How to make fireworks in minecraft? How to make and use fireworks in Minecraft

How to make fireworks in minecraft? The end of the year is hard for me. Everyone’s celebrating the New Year by watching fireworks pop in the sky, and where am I? Cowering under a table. I just can’t deal with the noises: first a SIZZLE as the firework launches into the sky, and then… eventually… not yet… nearly… BANG! Doesn’t that remind you of a certain green mob?

Enough misery. I’m told I must face my fears if I’m to ever overcome them. So for this New Year, I’m not only going to try to watch a fireworks display in full view, I’m going to host my own!

I’m not doing it alone, though – I’m obviously not that brave. I’ve gathered some Minecraft players who are experts at putting together grand fireworks displays. They’re going to show us how it’s done. We’ll go through everything from crafting fireworks to configuring redstone clocks to perfectly timing each BOOM.

how to make fireworks in minecraft

How to Make Fireworks Explode in Minecraft

There are no special modifications required to get your Minecraft fireworks to explode. Once you launch them, they fly vertically with some horizontal offset. After a few seconds, the fireworks explode and create a vivid display, depending on the star effects you chose during crafting. If you’ve added multiple stars to your rocket, they will all explode at the same time.

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How to Make Fireworks Fly Longer in Minecraft

Changing the duration of your fireworks is another fun modification. To add more distance to your fireworks, you just need to add more gunpowder. The amount you add determines the height your firework will reach.

For instance, a rocket crafted with one gunpowder will reach up to 20 blocks. On the other hand, missiles with two and three gunpowder can cover up to 34 and 52 blocks, respectively.

How to make fireworks in Minecraft

There are two different ways to make fireworks in Minecraft, depending on whether you want the firework to have an explosion or not — or in other words, whether you want it to act like a real firework or not.

If you want a firework that doesn’t explode, all you need is one unit of paper and one to three units of gunpowder. You can make paper by combining three units of sugar cane, and you can find gunpowder by killing Creepers, Witches, and Ghasts.

But if you’re looking to put on a real fireworks show, you’ll need a firework that explodes. To make this, you’ll still need that paper and gunpowder, but you’ll also have to add one “firework star.”

Firework stars can be crafted by combining one unit of gunpowder with any color dye. The dye you use decides what color the explosion will be.

Once you’ve got all your ingredients, throw them onto your crafting table grid in any position. For every unit of each ingredient you use, you’ll get three fireworks.

What you can use fireworks for in Minecraft

You can use fireworks for three things in Minecraft.

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First, you can set them off. Placing a firework on any non-air block will light it, causing it to fly straight up and (if you added a firework star) explode. You can also shoot them off from dispensers and crossbows. If you’re looking to stage your own fireworks show, this is what you’re interested in.

Second, you can use them to fly. If you have a pair of Elytra wings, you probably know that they only let you glide — you can’t fly freely with them. But if you set off a firework while using your Elytra, you’ll get a massive speed boost in the direction that you’re facing. If you have enough fireworks and you don’t crash, you can fly for miles.

Finally, you can use fireworks as ammunition for your crossbows. You can use either exploding or non-exploding fireworks here, but only the exploding ones will do damage.

If you’re playing Minecraft: Java Edition, the fireworks will explode as soon as they hit an enemy. But in Bedrock Edition, they’ll pass through enemies and only explode once they hit the ground or their time limit, so you’ll need to aim more carefully.

Direction & Duration

You can make fireworks travel to different heights by using up to three gunpowder. you can find out this duration by looking at the tooltip of the item under the term “flight duration.”

With one gunpowder the height rises to between 12-22 blocks.

With two gunpowder the height rises to between 23-39 blocks.

With Three gunpowder the height rises to between 40-60 blocks.

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If you are an OP on your server and have access to command blocks, You can achieve higher duration with your firework rockets, and they will accelerate with almost no terminal velocity, their height will keep getting higher.

(rockets with long enough duration could reach heights of over 1000000 blocks and could potentially reach outside the world boundary.)

Crafting Basic Minecraft Fireworks 1.15.2

To be able to make Minecraft fireworks you have to have/make and crafting table. This is simple to make and can be produced by combining 4 x wooden planks in a 2 x 2 grid this will make the crafting table.

minecraft fireworks how to create a crafting table

To craft the most basic Minecraft fireworks you will need to combine paper with gunpowder. You can make the firework effects and duration bigger by adding more gunpowder. A maximum of three gunpowder can be used at one time.

how to make fireworks in minecraft

Crafting recipe to make fireworks in Minecraft

If you want to make a firework that doesn’t explode, just add 1-3 pieces of gunpower and a piece of paper to the Minecraft crafting grid. Luckily, this recipe doesn’t have a fixed pattern and you simply need to add the ingredients.

To make fireworks that explode, you’ll just need to add a Firework Star alongside the paper and gunpowder. Make a Firework Star easily by putting gunpowder and a dye in the crafting grid. The color of the dye determines the color of the firework’s explosion.

Another thing to keep in mind while crafting fireworks in the game is their flight distance and you can change this by adding one to three pieces of gunpowder. Adding one piece will make a firework rocket with the least flight duration and adding three pieces will grant maximum flight duration to it.

Above is information how to make fireworks in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make fireworks in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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