How to make potions of weakness? How to Make Splash Potion of Weakness & What It Does

How to make potions of weakness? Minecraft potions have temporary effects, unlike equipment enchantments. But make no mistake. Some Minecraft potions provide massive buffs and debuffs that help players accomplish feats they otherwise couldn’t in survival and hardcore modes.

The potion of weakness is often an underutilized consumable for two reasons. It doesn’t last long, and it places a debuff on the player when consumed. But you should still know how to brew this potion because it can be used in an ingenious way.

Why Make a Potion of Weakness?

To newer Minecraft players, a potion of weakness might seem like a counterintuitive consumable. If you hover over the item in the inventory, you might notice it applies an attack damage debuff for 1:30 minutes.

Understanding how the potion works in different editions is crucial. The debuff reduced the attack damage by four (two hearts) in Java Edition (JE), or by 20% and then an additional flat 0.5 (quarter of a heart) in Bedrock Edition. For Bedrock, this tooltip might display how much damage you would lose with your current weapon.

how to make potions of weakness

How to Make Water Bottles

You need three glass blocks to make three water bottles. It’s enough to simultaneously make the maximum allowed number of potions at the brewing stand.

Place one glass block in the middle of the lower row of the 3×3 crafting table. Slot the other two blocks at the sides of the middle row. You’re aiming for a V-shape made from glass blocks.

If you don’t have glass, shovel some sand and smelt it in a furnace using wood, sticks, or coal. The sand-to-glass smelting ratio is 1:1.

How to Get Fermented Spider Eyes

Fermented spider eyes don’t drop. Therefore, you must make them at the crafting table after scavenging some ingredients.

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You must harvest sugar and brown mushrooms and kill spiders for spider eyes. Making sugar is easy if you have sugarcane, as you can make it at the crafting bench.

Spiders are easy enough to farm in caverns or out in the wild at night. And if you’re not a mushroom grower, you can find brown mushrooms in taiga environments, swamp biomes, and the Nether realm.

With your ingredients ready, place your mushrooms, the spider eyes, and the sugar in the middle row of the crafting bench. The fermented spider eye recipe uses a 1:1:1 ingredient ratio.

How to Craft a Brewing Stand

The brewing stand crafting recipe requires a blaze rod and three cobblestone blocks. Position the blocks on the lower crafting bench row and put the blaze rod in the middle.

Newer players may struggle to create their first brewing stand because it requires killing Blazes in the Nether realm. But you’ll have to do that eventually to finish the game or access potions and better crafting recipes.

How to Get Gunpowder for the Splash Potion of Weakness Recipe
You’ll need gunpowder if you want to make a batch of splash potions of weakness. One of the quickest ways to get it is by killing Creepers before they explode.

Setting up a Creeper farm can set you up with plenty of gunpowder for potions, TNT, and other recipes.

How To Make A Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft

In order to make any potions, players will need to craft a Brewing Stand and some Glass Bottles. The materials needed to make a Brewing Stand and many ingredients in potion-making originate in the Nether. A Brewing Stand requires a single Blaze Rod centered above a row of Cobblestone, and three Glass Bottles can be made using three pieces of Glass in the shape of a “V.”

To make a Potion of Weakness in Minecraft, players will need a Water Bottle and a Fermented Spider Eye. A Water Bottle is made by filling an empty Glass Bottle with water like one would a Bucket. The Fermented Spider Eye is a lot more complicated.

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To craft a Fermented Spider Eye, players will need one each of the following: Brown Mushroom, Sugar, and Spider Eye. Players are also recommended to setup a Sugar farm in Minecraft, as the resource can be used for other recipes as well. Once players have enough sugar, place the Brown Mushroom into the top left of the crafting menu. Then place the Sugar to the right of it. Finally, place the Spider Eye directly underneath the Sugar.

Once players have their Water Bottle and Fermented Spider Eye ready, they will need to open the Brewing Stand menu and place Blaze Powder into the designated Blaze Powder outline on the left.

The final step to create the Potion of Weakness is to place the Fermented Spider Eye in the box above the Water Bottles and wait for them to brew. The end result should be a Potion of Weakness that lasts one minute and thirty seconds.

If Minecraft players would like to increase the duration time of their Potion of Weakness, repeat these steps with Redstone in place of the Fermented Spider Eye and the Potion of Weakness in place of the Water Bottles.

If players would like to create a Splash Potion of Weakness, repeat these steps with Gun Powder in place of the Fermented Spider Eye and the Potion of Weakness in place of the Water Bottles.

How to Make Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

In order to craft it, you’ll need two key items: Gunpowder and a Potion of Weakness.

The Potion of Weakness can be crafted if you have the brewing stand, one Water Bottle, and one Fermented Spider Eye. Simply open the brewing stand menu and heat it up by using one Blaze Powder.

Then, put the Water Bottle in one of the bottom flask slots, and add the Fermented Spider Eye in the top slot to begin the crafting process. This will give you a Potion of Weakness.

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Gunpowder is pretty easy to obtain, and you can get them off exploding Creepers. Creepers are one of the most common enemies you’ll encounter in Minecraft, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one. Just make sure to keep your distance when it explodes.

Once you have the items you need, open the brewing stand and again, add Blaze Powder to get things heated up. Put the Potion of Weakness in one of the bottom slots, then add the Gunpowder in the top slot. Start the brewing process, and you’ll get the Splash Potion of Weakness.

how to make potions of weakness

How to Make Fermented Spider Eye

Out of all of the ingredients required for a Splash Potion of Weakness, the Fermented Spider Eye is arguably the trickiest to get. This requires a Brown Mushroom which is most commonly found in the Dark Oak Biome, caves or the Nether. These are really tall mushrooms, so once you find one, start hacking away at it. Every block of a Brown Mushroom you break has a chance of dropping a Brown Mushroom.

The Fermented Spider Eye also requires Sugarcane, and a Spider Eye. Sugarcane can easily be found by water on dirt or sand, while Spider Eyes are a rare drop from the big red-eyed spiders roaming around the blocky world itself.

With all of these ingredients, break your Sugarcane down into Sugar by placing it in the crafting menu. Next, place the Sugar, Brown Mushroom and Spider Eye anywhere within the crafting menu and you’ll get a Spider Eye. Now you can make the Minecraft Splash Potion of Weakness!

What the Potion Does

Not to be confused with the regular variant, the Splash Potion of Weakness can be used on other players and enemies in Minecraft.

This will cause them to be afflicted with the Weakness status effect, causing their damage value to be lowered for a short period of time, which is handy when you’re in a pinch.

Above is information how to make potions of weakness.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make potions of weakness .Thank you for reading our post.

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