How to make torches in minecraft? Build Minecraft torch: these are the steps to follow

How to make torches in minecraft? As the main player-made light source in Minecraft, torches are vital for anyone wishing to explore the caves of this beloved open sandbox game. Being so easy to make, and seeing as the resources they are made from are abundant in every Minecraft world, torches should be some of the first tools a player makes once they’ve entered their Minecraft world for the first time.

So, before you begin your journey into the deepest caverns of the world, making torches is a must to light your way in the dark.

How to make a pickaxe in Minecraft

You can make a pickaxe in Minecraft with two wooden sticks and three iron ingots. Making a stick is quite easy, as you only need to add wooden planks to a crafting table or the default crafting grid (2×2) and it’ll drop sticks.

Iron ingots in Minecraft can be naturally obtained from Shipwreck treasures and buried treasures but it is better to make your own by smelting iron ore in a furnace (made from Cobblestone).

How to make torches in minecraft


Minecraft is a game where you can use your creativity to make different things, and a torch is one of the essential items that you must have in order to explore the game. In Minecraft, players need light sources to keep safe from the monsters that come out at night. The torches provide light, and they are relatively simple to make. In this article, we will guide on how to make a torch in Minecraft.

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The first step is to gather the materials needed to make a torch. You will need one stick and one piece of coal or one charcoal piece. Coal and charcoal are often found in the caves, while sticks can be crafted from wooden planks. Once you have the materials, you are now ready to make a torch.

To make a torch in Minecraft, the first thing you should do is to open your inventory. On the crafting table, place the stick in the center box of the craft table, and then put the piece of coal or charcoal in the box above the stick. This will create four torches that you can use.

Once you have created the torches, you can place them anywhere you choose in Minecraft. To place a torch, you need to hold the torch in your hand, approach the surface, and right-click to place the torch. It is advisable to place them in a pattern of every 5 blocks, and that way, you can ensure you have as much light evenly distributed as possible.

A torch provides a light level of 14, which is enough to keep monsters away from you. You can also use your torches to build different structures in the game. For instance, if you want a wall made of torches, you can place them in a line along the ground, and they will form a perfect wall around your base.

In conclusion, making a torch is a simple process and is relatively easy to do in Minecraft. With the right materials, you can create a complete inventory of them, and with some good placement, you can keep yourself safe from the dangerous monsters that come out at night. So, start gathering the materials, and try making a torch yourself in Minecraft.

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Crafting a Soul Torch in Minecraft

Players will need three resources to craft a Soul Torch in Minecraft: Coal, a Stick, and Soul Sand. Coal is a common material found within mines and underground caves, and Sticks are extremely easy to obtain from logging trees. Conversely, Soul Sand might be a bit more challenging to acquire, relying on the RNG of world generation.

Thanks to the footage provided by Minecraft YouTuber JayDeeMC, players can have a good understanding of how Soul Torches and related blocks are made. For better clarification, below is an index providing details about each resource, potential substitute materials, and where to find each item for crafting the Soul Torch in Minecraft.

What Are Minecraft Torches and Why do You Need Them?

Torches in Minecraft are simply illuminating objects that are crafted within the inventory area of the game. This device helps players to traverse his neighborhood at dark hours. There are even underwater torches which helps in different ways including melting of ice and freeing up movement area for players.

How to Make Torches in Minecraft Without Coal

All you need is tree (which will be refined into charcoal), Curfing table and a furnace. To replace coal as the main recipe, then tree has to be refined into charcoal. So, once you have charcoal then you can then you can use that charcoal for your torches in place of your coal.

How to make torches in minecraft

Here are the easy procedure to make a torch in Minecraft

Firstly, you should collect some ‘logs’ by cutting trees from your surrounding. Collect at least 5 logs.

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Secondly, you have to convert logs into planks by using a crafting table. So, put one log in the crafting table to get plank for the touch.

After making planks from the logs, you have to make a stick. So, open the crafting table, and put ‘2 planks’ in the box as shown in the picture to make a stick.

Finally, you have to lit a fire on the top of the stick, and for that, you have to use coal.

So, place a stick below the box and coal above it for completing torch crafting in Minecraft.

Great! the torch is ready to use in the nights and caves- It will make your work easier.

And if you don’t have coal to craft a torch in Minecraft, then it’s no big deal. Just mine, deeper and deeper, and you will get the required amount of coal.


In Minecraft you are always in need of tools to survive through a situation. Sometimes you are in caves or in some abandoned temples with no light. Then you need some sort of light/power source. Redstone torch is useful in the same condition when you are in some cave or in a place where there is no light. You can also use a Redstone torch to transmit the signals. You can craft Redstone torches by using sticks and Redstone dust.

Above is information how to make torches in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make torches in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post

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