How to spawn ender dragon? Where to Find the Ender Dragon

How to spawn ender dragon? This Minecraft tutorial explains how to respawn the ender dragon with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. In Minecraft, the ender dragon is a lot of fun and a great challenge to battle in the End dimension. But did you know that after you defeat it, you can respawn the ender dragon with a few simple steps (no game commands required).

The Ender Dragon is the final boss in Minecraft. As such, it is arguably the best and most challenging mob in the entire game.

The Ender Dragon is the last thing standing between Minecraft players and the end credits and having beaten the game. It’s one of the most fun parts of the game, but the End isn’t always a walk in the park and is often considered the most dangerous dimension.

Fortunately, there’s a way for players to fight the Ender Dragon in the safety of the overworld and the absence of Endermen. The dragon, like almost every mob in the entire game, can be summoned through the use of commands. Here’s how to do it.

How to spawn ender dragon?

Summoning the Ender Dragon using the command in Minecraft

The use of the summon command requires commands to be enabled. This can be done in world settings and can be done either before or after the world is created. The summon command is /summon. For the Ender Dragon, it will be /summon ender_dragon.

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Minecraft players should try to summon the Ender Dragon in an open area that is away from their main area. Things can get destroyed as a result. Players should also ensure they have strong weapons and armor, as the Ender Dragon is still one of the most difficult mobs in the entire game.

Players should also keep in mind that getting the Ender Dragon this way will not work for the achievement that tasks players with respawning it. That has to be done in a particular way, and the use of commands disables achievements in a Minecraft world.

The dragon can be summoned as many times as players want. There can even be multiple dragons at one time. The Ender Dragon will not recharge its health without the End Crystals it normally has in the End. It will lose health as often as it is hit and will stay that way, making it significantly easier to defeat.

What is the command code for the Ender Dragon?

Summoning the Ender Dragon using the command in Minecraft

This can be done in world settings and can be done either before or after the world is created. The summon command is /summon. For the Ender Dragon, it will be /summon ender_dragon.

How to Respawn Ender Dragon in 1.19

The Ender Dragon, Minecraft‘s “final boss,” features a battle that fans will never forget, and some might wish to reexperience this boss fight in the 1.19 Update. Unlike the formidable Wither that can be summoned in any biome, the Ender Dragon can only be confronted within its pocket dimension known as The End.

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Defeating this final opponent will grant players access to End Cities, expansive biomes within The End that contain rare loot, such as the Elytra in Minecraft. While taking down the Ender Dragon for a second or third time does not yield different outcomes, Minecraft fans might relish facing the massive flying wyvern for a rematch in 1.19.

Respawning the Ender Dragon in Minecraft 1.19

To respawn the Ender Dragon in Minecraft 1.19, players will need to craft four End Crystals, the same combustible blocks used when defeating the boss for the first time. To make these entities, fans must procure Glass, Ghast Tears, and Eyes of Ender.

Thanks to the efforts of YouTube content creator Gamer Tweak, Minecraft fans can know how to make and use End Crystals to respawn the Ender Dragon in version 1.19 of the game. As mentioned above, four End Crystals are needed for the resummoning process, meaning ×4 of all the crafting resources are required.

Once players have crafted four End Crystals in Minecraft, they must return to the Stronghold Portal and reenter the Ender Dragon’s lair in The End. They can then respawn the beast by placing the crystals in the center on each of the four sides of the End City teleportation sculpture. After a short animation, the Ender Dragon will respawn for Round 2.

How to spawn ender dragon?

Finding the Ender Dragon

To find the Ender Dragon, the players will have to look for a Dragon Stronghold, these Strongholds consists of a portal that will take the player to the End region, where the Ender Dragon rests. To find the End Portal, the players will need an item known as Eye of Ender, they can be used to locate the End Portal. To craft an Eye of Ender, the player will need one Ender Pearl and a Blaze Powder.

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Once the Eye has been crafted, the players need to release it, the Eye will start floating towards the nearest End Portal. Keep following the eye to reach the location, the Eye will stop where the portal is and the players should start digging underneath that area. One thing to note is that the players will need multiple Eyes of Ender in this process so they should craft an abundant amount.

The players will need at least 20 Eyes to find the End Portal and another 12 of them to activate the portal. Ender pearls can be found by killing down Endermen and Blaze Powder can be found by striking down Blazes in the Nether Fortress. After the Eyes have been gathered, the players should go to the spawn point and then throw the eye and follow it to find the portal.

The Eye will float high in the air and the players should follow it until gets lower and eventually falls to the ground. The player should then create a ledge and then throw the Eye of Ender to see the exact location of where it lands. Keep digging down from that spot and the players will reach the Stronghold, where the End Portal can be found. Once the players enter the End through the portal, the Ender Dragon should spawn within 20 seconds and the players should be prepared for the battle of their lifetime.

Above is information how to spawn ender dragon.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to spawn ender dragon .Thank you for reading our post.

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