How to make netherite sword? How do you make a netherite sword then?

How to make netherite sword? It’s time for you to put all other weapons aside because we are going to craft a Netherite Sword in this guide. This is easily the best weapon you can find in Minecraft and a game-changer for players on the top Minecraft servers out there. Not to forget, even in the offline survival world, you can take out any hostile mob with the Netherite sword. But how powerful is this weapon? More importantly, how do you make Netherite Sword in Minecraft? Let’s find out!

How Powerful is a Netherite Sword

Out of all the six swords in Minecraft, the Netherite sword is considered to be the most powerful. But how powerful it really is? Let’s try to find out by comparing the durability and the damage dealt by each sword in Minecraft.

In swords, durability stands for how much usage each of them provides to the players. Attacking a mob reduces 1 point, breaking blocks reduces 2 points, and finally, breaking items that break instantly reduces 0 points of durability.

As you can notice, Netherite swords have much higher attack damage and durability than all other swords in Minecraft. That means this sword not only deals more damage than the others but also lasts longer than all of them.

How to make netherite sword

Best Netherite Sword Enchantments

There are a bunch of amazing sword enchantments in Minecraft that you can use with your Netherite sword. If you want to make Netherite sword your main weapon, we suggest you at least go with these:

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Mending: This enchantment allows you to restore the durability of your sword by killing mobs and collecting experience orbs.

Sharpness: As the name implies, this enchantment increases the sharpness, and thus, the damage dealt by your sword. You will need an anvil in Minecraft to apply Sharpness V enchantment on your Netherite sword.

Smite: Similar to sharpness, Smite enchantment increases the damage dealt by your sword but only towards undead mobs who make up the majority of hostile mobs in Minecraft.

Make Netherite Sword in Minecraft 1.20

Whether you want to take over the leaderboard in the Minecraft PvP servers or protect yourself from hostile mobs, the Netherite sword is going to be your best friend. Though, in terms of survival story, it might be overkill in the battle against the Wither. However, if you try to defeat the Warden in Minecraft, you will definitely get the worth of your weapon. With that said, how are you going to test your Netherite sword

Netherite sword in Minecraft

Items needed for creating a netherite sword

Unlike diamonds, iron ingots, and other resources that can be used as an ingredient, netherite ingots cannot be directly used to craft a sword. Instead, the player needs to craft a diamond sword first, and then they can upgrade it to a netherite sword on the smithing table. To do so, players will need only one netherite ingot, a smithing table, and, as mentioned earlier, a diamond sword.

Acquiring a netherite ingot

A netherite ingot can only be acquired through crafting; to do so, players will need four netherite scraps and four gold ingots. Netherite scraps are formed when a player smelts ancient debris on a furnace.

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For those unaware, ancient debris is a rare block added to Minecraft with the 1.16 update. It generates in all nether biomes, mostly between Y levels 8 and 22, and can only be mined using a diamond pickaxe.

Once the player has four netherite scraps, they need to place them on the crafting table along with four gold ingots, as shown in the above image, and craft an ingot.

Upgrading diamond sword to netherite

Once the required items have been obtained, the player needs to place them on the smithing table. The diamond sword goes in the first slot and the netherite ingot in the second. Players can then collect the netherite sword from the right-most slot.

Enchantments on the player’s diamond sword will carry over to the upgraded netherite sword. The same goes for the durability points of the sword.

Netherite sword in Minecraft 1.20

The next major update is the Minecraft 1.20 update, which will be released later this year. Multiple snapshots and betas have already been released for this update with a handful of new features. One of the features in the snapshot is the new method of using the smithing table to upgrade diamond items to netherite.

A new set of items called smithing templates will be introduced, including the netherite upgrade smithing template. Once the update drops, players will need a netherite ingot and a netherite smithing template to upgrade their diamond items.

This intriguing new item cannot be crafted and can only be found in bastions. Though uncraftable, a netherite upgrade smithing template can be duplicated on the crafting table using a netherrack block and seven diamonds.

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Once acquired, players must place the three items on the smithing table as shown to upgrade their diamond swords.

How to make netherite sword

How to make Netherite tools and weapons

The strongest tools in Minecraft are now made of Netherite, an upgrade from Diamond gear.

As expected, Netherite items have higher durability than Diamond items, but they can also float in lava and they don’t burn, which is a huge plus.

Here’s how to upgrade your Diamond items to Netherite items:

Get a Smithing Table, either by crafting one using Iron Ingots and planks or by stealing one from a village.

Combine your Diamond item with a Netherite Ingot using the Smithing Table.

If you haven’t gotten a Netherite Ingot, that’s a bit tricky. You’ll need to go into the Nether and mine to find Ancient Debris. From there, you’ll have to smelt the Ancient Debris into a Furnace to get Netherite Scrap. You’ll need to combine four Netherite Scraps and four Gold Ingots in order to get one Netherite Ingot.

Since you’re upgrading your tools rather than making new ones from scratch, all your enhancements on your Diamond items will still be there once you upgrade to Netherite.

How to Make a Sword in Minecraft

Minecraft has many different fighting modes, including ranged weapons like tridents, crossbows, and bows. It takes more time to swing the axes and, at the same time, causes more damage. Swords are better than them because, with the help of it, they can make more attacks in less time. This article will show you how to make a Sword in Minecraft.

Above is information how to make netherite sword.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make netherite sword .Thank you for reading our post

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