How to make night vision potion? Potion of Night Vision

How to make night vision potion? Minecraft has tons of activities for players to enjoy, from constructing houses to making intricate contraptions using redstone. One such activity is making potions, which is also known as brewing.

Almost every potion in Minecraft has some sort of status effect that it applies to players who consume it. Potions allow players to gain status effects on top of any piece of enchanted armor, weapon, or tool they might have equipped. Therefore, they can provide a significant boost to the players’ abilities if used correctly.

Minecraft’s Potion of Night Vision is a great choice among the several that are available in the game. It allows players to vastly improve their vision by brightening everything to light level 15.

How to obtain a Brewing Stand in Minecraft

There are two methods of getting a Brewing Stand in Minecraft. You can craft it using three cobblestone blocks and a Blaze Rod, or get one from the cleric’s house in a village. Cobblestone is one of the most common blocks in the game, a few seconds of mining the ground, in a cave, or on a mountainside should net you enough. Blaze rods, however, are a little tricky to obtain.

Blaze rods are obtained as drops from the Blaze mob. These rare mobs are exclusively found in the Nether dimension, which will require a nether portal to access. Once you’re in the Nether, explore until you find a Fortress. They’re more likely to spawn in the Soul Sand biome.

Blaze rods are the only source of Blaze powder, which is a necessary ingredient in several potion brews. Therefore, it is advisable that you get a bunch of rods. Also, remember to get a significant amount of Nether Wart while in the Nether. These can be found growing beside Nether Fortress staircases.

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Once you get all the materials, approach a crafting table and place a Blaze rod inside the middle slot of its 3×3 grid. Next, fill the bottom row with three pieces of cobblestone. This will result in a Brewing Stand being crafted.

how to make night vision potion

How to obtain a Golden Carrot in Minecraft

Golden Carrots are made using 8 gold nuggets and a carrot. You can find gold ore between Y levels -64 and 32, with its most profitable level being Y level -16. The Badlands biome is great for this resource, as it generates exponentially more gold ore than the other biomes.

Once you find gold ore, smelt it to get gold ingots. Place the ingots anywhere on a crafting table and you’ll get gold nuggets. You can also get nuggets by mining Nether Gold Ore blocks in the Nether Dimension.

How to craft an Awkward Potion

Awkward Potions are brewed using Nether Wart and Water Bottles. They’re used to brew several potions, so it is wise to keep a few on hand. As mentioned above, you can get Nether Wart in Nether Fortresses. Glass Bottles need to be crafted using three blocks of glass on a crafting table. Filling these bottles up with water will convert them into Water Bottles.

Once you have the ingredients, place up to three water bottles in the Brewing Stand. Place some blaze powder in the “fuel” slot on the top left, and some nether wart into the top slot. This will start the brewing process, resulting in some Awkward Potions.

Make a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft

You will first need a Brewing Stand, three water bottles, blaze powder, a nether wart, and a golden carrot to produce a Night Vision Potion in Minecraft. Killing blazes in the Nether and using the blaze rod they drop to create blaze powder at a crafting table are two ways to get blaze powder.

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You can find Nether Wart in the Nether, but only in Nether Fortresses made of Soul Sand. At a crafting table, players can combine a carrot and eight Gold Nuggets to create a Golden Carrot.

Open the Brewing Stand menu after you have all the ingredients, then put the Blaze Powder in the top left position and the three Water Bottles in the bottom slots. Put your Nether Wart at the top position, after which it will start manufacturing Awkward Potions. After letting it finish, add the Golden Carrot. All three Water Bottles will contain Minecraft’s Potions of Night Vision once the bar is full.

For three minutes after consuming a Potion of Night Vision, your surroundings will look brighter. You will no longer need to rely on torches or other light sources to see where you are, wherever you go.

How to Craft a Night Vision Potion

The Potion of Night Vision requires players to gather a few ingredients first. Foremost of these ingredients is the brewing stand. This item is the only way players can brew potions in Minecraft and players have the option to either collect them or craft these items. For those looking to gather brewing stands, they naturally generate in End Ships, in the basements of igloos, and in village churches.

For those looking to craft them, they need a single blaze rod and can use 3 blocks of cobblestone or its other variants interchangeably (Java edition) or just one variant of cobblestone (Bedrock edition). Either way, once players have one, they then have to locate a Nether Fortress in Minecraft’s Nether dimension and kill Blazes for blaze rods. These can then be converted into blaze powder and placed within the brewing stand. The next step is to make glass by melting sand and craft glass bottles. Fill these bottles with water and fill the bottom three spots with these.

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The next step is to convert these water bottles into awkward potions. This requires another trip to a nether fortress for nether wart, which can be placed on the top of the brewing stand to create the needed awkward potions. With at least one awkward potion on the bottom, players just need to add a golden carrot to create a Potion of Night Vision. Golden carrots, one of the better food items in Minecraft, can be created through the combination of 8 gold nuggets and a regular carrot.

As with other potions, the Potion of Night Vision can be extended in duration by combining it with a piece of Redstone at a brewing stand and made into a splash version by combining it with a piece of gunpowder.

how to make night vision potion

When to use a Night Vision Potion

Though the cost is a bit expensive, the Potion of Night Vision is surprisingly useful. As its name implies, its primary use is for Minecraft’s long night cycle. Any players looking to continue their work above ground but at night should look to this potion for assistance.

But aside from making it easier to see at night, this potion has two other significant purposes: cave exploration and ocean exploration. Instead of relying on torches or glowstone to light the way, players can use a Potion of Night Vision to make their vision much clearer underground. The same is true when searching underwater. Once consumed, players will be able to see straight to the ocean floor, making shipwrecks, underwater temples, and ocean monuments much easier to find.

Above is information how to make night vision potion.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make night vision potion .Thank you for reading our post.

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