How to save game in GTA 5? How to Save in GTA V: Saving Game Guide

How to save game in gta 5? GTA 5, in the opinion of many gamers, is the best video game of its time and the fictional city of Los Santos offers all the GTA 5 players a sprawling world to discover. Apart from that, players are assigned tasks and missions to progress in the game.

The number of hours that players invest in GTA 5 is phenomenal. If you have been playing for too long and have to get back to the real world to get actual work done, you can make sure that your progress in GTA 5 is not lost.

Two ways to save your progress in GTA 5

There are two ways to ensure that your progress in GTA 5 is not lost. Here are two ways how you can save the game and you can pick either of them.


You can save your progress in GTA 5 by simply taking a nap. For this, you have to travel to the nearest safe-house. When you approach the bed you will get an option to sleep. Click the right button on your directional pad and sleep.

This will save the game. Once you wake up, you will see that a few hours have passed. If you are playing with Michael then it’s six hours. In the case of Franklin, it is eight hours and for Trevor, it is 12 hours. Get up and continue playing!

Cell phone

You have to bring up your cell phone in GTA 5. You can do this by pressing ‘Up’ on your directional pad if you are playing with a console or press ‘T’ on your keyboard. Now, you have to click on the icon represented by a cloud with an arrow.

This is how you ‘Quick Save’ your progress. Time will not elapse and the character you are playing with will remain in the same place they were in the game.

How to save game in GTA 5

How to manually save in GTA Online (post The Last Dose update)

Step 1: Bring up the Interaction Menu. Here is how you can summon it on various platforms:

  • PC: Hold the ‘M’ key.
  • PS4 & PS5: Hold the Touchpad.
  • Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S: Hold the View button.
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Once you do that, select the “Style” category. You should see something similar to the following screen

Step 2: Go to “Outfit” and change it to anything that you’re not currently wearing. You must have already set some preset outfits to complete this step. If not, then you need to do that as soon as possible.

Step 3: After changing your outfit, wait a bit. If you see a yellow loading icon on the bottom right, then that means GTA Online is currently saving. It will eventually turn white and then fade. If you don’t see any “Saving Failed” messages, then you did this step successfully.

Repeating these few steps after completing a heist or doing something else important is always advised. There isn’t much worse in GTA Online than having hours of work get invalidated just because the player’s progress wasn’t automatically saved.

How to save outfits in GTA Online

You can use any wardrobe to create new Saved Outfits. Once you approach one, you should see a prompt to change your clothes. Press the button prompt shown to you on the top left to enter a screen where you can adjust your attire.

On the bottom right is a prompt similar to the following image

Use the button relevant to your platform to see a wide variety of slots where your outfits can be. If you don’t have anything, you should see plenty of empty space. Enter your new attire over one of them. Afterward, create at least one more outfit and place it over one of the open spots.

GTA Online players can then access these new costumes from their Interaction Menu, which allows them to manually save anywhere in the overworld.

How To Save In GTA V?


One of the quickest ways to save is to sleep in your nearest safe house. For Michael, it is his house. For Trevor, it can be his trailer or in the Gentlemens Clb. Moreover, franklin can save in his house.

In order to save, you have to go to the bedrooms of either of the characters and press the designated button near the bed.

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When you sleep, the game would allow you to save manually. Remember, when your character wakes up, some hours already would’ve passed.

Usually, it’s 6 hours for Michael, 8 hours for Franklin, and 12 hours for Trevor. Get up as early as you can and grind your missions! GTA V is a world that never sleeps.


You have to perform this by using your character’s smartphone. Press the “Up” button on your gaming pad, and the phone will come out. In the top-left corner, you would see an arrow entering a cloud logo: that was the quicksave option.

No time would elapse while performing this act, and this is the only quickest way. The player would remain at the same place and can have up to 15 save slots for a total of these players.

If you’re in a hurry or just got free from a brutal police pursuit, your phone is the best shot to have your data saved. Remember, quicksave is disabled during missions, and autosave would work when you complete any assignment, as said.

How To Save Game In GTA Online

For many players, saving in GTA Online may seem confusing because it is not the same as saving in the main storyline. There are multiple ways to save in GTA Online, and most of them act as autosaves, considering multiplayer doesn’t have autosave.

However, we’re here to guide you on how to save in GTA V Online properly, so you do not lose any precious cash you earned or vehicles you obtained.

There are several ways of saving; some of them are listed here:

  • Buying items, inventory, or any vehicle
  • Changing clothes
  • Completing Missions

Changing Clothes

Saving by changing your clothes may seem odd, but it is the only quickest method of saving if you’re in a hurry. The method goes as follows:

Open the Interactive Menu on your console by using the controls on your console. PlayStation and Xbox consoles can press left on the gaming pad. After accessing the interactive menu, press the “Style” button. Afterward, press on “accessories,” and you will be able to access the clothes you can change: ranging from glasses, masks, helmets, etc.

You can also change into different outfits from the menu, such as helmet visors and race outfits.When you finally bring changes to your appearance, you will notice a yellow circle near the extreme right corner, indicating your game is being saved.

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Buying Items

This method is quite simple and does not need much explanation. Go to your nearest Spender’s store and get a soda; your game will automatically save. The exact process goes for online purchases: any vehicle bought would save the current game.

How to save game in GTA 5

Completing Missions

If you’re in a hurry and you have no means to save, the quickest option is to do an easy mission. For many players, Special Cargo or Street Races are some of the few missions that can help you achieve saves much early and also let you earn some cash as well.

Every mission completed, regardless of side-ops or not will be included in the save.

Upon completing heists, the game is automatically saved as well, think of it as an auto-save feature that corresponds with missions and side missions.

Saving GTA V By Exiting

Many players consider this is the safe route to save GTA Online, though it may be time-consuming. Still, it is the best way to save your progress in GTA V ultimately. To execute this, go to the settings of GTA Online by pressing the “start button” on your console or PC.

After this, you will open the main menu of GTA Online; the second last option would show as “Leave GTA Online”. This option would leave you to the main loading screen, where you can see the entire city.

Even though it may take time, an average exiting loading screen time for GTA Online can last up to 7 minutes. However, this is your best chance at getting a secured save.


GTA V is an incredibly vast game with endless possibilities and adventure. You surely don’t want to miss every opportunity to spend time in GTA V hobbies and pastimes, while looking for inventory that overpowers you, right? That is why autosave is crucial, and saving is extremely useful.

Everything in GTA V is technically an autosave, from buying clothes or vehicles, completing missions, or transferring money. However, Online may seem difficult or time-consuming to save compared to the storyline.

We have explained all the ways you can save your progress in GTA V; let us know in the comments which way you prefer to save your game in GTA Online.

Above is information about how to save game in gta 5 that we have compiled. Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to save game in gta 5 Thank you for reading our posst.

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