How to play multiplayer on minecraft? How to Play Minecraft With Friends: 5 Different Ways

How to play multiplayer on minecraft? Minecraft has been a fan favorite for years. The game has seen many updates that made the game even more enjoyable for the fanatics. If you’re new to Minecraft, you may be put off by the idea of playing a solo game for hours on end. Minecraft’s singleplayer building aspect is a great way to spend time while getting the creative juices flowing. However, most users will get infinitely more enjoyment from the game when they play with their friends on or offline.

How to Play Multiplayer on Minecraft

There are a few ways to play Minecraft with friends (or even complete strangers). A smaller group may opt to play on a local network, using a LAN connection that requires almost no technical knowledge.

Advanced users can access a vast number of servers or create their own, each with different rules and cheats enabled to allow for more in-game freedom. The Realms edition is entirely online but has some caveats, while the special education edition was built with online play in mind.

How to play multiplayer on minecraft

How Do You Play Multiplayer in Minecraft in the Same House?

Users who want to play Minecraft in the same house usually opt for a LAN network or use a single console to power Minecraft. You can make a LAN network through your home Wi-Fi, for example, or connect all devices to the same router via Ethernet cables. Here’s how to start up a LAN world on Minecraft

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How to Play Multiplayer on Minecraft Online

PC or console users who want to play online can use an extensive library of servers or set up their own private server for a smaller group of friends. There are benefits and drawbacks to both. Servers require a powerful infrastructure and internet connection to run, and the PC that’s hosting as a server may not be able to play on it as well. On the other hand, joining public servers requires you to abide by their rules, moderation, and regulation.

Setting up a server takes time and technical knowledge but can be simplified with online hosting services. If you want to learn how to build your Minecraft server from scratch, the documentation required to do so is available here. Warning: The instructions are publicly edited and updated to the most recent version of Minecraft. They may not run properly on your computer configuration.

If you don’t have the technical know-how or the time to set the server up, online server hosting platforms can make that process a lot simpler. Here’s an example with Apex Minecraft Hosting

What’s the Difference Between Bedrock and Java Editions?

When you’re setting up a game or choosing which version of Minecraft to play, picking the correct Minecraft edition is vital. There are two main Minecraft versions for multiplayer: Bedrock edition and Java edition.

The Bedrock edition is the only edition available for console users (PS4, Xbox, Switch). It has limited modding support, and you’ll usually need to pay to get access to more mods. However, it’s the only way to connect players across different consoles and a PC.

PC users get an option between the two. If all your friends use a PC, we’d recommend the Java version. It doesn’t limit mods, can enable hardcore mode for no-respawn gameplay, and is updated first with more developmental features.

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How Do You Play Minecraft Multiplayer for Free?

The only way to play with friends for free is to set up your own server, although that may be more time-consuming, and you’ll need to be careful to set everything up correctly. Alternatively, you can try finding free server hosts online, although finding a trusted host might be more challenging than it looks.

Minecraft With Friends

Playing Minecraft alone can be an excellent way to pass the time, but playing the friends can bring the best (and the worst) out of your playgroup and force you to think out of the box. Now you know all the ways you can play Minecraft in multiplayer mode. If you’re tech-savvy, setting up your server can be a great way to improve your tech knowledge and play online for free.

What is your preferred way to play Minecraft? Which platform do you play multiplayer on? Let us know in the comment section below.

Join Minecraft Public Servers

Both Bedrock and Java Edition have public servers available for anyone to join. You can find servers on Bedrock easily on any platform whether you’re on console, PC, or mobile, but there are limitations. Java has fewer limitations, but you’ll need to do some digging to find good servers, and you might need to deal with more technical issues.

While Java Edition is only on PC, you can play Minecraft on Steam Link and play it on your TV, phone, or tablet and get close to a cross-platform experience.

Minecraft Server Hosting Services

Hosting your own private Minecraft server is great if you just want to experience it with your friends. However, you either have to pay for Minecraft Realms or get a powerful PC that you’ll have to keep on if you want your friends to keep playing on the server while you’re away.

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Thankfully, there’s an alternative method. You can set up a Minecraft server for free with services like Minehut or Aternos. These services have their own computers that host the servers for you so you don’t have to keep your computer on all the time. Here’s how to set up a server on Aternos

Minecraft Realms

Minecraft Realms is available for both Java and Bedrock, but they are separate subscriptions. Realms are officially hosted servers that you have to pay for, but it has the benefit of being more convenient, streamlined, and reliable than third-party hosting services.

How to Create a Minecraft Realm

Java Edition: First, you’ll need to purchase a subscription for a Realm (you can check the pricing plans on Minecraft’s website). You can activate a 30-day free trial to test the waters and cancel anytime.

Once you have a subscription plan, open Minecraft and click Minecraft Realms. If this is your first time creating a Realm, click on click to start your new Realm. Here you can name your Realm and enter a brief description before choosing your world type.

Choose between generating a new world, uploading a previous world save, or exploring Realms’ World templates, Adventures, and Experiences.

Now that you’ve created your Realm, choose Configure Realm (the wrench icon) and click on Players. Now all you have to do to whitelist a friend on your server is click Invite player and type in their username before clicking Invite player again. Your friend will receive an invitation to join your Realm.

How to play multiplayer on minecraft

How to Join a Minecraft Realm

Java Edition: If you’ve received an invitation to join your friend’s Realm, open Minecraft and navigate to Minecraft Realms.

At the top of the screen, to the right of where it says Minecraft Realms, is a small envelope icon. This envelope contains any pending invites you’ve received; click it to join your friend’s Realm.

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