How to make chains in minecraft? How to build giant chains in minecraft

How to make chains in minecraft? Looking to add a medieval style to your Minecraft home, or are you wanting to try out the new Hanging Signs? Here’s how to make chains in Minecraft to make all your design ideas possible.

Chains in Minecraft are the cornerstone of medieval-style builds, rustic designs, and so much more. Whether you’re working on a fortress or a humble mining lantern, understanding how to craft a chain can push your Minecraft creations to a whole new level.

Crafting recipe and uses of chains in Minecraft 1.19

How to craft chains in the game

To craft these decorative blocks, players must have two items: iron ingots and iron nuggets. Iron is one of the most common earth materials that players frequently use in making gear and other items.

With any pickaxe other than wood, players can mine iron ore found at any Y level and smelt the raw iron in a furnace to obtain iron ingots.

Iron nuggets can be crafted by placing one iron ingot in a crafting slot. This will give players both the items they need to craft chains. Players will simply need to place one iron ingot between two iron nuggets, all placed vertically in the crafting table slots. Each of these configurations will yield one chain.

As mentioned above, crafting chains are expensive since they will require players to use iron ingots. However, if players have already progressed and made an iron farm, this will not feel like a hefty item to craft.

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How to make chains in minecraft?

How to use chains

Once crafted, players can place these items as blocks anywhere they want. It can either be vertical when placed on the floor and ceiling, or horizontal when placed on a wall.

The vertical chains will not connect with the horizontal chains and vice-versa. They are also free from any gravity or support from other blocks, meaning they can be suspended in the air like other solid blocks.

Players usually use chains to either hang lanterns or light emitting blocks from them. With bases with high ceilings, this gives a great look to the build. Other than that, players can also use them to create a jail. If they are closely placed against each other, no entity will be able to walk through it.

The chain’s block area is quite narrow, though players can still walk on them if they are careful. Some players have even used chains for bridges.

Placing Chains in Minecraft

To place a chain in Minecraft you have to hold it and right click where you wish to place it.

A chain can be placed either vertically or horizontally and it can hang while not being adjacent to any block, leaving it floating in the air.

When placed vertically you can place any block on top of it, and below it you can place any of the hanging blocks, such as a lantern. Because of the way they connect to lanterns and soul lanterns it seems like they are the main block they connect to.

They can also connect to each other, but not nearly as efficiently as rails do. This means a horizontal chain will not connect to a vertical one.

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Though, they can connect in long lines, allowing for some great decoration.

Additionally, you can also walk on horizontally placed chains. If you have the accuracy and precision to do so, you can even use the chains as bridges – even though it’ll feel more like walking a tight rope than a typical bridge.

They may also be moved by pistons without breaking.

Using Chains in Building

We have already said how lanterns are one of the best items to use chains with, because of the top part of each lantern (when hanging) connects perfectly to chains. However, there are many other uses for chains.

If you get your hands on a spawner you can seamlessly hang it using a chain.

Though, if you get creative you can build various things using chains.

Other than lanterns you can use it to create lovely hanging plants or even banners. On bigger builds they add lovely details to bridges and cranes.

Make and Use Chains in Minecraft

And with that, you are now ready to make chains for a hanging signs or lanterns in Minecraft. It fits right in a variety of in-game structures, and you can find a bunch of ideas for the same on the best Minecraft discord servers.

Though, if you want to try something right now, we suggest you build a castle in Minecraft. The medieval look of chains fit right within the blueprint of this structure. Having said that, do you have any other ideas for using chains in your world? Tell us in the comments below

How to make chains in minecraft?

How to craft chains in Minecraft

There are a few new cosmetic items in the Nether update in the 1.16 version of Minecraft. Mojang has done a great job of adding a bunch of new content in this patch, and chains are just one such item. The new item added this patch is a decorative block that can be used for some practical purposes. So whether you just want them to hang around, or you want to slap some light sources around, you’ve got a new option with chains in Minecraft.

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You only need a few resources to make chains in Minecraft. There are only two nuggets for starters. You also need one Iron Ingot. Put the items in the center row of a crafting table. To make a chain block, you will need to place an Iron Ingot in the center of your crafting table, with an Iron Nugget above and below it. This will then produce a chain.

The chain can be used to suspend a bunch of blocks and attach them together. They are very useful for decoration and have a few different sources outside of crafting, making them very easy to come by.

As for where you can find them naturally, they mostly spawn within the new zones and biomes of the Nether. They are most often found hanging around Bastions, and ruined portals too. They can spawn in any Nether biome too, except the basalt delta biome.

Chains can be broken with any kind of pickaxe to grab them for other projects. You will not be able to break it with any other type of tool. Chains can be useful for applying themes to your builds and for tethering lights around the place, so grab them when you see them. chains in Minecraft can be used to string up both kinds of lanterns, as well as some other blocks.

Above is information how to make chains in minecraft.   Hopefully, through the above content, you have a more detailed understanding of how to make chains in minecraft .Thank you for reading our post.

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