How to make minecraft portals? How to build portals in Minecraft

How to make minecraft portals? How do you make a Nether Portal in Minecraft? Whether you’re a new player just starting to learn the intricacies of interdimensional travel in Minecraft, or you’re a seasoned speedrunner looking for the fastest possible way to reach the Nether, you’ve come to the right place.

To reach the Nether in Minecraft, you first need to build a Nether Portal. These Portals can sometimes be found partially built in the world already, but it’s always a good idea to know exactly how to build a Portal when the time comes to venture into the dangerous hell-like dimension in search of Minecraft Potion ingredients, or the ultra-strong Netherite material used to forge the best tools and equipment in the game.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to make a Nether Portal from scratch either using Obsidian blocks or simply a lava source and some water. But then we’ll go a step further, and reveal one of the fastest possible ways to build a basic Nether Portal. Practice this method, and you’ll be able to build and activate a Portal from scratch in under 16 seconds!

How to make a Nether Portal in Minecraft

A Minecraft Nether Portal is made by building a rectangular frame of Obsidian blocks, and then lighting the inside of the frame with a Flint and Steel. The frame can be anywhere from 4×5 to 23×23 blocks in size, so you can choose the width and height of your Portal within these bounds.

If you want to conserve resources, remember that the corner blocks of the frame aren’t necessary. This means you’ll only need 10 Obsidian to make the most basic Nether Portal, rather than 14 (see the screenshot below).

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There are two ways to make a Nether Portal frame in Minecraft. The first is to mine all the Obsidian blocks you need ahead of time, and then simply place them in a frame formation. The second is to use a lava pool and a water source to create the Obsidian in the exact position you need for the Portal.

how to make minecraft portals

How do Nether portals work?

You need to stand in the Nether Portal block for at least 4 seconds to be transported to another dimension. This is the case regardless of the dimension you are currently in. If you change your decision and don’t want to teleport, step out of the portal before it completes the animation, to abort this process. This privilege, however, isn’t available in creative mode as the player is transferred immediately as they step into the portal.

In case an active portal is already present in the other dimension, the player appears in that portal. Otherwise, at or near the corresponding coordinates, a new portal is created. A new portal can be created if a portal is deactivated and the corresponding portal is used in the other dimension before it is reactivated. Almost anything, including mobs (except the wither and ender dragon), thrown objects, and transport without passengers including boats, minecarts, and horses, can teleport through the portal. Storage minecarts and powered minecarts can also pass through.

It is possible to use this connecting portal to return to its corresponding Overworld portal. Within a certain vicinity, creating several portals in the Overworld would all result in the same portal in the Nether, and vice versa. Both linked portals will remain operational, but only the portal nearest to it will be controlled by the Nether Portal.

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Chunk LoadingEdit

Since Minecraft worlds are 30 million blocks in each cardinal direction and contain an extreme number of chunks, the game loads only certain chunks to make the game playable. Loading starts when a chunk receives a ticket. All loaded chunks originate from the ticket.

Whenever you are teleported into a lower portal, the chunk gets a load ticket with a load rating of 30, which means that it is fully loaded and can process entities at the connected portal. This level of load often extends to neighboring chunks, but with each chunk, they get smaller. These chunks stay loaded for 15 seconds, but each time an entity travels through the portal, this timer gets refreshed. This can be used to load chunks indefinitely, producing a “chunk loader” creating a significant amount of latency and causing lag.

Portal Linkage

The Nether’s horizontal coordinates and distances in a 1:8 ratio are relative to the Overworld. That is, players will move the equivalent of 8 blocks on the Overworld by moving 1 block horizontally on the Nether. However, the Y-axis remains unaffected by this conversion. Understanding this conversion can be extremely useful.

The game takes the coordinates when you use the portal. It then transforms these coordinates to destination coordinates: X- and Z-coordinate entries are multiplied if you are in the Nether or divided by 8 if you are in the Overworld, while the Y-coordinate is not modified.

If a candidate portal is located, then, as determined by the distance in the current coordinate system, the portal teleports the individual to the nearest one. A straight-line distance calculation is used in calculating between portals in the range and the shortest path, counting the Y-axis difference, is chosen.

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If no portals exist in the search region, the game creates one by searching for the nearest appropriate spot to position a portal, within 16 blocks horizontally of the player’s destination coordinates. When enough space is available, the orientation of the portal is random.

Once coordinates are selected, a portal is built at the target coordinates, including portal blocks, replacing everything in the way. If a portal is pushed into water or lava, the liquid automatically flows into the air blocks created, leaving no airspace for the player.

how to make minecraft portals

How to make a Nether Portal

To make a Nether Portal in Minecraft you need 14 Obsidian blocks and 1 Flint and Steel. Obsidian block collection can be performed in many ways. If you have a diamond pickaxe, you can mine for blocks of obsidian. Obsidians can be found in mines along with pools of lava. Alternatively, you can make obsidian blocks by mixing lava and water. It is worth noting that obsidian will only be created if the water is poured onto the lava source.

The second item required is a flint and steel. This item doesn’t exist naturally and has to be crafted by mixing iron ingots with flint, which is obtained from mining gravel. Once you obtain flint and have iron ingots prepared from smelting iron ores, use the following recipe to make flint and steel.

Above is information how to make minecraft portals.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make minecraft portals. Thank you for reading our post.

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