How to make paper in minecraft? Recipe, uses & crafting guide

How to make paper in minecraft? Minecraft may be a fantasy game, but it shares a lot of traits with the real world. For example: Paper is one of the most useful materials you can get your hands on.

How to make paper in Minecraft

You don’t need much to make paper in Minecraft. All you have to do is place three units of sugar cane in a straight horizontal line on your crafting table.

Sugar cane grows all throughout the Minecraft world, usually along riverbanks and beaches. Every stalk you find should give you at least two units of sugar cane, meaning that it won’t take long to find all the sugar you need.

Once you’ve got your sugar cane, place three units of it in a line on your crafting table. This crafts three units of paper.

What you can use paper for in Minecraft

There are a few different ways to use paper, but you’ll usually need to combine it with other materials.

First, you can make a map. Maps let you make an automatic record of the landscape around you, which is great if you find yourself spending a lot of time in one area.

To make a map, fill all nine slots on your crafting table with paper. You can also place a compass in the middle slot to make a “locator map,” which has a moving icon on it that tracks your location.

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Combining three units of paper with one unit of leather will give you a book, an important item for enchanting.

Combining one unit of paper with one to three units of gunpowder and (optionally) a firework star lets you make three firework rockets, which can be used to set off explosions and fly.

How to make paper in minecraft? Recipe, uses & crafting guide

How to Use Paper

One of the most important usages of paper in Minecraft is in crafting maps and any map related items.

Maps are used to map out and navigate the Minecraft world. They can also be duplicated and expanded on cartography tables, all of which requires paper.

You will also need paper when decorating with banners. You can create a lot of different banner patterns by combining paper and certain items.

There are a total of 4 patterns you can make on Java Edition and an extra 2 patterns you can make on Bedrock Edition.

There are also books, which you can use to write things down or build a bookshelf with. Books are also used to create enchanted books.

What to do Next

Maps are extremely important utility items that you will be using during your gameplay to help you navigate your Minecraft world, but in their basic forms they may be a bit inconvenient to use.

That’s why you should craft some extra paper and build a cartography table.

A cartography table unlocks a lot of new options for your maps, from making them bigger to locking them so nobody can change the way a map looks.
You will need this block when mapping out your Minecraft world.

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What is the recipe for paper in Minecraft?

Sugar cane is the only component material necessary to make paper, but the process of finding sugar cane has a bit of luck involved.

Sugar cane can spawn all over your Minecraft world, on blocks of dirt and sand next to water. This means that you will do a bit of exploring to find your first bits of sugar cane, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find as long as you’re near a river or ocean.

Can you get paper without sugar cane?

It is possible to get paper without having sugar cane and get paper without finding a single stalk of sugar cane.

On both Java and Bedrock, players will be able to find paper in chests in villages, shipwrecks, and in the library of a stronghold. Since these methods are much more difficult and require a good bit of exploration, crafting paper out of sugar cane is the better, more reliable method.

How to Get Paper in Minecraft?

Paper will spawn in three different loot chests. Shipwrecks, strongholds, and cartographer chests in villages. This is not a reliable way to get paper as you can find up to about twelve, and sometimes only up to five, pieces of paper per chest. It is much easier and efficient to grow sugarcane yourself than to track down a shipwreck, stronghold, or hope to find a cartographer in a village.

How to make paper in minecraft? Recipe, uses & crafting guide

How to Use Paper in Minecraft?

Paper is used in many recipes. There are six banners you can make with paper, one is exclusive to the Java edition and one exclusive to the Bedrock edition. You can make books, cartography tables, maps, locator maps, and firework rockets out of paper.

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Placing an appropriate pattern material with paper will give you the respective banner pattern.

If you place leather in with three pieces of paper anywhere in the crafting menu you can make a book.

This is one of the more useful applications of paper as books can be enchanted to help you find the perfect enchanted item.

Placing nine pieces of paper in the crafting menu will create an empty map.

This is the lowest level map and will show only the chunk you are currently in. To upgrade the map ensure you open the map by right-clicking with the map selected to create a map of the chunk you are in. Then you can surround the map with more paper to upgrade the map. You can do this up to four times.

Rockets are incredibly useful while flying with Elytra as it allows you to gain a lot of momentum for keeping an inventory slot dedicated to a stack of rockets. You can also create decorative fireworks with firework stars, paper, and gunpowder.

Best Uses of Paper in Minecraft

Crafted with sugar cane, Minecraft’s paper is used to craft some of the most important items in the game. Luckily, sugar cane is extremely easy to farm at a relatively fast pace, so players can obtain paper fairly quickly.

The easiest way to find sugar cane is for the player to drive a boat around the waters of the Overworld. Eventually, they should stumble upon a few sugar cane, which can then be replanted to create a massive sugar cane farm to create paper.

Above is information how to make paper in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make paper in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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