you’re looking for small tan flecks in stone that represent iron ore blocks. Dig up a bunch of these, plus whatever coal you find, and put them in your furnace. Once you’ve ‘cooked’ the iron, it becomes iron ingots that you can use to craft iron tools. Iron ore typically spawns mostly at Y= 16, but larger veins occur between Y= -56 and Y= -8. Coal is usually much closer to the surface.

Locate A Village

Since the Village and Pillage update of 1.14, these generated structures are way more useful than they ever were before. Breeding the NPCs and trading with them is incredibly beneficial as they can give you enchanted weapons and armor, rare enchantments, and even Suspicious Stew.

Their homes are also super helpful, as they often have beds for you to commandeer, chests with food and sometimes diamonds, and endless bales of hay. By deconstructing the haybales, you will be rewarded with more Wheat than you know what to do with. Try putting three in a row on a Crafting Bench for some Bread.

Above is information how to start minecraft survival.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to start minecraft survival .Thank you for reading our post.

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