How to make enchantment table? What is the best way to set up an enchanting table in Minecraft?

How to make enchantment table? For as simple as Minecraft seems when you first start — punch a tree, craft, repeat — you’ll eventually reach a point when things get more complicated, and more fantastical. Think magic portals, deadly dragons, glowing pyramids, and more.

You even have the power to use magic yourself through the enchantment table item (also known as the “enchanting” table). The enchantment table can enhance your weapons, armor, and other gear with magical upgrades. For instance, some spells make your tools work faster and last longer, while others will protect you.

Here’s what you’ll need to make an enchantment table, and how to get the most out of it.

How to make an enchantment table in Minecraft
Creating an enchantment table in Minecraft requires one book, two diamonds, and four blocks of obsidian; powering the table will also require lapis lazuli.

To get a book

Gather leather. Leather can be acquired by killing cows.

Gather sugar cane – found near water in a swamp or desert biome. Once you have your sugar cane, place the pieces in equal amounts along one horizontal row in the crafting area, and grab the paper that’s created.

Now, take your leather and three pieces of paper to create a book. You can arrange them in any four blocks in the 3×3 crafting table area, as long as each piece of paper is separate.

how to make enchantment table

Gather diamond, obsidian, and lapis lazuli

The best way to find diamond, obsidian, and lapis lazuli is by mining. This can take some time and you’ll want to bring torches, food, weapons, and a bucket of water with you.

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Once you’ve got your diamonds — you’ll need at least two — find a pool of standing lava and pour your bucket of water into it. This will create obsidian, which you’ll need at least a diamond pickaxe to mine. You’ll need at least four blocks of obsidian.

Through all this, keep on the lookout for lapis lazuli. This is a dark blue ore that can be found nearly anywhere. The more lapis lazuli you collect, the better — you’ll need to use them to make enchantments.

How Many Bookshelves Do You Need for an Enchantment Table?

Technically, you don’t need to make a bookshelf to enchant items in Minecraft. However, each bookshelf you add increases the level of your Enchantment Table, allowing you to create more powerful enchantments.

For a bookshelf to have an effect, there must be one empty space between the bookshelf and the Enchantment Table. To reach the maximum level (30), you’ll need to arrange 15 bookshelves around your Enchantment Table in the proper order.

How Do You Make a Full Enchantment Table?

To make a level 30 Enchantment Table in Minecraft, place your Enchantment Table in the center of 15 bookshelves so that there’s an empty space between the table and each bookshelf. The easiest way to achieve this is to arrange your bookshelves in a 5X5 square, leaving an opening for the entrance.

How Many Diamonds Do You Need to Make an Enchantment Table?
You need 2 Diamonds to craft an Enchantment Table. You’ll also need Obsidian, which requires a Diamond Pickaxe or stronger to mine, so you might as well pick up 3 extra Diamonds (for a total of 5) if possible. To make a Diamond Pickaxe, place 3 Diamonds in the top row of the Crafting Table, then put Sticks in the middle boxes of the second and third row.

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Unfortunately, there’s no way to dismantle a Diamond Pickaxe, so you can’t repurpose the Diamonds for your Enchantment Table.

How Do I Enchant Items in Minecraft?

To enchant an item with special properties, you’ll need a Lapis Lazuli, which can be mined underground close to bedrock. Put the Enchantment Table on the ground and interact with it to bring up the enchanting menu.

In the left slot, place the item you want to enchant, then place a Lapis Lazuli in the second slot. You’ll be presented with three choices at random. Select an enchantment, then drag the enchanted item back to your inventory.

The enchantment options are based on your XP level. You’ll collect XP orbs as you defeat enemies, breed animals, mine resources, or use a furnace. The highest level enchantment you can make without a bookshelf is level 8.

Best Enchanting Table Setup in Minecraft

To achieve a Level 30 Enchanting Table, the answer is simple. Bookshelves ×15 are required to reach the max level of an Enchanting Table in Minecraft. Of course, you can freely place down as many Bookshelves as you’d like. However, the excess shelves would only function as decor, as the table’s max level can only be 30.

The best minimalist Minecraft Enchanting Table Bookshelf layout can be accomplished with the following steps:

Place your table down at the center of an open space.

Put a row of Bookshelves ×5 behind the table, ensuring the table is a space in front of the back-center block.

Place Bookshelves ×4 on the left and right sides for a total of eight. Again, ensure a space between the rows and the enchanter.

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Finally, put Bookshelves ×2 at the front.

With the best Minecraft Enchanting Table setup above, you can access the enchanter via the entrance point between the frontal Bookshelves. As we said, you can add two, three, or more vertical stacks of shelves surrounding the table, but the max level will not increase. Conversely, there’s no drawback to adding more shelves or other blocks into the mix, so let your creativity run free with innovative designs.

If you’d like a detailed walkthrough for the best Minecraft Enchanting Table Bookshelf layout, consider watching Eyecraftmc’s comprehensive video guide

Ideal way to set up an enchanting table in Minecraft

Things to have before setting up

First, players must have all the required blocks to build the table setup. To craft the table itself, they must have a book, two diamonds and four obsidian blocks. Along with this, players must have bookshelves that can be crafted with wood planks and books.

If they are aiming to get the best setup for enchanting their items, they should have atleast 15 bookshelves.

how to make enchantment table

How to setup the table in the best way

First, players can place the table in the middle so that it has two blocks of space around it. After this, they need to place the bookshelves around the enchanting table. Furthermore, there should be one block of space between the table and bookshelves for the setup to work.

There are several ways to design the table setup to reach the maximum level of enchanting level. The main point that players need to remember is that the bookshelves should not be placed farther or nearer than one block away from the table, and they can only stack two blocks high.

The table should also be surrounded from at least three sides.

After this, players can use the table to enchant their items at the maximum level. They must also have more than 30 XP points and enough lapis lazuli to unlock the most powerful enchants on the table.

Above is information how to make enchantment table.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make enchantment table .Thank you for reading our post.

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