How to repair trident minecraft? Tips to repair a Trident in the game

How to repair trident minecraft? Minecraft can be surprisingly dangerous, and players will want to find a nice weapon to keep them safe. The Trident is a solid melee and ranged weapon that is good for people who want to ensure their safety while adventuring in dangerous places. While Tridents can be improved with enchantments, they cannot be crafted, so players will want to take great care of them and repair them often.

An important tool for repairing the Trident will be the crafting table, as it will offer players a simple way to get the job done. Players can combine two damaged Tridents on a crafting table to repair them, although this will remove any enchantments they happen to benefit from, so it is not ideal.

How to Repair a Trident in Minecraft

Thankfully, that is not the only way to repair a Trident in Minecraft. Players also have the option of combing a damaged Trident with a new one at an anvil. The benefit to this is that the enchantments on the trident will be preserved if there are any, and players won’t lose some potentially very strong advantages. Players with two Tridents who need repair and who are not worried about losing enchantments can place them both in a grindstone to get back one perfect Trident.

The final way to repair a Trident is by using the mending enhancement to fix it. Mending enhancement books can be found by fishing, looting chests, trading with villagers, or by turning a villager into a Librarian. Players can then place the Trident into an anvil and place the mending book in another slot.

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Players who don’t have a Trident will need to get one from a Drowned, one of the most terrifying hostile mobs in Minecraft. Drowned are zombies who have met their end in bodies of water and can spawn in any ocean biome or river biome at light level seven or less. If a player kills a Drowned, it will have a small chance to drop a Trident. This is the only way to get a Trident, and they cannot be crafted or obtained by any other means.

While it is possible for players to throw a Trident as a ranged attack, then pick the Trident back up, it is impossible for players to pick up Tridents that have been thrown by a Drowned. As such, the only way to get them is with some good old-fashioned mob farming near water.

How to repair trident minecraft

How to Repair Tridents in Minecraft

Tridents will lose their durability after some successful throws, and the only way to repair them is to get another damaged Trident and mash them together to get a new, durable one. This can be done either by opening your inventory and mashing them here or through the Crafting Table. Be aware that repairing Tridents through this method will remove any previous Enhancements they once had.

To keep those modifications, you need to repair them on an Anvil, which will preserve every possible Enhancement. Repairing through the Grindstone also keeps them, with the exceptions of the Curse of Vanish and the Curse of Binding.

Getting more Tridents is the hard part, though. They’re only dropped from Drowneds and cannot be obtained anywhere else. Finding a drowned’s not that big of a deal, but finding one holding a Trident can be more time-consuming. Now it needs to drop the trident, and it has an even lower chance of that. Couldn’t get it? Time to start all over; good luck.

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Yeah, it’s rough, so it might be better to stick to your good and old swords. If you ever need some ranged action, arrows are also easier to get. But don’t shy away from these marine weapons as they’re still incredibly strong. Just a little bit harder to come by.

Minecraft: Can You Repair The Trident

Despite not being a weapon you craft, but one you collect from the Drowned enemy type, you can actually repair a trident once you have one. In fact, there are three ways to go about it, each with different requirements.

Minecraft: How To Repair The Trident

If you have a trident that is unenchanted, you will be able to restore its durability at a crafting table, or even within your own crafting menu. If this sounds too good to be true, it should because the item required to combine with a trident in order to actually repair one is another trident. This second trident can also be damaged, meaning it isn’t a complete waste, but obviously will require you to have a spare trident to sacrifice.

If you’ve got a trident with no enchantments you want to hang on to, always grab them in even numbers when you’re farming them from the Drowned. That way when one starts to run low on durability you can swap to the other, and then combine them once both are about to break, effectively giving you three for the price of two.

The second method is for enchanted tridents and is done almost identically to the first, only using an anvil. Place your enchanted trident in the first slot, a spare one in the second, and you will pull out a crisp new enchanted trident.

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One final way to repair a trident is to give it the mending enchantment. What this does is convert any experience orbs you would pick up into durability for the trident rather than building your level. The only trouble is finding a mending enchantment, which can only be found in books looted in the world.

How to repair trident minecraft


There is one final way to repair your trident (and other tools). And that’s with the mending enchantment. You can’t roll the mending enchantment in an enchanting table, instead you have to find the book from loot, trading or fishing and apply it to the trident in an anvil.

What the mending enchantment does is it repairs your item at the expense of experience orbs. Meaning that if you are carrying an item with mending applied to it, collecting experience will go towards repairing the trident instead of to your player level.

It’s by far the most cost efficient way to repair, as killing mobs or mining will constantly repair the weapon. All you have to do is actually find the mending enchantment book!

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