How to skip cutscenes in GTA 5? GTA V Can I Skip GTA Online Cut Scenes?

How to skip cutscenes in gta 5? GTA Online allows players to indulge in various missions to earn cash and rewards. These missions come with cutscenes that can be repetitive and time-consuming, especially if you’ve seen them multiple times.

Fortunately, with the constant GTA Online updates, players can now skip these cutscenes. This article will guide you on how to skip cutscenes in GTA Online and save valuable time during your playthroughs.

GTA V is truly one of Rockstar’s most ambitious projects, as they take their signature attention-to-detail to the next level with well-designed and well-written cutscenes that add a lot to the game.

Many have always argued that games should do away with cutscenes altogether as they aren’t necessarily an organic part of the game design, but Rockstar seems to have found their footing when it comes to cutscenes.

The GTA games have some of the most well-acted and well-written cutscenes in gaming, especially GTA V. The motion capture of the actors work to perfection, and during the time of its release, they were some of the best cutscenes one had ever seen on the PS3/Xbox 360.

Even in 2020, players would be hard-pressed to find better cutscenes than the ones seen in GTA V. However, on a second playthrough, when the player is trying to rush through the game, the cutscenes could get in the way.

how to skip cutscenes in gta 5

Skipping cutscenes in GTA Online

Skipping cutscenes in GTA Online is a relatively simple process. The ability to skip cutscenes is available for new missions and old Heist Missions, but not for the majority of other missions. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Complete the Mission: To skip a cutscene, you must first complete the mission at least once. Once you’ve completed the mission, you’ll have the option to skip the cutscene during subsequent playthroughs.
  • Press the Right Button: To skip a cutscene, press the appropriate button for your platform. For PC users, the keys ‘Esc’, ‘E’, or Spacebar will work. For PlayStation users, press ‘O’, and for Xbox users, press ‘X’.
  • Skip the Cutscene: Once you press the right button, the cutscene will be skipped, and you’ll be able to jump straight into the gameplay.
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Remember, the ability to skip cutscenes is not available for all missions. Only new missions and old Heist Missions can be skipped. If you’re playing one of the other missions, you’ll have to sit through the cutscene.

Why do players want to skip cutscenes in GTA Online?

Skipping cutscenes in GTA Online can save you a significant amount of time. Many players find the cutscenes repetitive and tedious, especially if they’ve already seen them before.

By skipping the cutscenes, you’ll be able to jump straight into the gameplay, making the mission completion process faster and more enjoyable.

Additionally, if you’re playing with other players, skipping the cutscenes can also make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Waiting for a cutscene to play out can be frustrating, especially if you’ve already seen it before.

The ability to skip cutscenes in GTA Online is a valuable feature that can save players a significant amount of time. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can quickly skip cutscenes in new missions and old Heist Missions, making the gameplay experience more enjoyable and faster.

Remember that the feature is not available for all missions, so you’ll have to sit through cutscenes for other missions. Enjoy playing GTA Online without the hassle of repetitive cutscenes!

Can You Skip Old Cutscenes?

The ability to skip cutscenes is quite temperamental. Previously, players had the ability to skip cutscenes if they hosted the game. Of course, this meant that anyone joining the server would have to watch the cutscene if the host wanted to watch it themselves.

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However, at least a method had been put in place to skip these Online Mission cutscenes. Cutscenes of new Missions since January 2023 can be skipped so long as you have played them once already.

This is a welcoming and positive change. One that is also a long time coming since the usual skipping ability of Story Mode in GTA V. However,

With the latest update, players can now skip cutscenes but it comes with a small twist. Whilst you can skip new Mission cutscenes, you cannot skip old Missions aside from Heist Missions.

The ability to skip GTA Online cutscenes comes at the cost of only skipping the old Heist Missions. Losing the replayability of the old Missions once again.

Whilst you can skip cutscenes in the newest Mission in GTA Online, you still will not be able to skip the majority of the old Online Missions, aside from Heists. This leaves the player watching every other NPC Mission in the game to watch the intro cutscene once again.

how to skip cutscenes in gta 5

How to Skip Cutscenes

However, for those replaying Heist Missions, or have finished any of the new Missions, you can now skip the cutscenes. PC users need to hit the keys to skip: ‘Esc’, ‘E’ or Spacebar.

On PlayStation, you need to press ‘O’ and on Xbox, the button to press is ‘X’. This can be done at any point in the loading cutscene of the game so long as you have already beaten the Mission.

Remember that this only works for new Missions and the old Heist Missions. It does not work for the majority of the other GTA Online Missions.

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Perhaps another update will come in the future that will allow for players to skip all cutscenes. However since its initial release of 2013, I doubt this will be implemented any time soon.

We are surely past the point of no return. At least new Missions allow you to skip the cutscene after completing it once.

How to skip cutscenes in GTA V Story Mode?

When players are on a completionist playthrough the second time over, they are probably less appreciative of the somewhat long cutscenes in GTA V. While they are still nowhere nearly as long as a standard Kojima cutscene, they can still be pretty long.

On PC:

Simply press either ‘Esc,’ ‘E,’ or the ‘Spacebar’ to skip a cutscene in GTA V.

On PS3/4:

Press the ‘Circle’ button to skip the cutscenes in the game.

On Xbox 360/One:

Press the ‘X’ button to skip the cutscenes in the game.

Players could also just ‘Pause’ a cutscene; they can do so by going into the ‘Pause Menu’ while the cutscene is playing. GTA V’s cutscenes are extremely well done and rarely venture into tedious territory.

Yet, players can choose to skip it when they’re on a second or third playthrough of the game.

Above is information about how to skip cutscenes in gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to skip cutscenes in gta 5 Thank you for reading our posst.

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